Attention: Valued hi5 players! A plan has been forged.

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Deltan, Feb 4, 2012.

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  1. maybe a better plan will come

    anything could happen

    will wait to see whats deemed the FINAL result

    if the current is deemed FINAL

    then thats the final offer

    cant fully blame kano as its not there fault hi5 did this with such short notice
  2. Olof Halgil

    Olof Halgil New Member

    It's just not right!!! I understand your position, but try to understand ours! After 3 years of hard work, you couldn't find a reasonable solution... Too bad, because many, many players will shut down their accounts. I, for example, will close my hi5 account and will use my Facebook account just as often as a few weeks ago: 10 minutes a day! Not to mention that I will personally direct everyone not to use yous services/games a.s.o. from now on! You just couldn't handle a situation: I understand, from your words, that FB players are much more important than us, the poor hi5 players. OK, I can live with that, but you just prove to all of us that you don't care at all! The FB players are more important because they use more often or always their credit card - as all Americans do, because it's easier to cheat using money instead of hard playing... We, those who worked very hard, are NOTHING to YOU! OK, stay chill, I'll play your game until February the 14th, because I don't give up - as you give up on us, the "poor" players that don't bring you any money! HAVE A NICE LIFE, KANO!
  3. AGREE WITH guys that' is your best decision???
  4. WTF !!!! are you talking about. Get real here and stop pretending you know shit. We already got the answer !
  5. I have my reward's with hard work,time and money,I don't care were you put me,but I do not want to start again
  6. could change

    i wanna hear from the devs if this is indeed the FINAL answer

    if so then my mind is made up

    if theres another offer in the works

    im waiting
  7. There minds are made up ! The only thing thats not final is what and how much compensation you'll get. And as some stated on the tread, hard work will probably not be rewarded, only cash used in the game and amount of days and gp, WITCH don't give a fk tell about the amount of work you have put into it.
  8. and i am a cash player

    on 2 of the 3 networks

    i just wait for time to run out

    tick tock
  9. If you think you gonna get the amount you spend on hi transferred into un on fb, you're up for a big surprise you might get 10 % or so + some for the days you've been playing.
    flush drain

    As a friend of mine said, he play all 3 sites and used about a 1000 pound on each, now do he get something ? I guess not.
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  10. who said i was gonna continue if a better plan aint offered???

    hence why i wanna know if this is final

    or if theres a chance for a better plan

    ill wait until hi5 pulls the game off

    if no plan by then

    mind is made up
  11. MethodMike

    MethodMike New Member

    kano ,you are the BIGGEST JERK on the earth,you have mocked all the mob wars players...
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  12. DoNRaDu

    DoNRaDu Member

    i dont understand why you dont think its fair for us to migrate with our profiles intact. we understood when all this started that if we migrate to facebook we'll be weaker than the players there. and thats our problem and not your. i dont care if a player around my level has 2000 mobs there and a lot of limited weapons, i'm gonna have to deal with him and not you kano. we were expecting this move for a way to keep playing, we were NOT expecting to go to facebook and overturn all the leaderboards. WE JUST WANT TO KEEP PLAYING!!! AND IF YOU THINK ANY OF US RELATIVELY HIGH LEVEL PLAYERS ON MOB WARS GOT THE PATIENCE TO START ALL OVER AGAIN YOU'RE WRONG. You can give us all the fp points you want, it wont make up for almost 3 years of playing every day... this will be my last post on here, good bye!
  13. DoNRaDu

    DoNRaDu Member

    oh and i forgot something. this move would only benefit you guys from kano cause if we would of been moved there we would be encouraged to spend more money on the game to try to catch up with the players already there so its basically your loss.
  14. satan the black

    satan the black New Member

    okk... i will lose everything... and how many fp... and what about my income of 371 billions and my hoard of 680 trillions ...what will happen to them ...will i be able to keep em??????????? ... i need answers... and i really appreciatte to have em... noww
  15. Hit Claimed
    [GYPO] The Thieving Gypsies Freaking Beast has killed Spike Bloody Ox and claimed your Hit of $1,497,775,167,531
    Hitlist is going mad :cool:

    And yes all we high players from zs are saying goodbye Kano
  16. satan the black

    satan the black New Member

    i would really appreciatte to keep atleast 2 of these 3 statics:
    my real numbers

    Level: 2503
    12124 / 62575
    Hoard: 711.793 trillion
    Profit: 371.495 billion
    if i can keep atleast 2 of them i can keep playing ..if i cant i only will have 3 words for you... and they are not polite
  17. MethodMike

    MethodMike New Member

    all the players from Romania are saying:FUCK YOU kano
  18. satan the black

    satan the black New Member

    and you say am not a competent player
    You have killed Clan Leader DarIuSs cel Mare and collected their Bounty of 1,280,044,643,053 coins.
  19. It can't be so difficult to understand. ALL have to start from level 1, no matter what game we are talking about.
  20. satan the black

    satan the black New Member

    do i ask to you ....i guess i didnt....i ask to the kanno people ...please dont write if you are not asked
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