Attention: Valued hi5 players! A plan has been forged.

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Deltan, Feb 4, 2012.

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  1. Gazember

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    we on hi5 used to shorten the link, and problem solved
  2. Ionut CurieruL

    Ionut CurieruL New Member

    Your right, at least for me it was not wasted time but until i will reach the same level to build new structures, to open new boss...
    Another 2-3 years......... from now it will be a waste of time because it will not be new. ( like a movie, i see it, why i will see again ?)
    And i don't see anywhere i want to know : i have already (because i tryed on other networks) caracter lvl 20 or something will u replace that?
  3. Ionut CurieruL

    Ionut CurieruL New Member

    Thx, u play on MS, maybe FB players wants us with them but if nobody ask them ......... we can tell that they don't want us.
  4. ady4you

    ady4you Member keep complain about the short notice you have got from hi5 about closing down games....i think we all agreed to give you time for a better solution to create a host just for us and put all of us hi5 players over there just the way we are,for this i think every single one player from hi5 will give you the time you need....
    Ps:you will need that game site,or host ,, when facebook will end too,or myspace etc...
    Ps2:don't get me wrong ,ya,,fecebook will for sure close the doors in one day and then where you gonna transfer all tha acounts???where??
    And the final.we give the time you need to create a space just for us the way we are(verry important)
    i am 100% every single hi5 player will take the brake for one two month to give you time
    for the project,and between us you know that in more than one week you can thansfer whole database ....
  5. ady4you

    ady4you Member

    After 15 february on facebook will be acounts that they wil level 200-300 levels per day ,they will never die,they will have a huge empire ..and they will name them all ,,hi51/hi52/hi53/etc....after all is just java scripts ...:)))
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  6. Did you read what you wrote? OK what is the difference of giving you the credit on FB or MS to start over or refunding money to start another website so you start over again. A little bit of logic would tell you that awarding credits on an already existing platform is far more responsible both financially and time wise than starting over. I really think that some of the young ones on this forum should consult with people that are more mature.
  7. WOW really did you just write that. First of all it is not KANO that does not care about the Hi5 players. It is Hi5 who does not care about the game players. Can anyone show me where Hi5 is offering to give all of their current 3rd party game players credits towards any or all of its own in house games that they are now going to force the members to play? Come on people are the people making these comments actually looking at who the real culprit is here. IT IS NOT KANO, it is HI5, open your eyes and brains for crying out loud.:mad: I guess logic and common since is in short supply these days.
  8. ady4you

    ady4you Member

    true bat Kano have the database,we need that on other host like gargar123 said before ,,in case you don't read id...we want our accounts the way they are even we are dammed to wait 1-2 month for it...

    -- is not kano fault=true
    --it is hi5 fault=true
    {/we play kano games or hi5 games?}


    . answer/- yes
    [we play KANO games -so KANO will sort it out]
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  9. clubber

    clubber Member

    Wohooo, hold down there... Deltan its just a messenger. Don't "kill" him guys.
  10. Michel

    Michel Member

    WOW nice speech
  11. The games shut off at the end of February to the best of my knowledge. We will reach out to everyone once we have points packages sorted out and available to be taken advantage of.[/QUOTE]

    Personally I don't care much, can't think of a reason to start over, BUT hi5 says all games are finished 15 Feb. Just so you know. NOT end Feb.

    Quote from hi5.
    Profile: You'll now have more customization control including access to over 15,000+ skins, drag and drop ability, and an easier skin creation tool. Your current profile skin may not be available. Avatars and fives will be discontinued. To improve security, hi5 will no longer be displaying private information such as your email addresses, phone numbers, and IM usernames. Please copy all the info you need before February 15, 2012.
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  12. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Well. after reading this all, I must say, Kano is caught between a rock and a hard place here. If they pull through with the original plan, they'll lose many players, as not everyone wants to rush through the levels again.

    On the other hand, if they transfer the players with their stats intact, many high levels will be upset, as being on the leaderboard is something most players payed a lot for. Of course they'll be upset that they'll lose ranks, when players from a different network start on their network and their hard work is for naught.

    In the end, Kano can't appease both sides, as whatever they do will upset players.

    I think that players on the two other networks would be more understanding if they would also be notified about the possible influx of high level players that might knock them down a few ranks. It would most likely motivate them to spend more, so they can stay ahead of the new players.

    But as it stands now, the old guard of the two other networks will make the life for the new players from hi5 Hell, as they will do everything in their power to stop the migrated players from attaining their old ranks. Which will upset the hi5 players even more, as they have no chance to retaliate.

