Attention: Valued hi5 players! A plan has been forged.

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Deltan, Feb 4, 2012.

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  1. HooliganDog

    HooliganDog New Member

    LOOOOL so the problem is not the difference of skills between them and us is that is posible that we can be a negativ impact for them ???? is this what you are telling us?
  2. MikeCan

    MikeCan Member

    the solution is create a new site for players of hi5... and u could win money for the favor without sharing with any social network.. that will be good for you an for us.
    there are players that have acc in the 3 networks and wen the hi5 close the players have one more choice for play.
    that should be good for players that have acc in FB and MS, for begin a new acc... like the players of FB and MS they did when they were for the Hi5.
  3. Hashshashin

    Hashshashin Member

    The point I was going for was that knowing there won't be any direct transfers of accounts it's the same idea. The points package thing. I dealt with that one before, won't do that again. And I didn't even spend money on mafia wars like I have on zombie slayer...I realized one day I was pissing away money on something that has lost it's entertainment value for me. I haven't spent anything in months...and I've been waiting for something to push me one way or the other. This was it I guess. :)
  4. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    Yes, that is ONE facet of this issue, there are many factors at play which are in my original post on the issue. Balance issues, fairness, time to make it happen etc..
  5. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    bring em to myspace. we'll take them however they want to come ;)
  6. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    That's a shame because we have some pretty awesome content planned for February, also there is the create an item contest! :)
  7. Sudarshan Hel

    Sudarshan Hel New Member

    Guess that kano's revenue compared to zynga's revenue is the main case here:
  8. xisl

    xisl New Member

    Having spoke to numerous friends on this matter, no one wants to join either FaceBook or MySpace.
    You make it sound like the aforementioned social networks are the only 2 available for apps - and your games when this is so not the case!
    What about (example) hyves etc.

    I guess what I am trying to say is let me assume I join Hyves, would I still get the favor points or is that limited to Only Facebook and/or MySpace???

    You (KANO) really are not handling this very well, by the way. There are some rather "grey" area's which need to be addressed.
  9. HooliganDog

    HooliganDog New Member

    ok, FB is a grate site so why dont you make a 1 week of voting for the FB players and we will see is the fairness is indeed an issue an we will solve this problem ?
    Balance , l understand that is more our issue then theirs so other one solved. lets take them one by one.
    Thank you for your response
  10. satan the black

    satan the black New Member

    ok deltan now you are there.... explain and answer this...ñ... earlier i asked ...what happen if i already have a facebook account... is 812
    .lvl on viking klan... my question is ... will i be forced to begin from lvl 1 for i can claim my package...or will i be able to stand at my actual lvl and get the package,,,??????
  11. Hashshashin

    Hashshashin Member

    You know, it's funny that I've always been told the apps are the same on all platforms. And then I read your original post. Every time I ask about differences I'm told there pretty much aren't any. Except the fact that Facebook has the mobile stuff, and you can as your squad/clan whatever to punch other people. And as you stated, accounts are built differently so it wouldn't be "fair."'s "fair" for people that spent money on one to get left with a points package to try building up an account elsewhere. I did that for a week on Facebook when my mafia wars account got moved. Waste...of...time.

    I've been told "if something happens just save your profile link under your stats and that's all we need to transfer your account." Yeah well, what exactly did/does that entail then? Me saving a link for a points package? No thanks. I'd rather not even go there. Hopefully people enjoy the contest, cause I've been waiting on the war feature for about 6 months or so.


    how about u guys move facebook and myspace and hi5 in one site but i know thats never gonna happen....a item contest really? thats it
  13. xisl

    xisl New Member

    Do that and you would have to do the same on MySpace too, if you want to talk about fairness...
  14. Angel or Not

    Angel or Not Member

    I agree with Kano on their "Fair" Decision concerning all who play Pirate Clan, I understand the frustration of all concerned, as I am a Myspace player, I have lost apps in here that I have supported monetarily as well and was never offered a comprise, the app just shut down, no support for anyone in their app!

    TY on a Fair and just solution, and for the fantastic improvements made buy all your Staff, I look forward to tackling all you throw at us, change is Hard on everyone, but change is good, nothing stays the same, and it can't if you want to be better!

    Hope to see some New Faces : )
  15. Hashshashin

    Hashshashin Member

    Kano already said in the zombie slayer forum (multiple times now) they won't be transferring anyone from MySpace.
  16. Michel

    Michel Member

    the conclusion is that the HI5 players not interest you, The 3 years we spend playing don t have any meaning to Kano, fair unfair I GIVE UP and I hope all the Hi5 players and Those who have also an account on FB do the same, GOOD BYE AND SEE YOU ALL IN VALHALLA.
  17. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    just out of curiousity. Why does it have to be ms, fb or hi5. Why can't you just go to a gaming site and do it there? Everyone would be new with their points packages.

    Doesn't seem real fair to the lil fb players to dump lil accounts with huge points to spend into their system. Less fair for sure then dumping big accounts into big accounts.

    as for the build of the character haven't you told us repeatedly when changing things like caps on energy tough luck? why suddenly do you feel obligated to not say tough luck?
  18. Hashshashin

    Hashshashin Member

    Alter, they won't even bother to fix my problem with my inbox on ZS. When people send me links it doesn't work, even if I copy and paste them. This has been an issue for about 4 months or so. I've emailed them maybe 3-5 times and even talked to 1-2 people from Kano here on the forum.....

    I get a link to my inbox today thinking, hey maybe they finally fixed my f**king problem. Yeah right.

    This should be an eye opener for everyone that plays this game, especially those that spent/spend money.
  19. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    you have to copy the link to notepad and delete the period that gets inserted ;)

    I wouldn't mind having gifting fixed as well. return 3 gifts and get invalid user or you already sent them a gift. at the rate I get gifts I never get them all returned, lol.

    But that's off topic so (zip)
  20. Sudarshan Hel

    Sudarshan Hel New Member

    Can you please tell us the truth if its the stats you are concerned about or the revenue?????
    As per ur stats you say gargar 'll loose with a lvl8000 fb player..... but even gargar wants to keep his profile intact and move to fb if possible then why aren't you allowing that... nw plzzz dn't tell me because of the ranking problem.... I'm sure there's a pretty good explanation to that... Just the truth plzzz it would be satisfying even if to our loss.....
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