    I am convinced that only a full transfer that is also announced on MS and fb will bring Kano benefits, the current model won't herald much for them.
  13. BeeZee

    BeeZee New Member

    Hello Everyone!! my game-name on hi5-LCN is Clyde B but the old players also know me as ''BeeZee'' .. i am a loyal player, level 2095, that joined your game 834 days ago.. a few things i have in my ''arsenal'' are: 1000 hired guns, over 200 limited weapons, but without a doubt, the most difficult to obtain were the workshop weapons.. i have thousands of those and believe me, asking for all the gifts(sending back) and hunting for all the good bosses is a way harder thing to achieve than clicking "buy for 25 favor points''.. all the hours spent leveling up.. hunting on the hitlist.. it would take superhuman patience to wanna start over and get to our same stats again. #23 on the world leaderboard in level, #23 in battle wins, #22 in hitlist kills.. these stats are not easy to achieve again, for me or any other player out there.. your ''thought'' on us, hi5 players, not being able to compete with FB players, is in my opinion, fake and insulting and its just a reason u threw out there just to make us want to keep playing without knocking the FB players off their leaderboard.. i dont think this is fair. why should we be the ones knocked off the leaderboard? even though we played in different ''environments'' didnt we play the SAME GAME?? i think you calling us "VALUED" is also fake.. its common sense.. as a bussiness, who would you want to get mad, the over 10000 ''customers'' on FB or the 1500 on hi5? we lose cause we are a minority.. if this would've happened to FB, things wouldve been very different, and so, your solution. Imagine this.. If your convenience store, that you owned for many years would burn down to the ground, would you agree to start over with a bag of sugar and two chocolate bars in a more busy and competitive business area? that is what i think of your "compensation" . To all my friends and enemies on hi5, its a sad way to say goodbye, to eachother and the game we played for over 2 years. if this is the best solution you have, im afraid i will have to quit playing. i know this is what 90% of the hi5 players will do.. we win more free time, you lose a source of income.. so actually we dont lose anything but the relationships that this game created.. thank you all!!
  14. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    Das liebe Beil nicely put.

    I understand Kano's problem here but quite frankly having played on a nearly dead platform for quite some time I have to say I would much rather have the competition. so I lose a few places on the leaderboard so what? Would it be frustrating that they have had an easier time gaining stuff sure but at the same time If i'm as good as I say I am shouldn't I welcome the competition? If in fact I am a competitor and worthy of that leaderboard would I not then welcome the chance to prove it to a bunch of folks coming in saying they are going to kick my butt?

    Personally I'm not all that great but if you've earned your spot then why fear new people coming in?

    at the same time it's not the fb players fault that our platforms are dead or dying. However I say what have you got to lose? your game is immediately spiced up. Let's face it these cames are very repetitive. What makes us stay with it is the head to head combat. Outwitting the rival. So I really find that to be the least of the issues in this mess.

    the time invested can not be recreated with a package. The un weapons that you invested in that only come out once in a while can not be bought immediately.

    So a full transfer can't be done? Then find a better solution then here are some skill points.
  15. Vyarell Cooll

    Vyarell Cooll New Member

    I am totally agree_!! i say that because i am a player _mobwars...level 3270 ...3nd place on top_& i have to confes something_: if some players close to my level levels ..daily_ my time is growing up daliy & i spend much more time to be online into this game_ I feel like i need to approach them__shortly--// ''It would most likely motivate them to spend more, so they can stay ahead of the new players.''//
    I am one from them_
  16. Zmeu

    Zmeu New Member


    Ustedes pueden pasar las cuentas tal cual estan,
    que no lo quieran hacer es otra cosa que a ustedes no les deberia importar que tan fuerte
    o debiles somo ya que sabemos manejar nuestro juego y si podemos decidir y arriesgarnos
    deberian de respetar nuestra desicion es nuestro tiempo nuestros amigos ,ustedes pueden!! claro
    no quieren tal vez por que ganen y nosotros que fuimos fieles al juego que se vayan al diablo eso si el
    hi5 perdera muchos seguidores tagged es en lo personal es una basura sus juegos para niños retrasados
    y perdedores que solo tratan de ligar volviendo al tema es injusto que ustedes decidan por nosotros algunos duraron mas de 3 años jugando para que uds determinen que no pueden seguir claro solo les importa sus ofertas
  17. The reason for the change in is the new ownership Tagged!

    With anything if you bought it you want to change the focus of the site from games to social. Eventually HI5 will be gone as users will close their accounts with me being one of them. They are dropping in Alexa rank and as of today they are 947 and sinking. Unfortunately for me I have been waiting for a way to stop playing and with the closure I will be leaving and being I know business I do know this is not a Kano problem it is Tagged's issue. I have been on the you have 30 days to clear out side and I know how hard it is to make this happen.

    However if you guys get an iOS version I will be there. Oh yeah there is a fake iOS versionin the app store using the same name!

  18. Druster

    Druster New Member

    till now havnt found any answer how to move to any network if you have already an active Account in both???
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  19. Kasia

    Kasia New Member

    in the last days before they will make us history i wamt to thank you all for the best time together
  20. pquiksilver

    pquiksilver New Member

    I am disappointed with Kano...I play the pirate clan 3 years and you said to me start again...I built a character, friends and team spirit and only you have to said to these folks, start from zero...I and many players will stop playing because we devote three years to play for nothing...start again no thank you...I know that hi5 will be disconnected, but I think this is all really a matter of negotiation between Kano and hi5 and that means we are to Kano absolutely worthless all the people with whom I played thank you for everything ... thank you for your support ...and a until forever ...THANKS MY ARMADA PORTUGUESE UNIDOS...THANKS ALL PLAYERS

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