Attention: Valued hi5 players! A plan has been forged.

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Deltan, Feb 4, 2012.

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  1. I don't think is posible michel,jerome is a really player ,just like us,the majority of players from faceboook do not know that KANO have a forum...
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  3. Michel

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    well Jonby I think maybe it s time to contact the FB players.
    what do You think Deltan?
  4. yes Michel,agree with you,Delttan,what do you think?
  5. I would start with flooding Hi5. I don't know how many people plays on there but I wouldn't go down without a fight. I'm just thinking if it happened to FB I would rally folks to slam FB with messages. Kano may be limited in what they can do as far as transferring accounts, I do not know. I'm just saying that if it just came down to not being fair to FB players that this would not be an issue for me personally. Most folks aren't as open minded as I am though when it comes to their leaderboard status. I wish you guys the best and hope something comes up last minute that will resolve this issue in the best way possible for all. Take care.
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  7. yeah michel but you play correctly,and this guy with autoclick...
  8. You have to keep in mind that on FB Viking Clan we used to get hundreds of listings an hour. A dedicated hunter sitting on the bounties could catch hundreds a day. This is just one example of how the game differs on platforms. Your stats would place you in the 21st bounty hunter rank if you were to be able to transfer even though you may be better at hunting than the facebook players in position 1 - 20. Thus you can't accurately compare your stats to that of a FB viking. I would focus on getting people to contact Hi5 ( Tagged ) to get an extended shut down date that might give Kano more time for a better solution. Or best case, you can rally enough support to make Hi5 change their minds on throwing out the apps. I think it is a sad, greedy thing that Tagged is thinking about doing to the the Hi5 community. Tagged needs to find out how the Hi5 users feel. Spread the word everywhere you can, in blogs, on Hi5, or anywhere you can. I am sure ALOT of folks with Hi5 accounts feel the same and not just the Kano apps crowd. Do not support any Tagged games and let them know you will be closing your Hi5 accounts if they don't reconsider. Kano knows your position but Tagged did this - go get them first before this happens. It is just sickening. If FB ever does away with 3rd party apps I will have ZERO use for them anymore. Good luck all. Goto and start a petition. You never know.
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  9. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    Thanks Jerome for your input.

    The major issue(s) we encountered last week while analyzing the data and thinking through this issue, was that if we merge in players with stats in tact and attributes earned from one platform to another, at that point data on the leaderboard becomes somewhat meaningless in that we would be bringing in data that was earned in a completely different environment against a completely different set of rivals. For example, right now leaderboards on all the social platforms have been earned fairly against others, in that they are all fighting over the same resources against the same set of rivals. Doing a 1:1 transfer of stats and character attributes could really hurt the competitiveness in the game, as players could come in with inflated / deflated stats that were earned in another network compared to the one being transferred to.

    For example, a level 8000 in hi5 did not have to go through the same set of rivals to get to that position as someone on Facebook and/or MySpace had to. How do we compensate for those differences?

    We can look at certain items being transferable but again this will take more time and right now we are under the gun so cannot promise anything, but we will try our best under the tight timeline.
  10. Michel

    Michel Member

    Well Deltan do your best like we do in our game, we all count on You and all Kano Team!
  11. i for one have lost all faith
  12. I do understand the dilema you guys have been put into and that's why I advocate that the Hi5 folks place most their anger onto Tagged and Hi5. But, I hope Kano can figure all this out. Like I said before, I am just one FB player who wouldn't mind these guys coming into the FB game. Sometimes uncontrollable circumstances calls for unconventional decisions to be made. It is impossible to compare stat versus stat, I understand this and I would not want to be in Kano's shoes. I wish there was a way you could make like a clone app of VC that would run under FB and port all the Hi5 users there. Good luck in all that you do Deltan as this is going to be a monumental decision for Kano.
  13. Josep Ninguno

    Josep Ninguno New Member

    so my viking and pirate clan are history? after 3 yrs of working ma azz?
  14. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    So, the players from hi5 acquired their stats under different circumstances than the MS and fb players. Does it really matter? Sure, the hi5 players will be behind in stats compared to fb or MySpace, but so far they seem to be willing to accept that if it means that they can keep their hard work. And they know how hard they worked to get their stats on a network with much less activity than facebook.

    I for one think that the hi5 players are willing to swallow the loss of some ranks if it means they're able to migrate with their stats intact, most likely they'll also be motivated to catch up to the fb players. I think this would be more beneficial to them than simply saying "Here is a fp package, good luck." And it would also greatly reduce their ire towards Kano that came up with the idea that they should let their stats be forgotten.

    I think it's for the best if you allow an intact migration to MS or fb and have the hi5 players working on augmenting their stats there instead of forcing them to start over. hi5 players are willing to face the heat, now the question remains, will Kano allow it for them?
  15. Maler

    Maler Member

    Great words of wisdom, but quoting ATHEISTIC SATANIST "i for one have lost all faith ".
    Don't know what is the real reason why Kano employees don't want to migrate the characters intact, but they don't. Nothing we say or do, will matter to them. Well, maybe except for a strike :)) of those playing on Facebook and MySpace, because like i said before, us, players from Hi5, don't matter anymore.
    Right now, except for alt accounts, maybe, there are 7-800 real players. Out of those, i doubt more than 100 will continue playing on Facebook. If you find that satisfactory, that's fine, i guess. But bare in mind, out of those 7-800, more thank half play on Facebook as well. Who knows, how many will still play on Facebook, after seeing how you people dealt the problem on Hi5? ;)
    Best of luck and goodbye!
  16. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    They have already replied to this. No they wont. They have given players an offer, it is up to each individual player to decide whether or not they will take it.

    Really, this thread should be close because it's going around in circles.

    Players want there accounts moved, in full, to either FB or MS. Kano have said they wont do it. People can keep posting the same or different scenarios on what Kano should do but it's not going to change what they are doing.

    Why do you think they have had Deltan be the one to bring this to us? Because he's the new guy. We have no relationship built with him. He someone we can all be angry with and have ago at, until after the 15th when hi5 players will be gone. Then kanoapp accepts whats happened, cuts there losses and moves on.

    Kendall, Wonder Woman, Eric etc. can bring new updates to MS/FB games and be the hero's once again for making there games worth while.

    People seem to be forgetting that Kanoapps is a buisness. You have already gotten what you paid for in game. Kano don't owe you shit.

    If your 6 year old TV blows up do you take it back to the shop and say you want a new one because your no longer getting what you paid for? NO!

    The situation here sucks!! We know it and Kano know it. But you've gotta get the hell over it.

    Either take the crap kano is offering or accept the fact that you wont be playing their games anymore.
  17. 100??

    your being generous

    id think 50..MAYBE 70

    out of that MAYBE half are money spenders
  18. i for one fully agree this plan aint fair

    no favor point package can compensate

    keep me a mod if ya want

    but im not gonna moderate
  19. xisl

    xisl New Member

    What is annoying is how we are being dictated to as to what network we should go to. I'm sure Kano have apps on more that just x2 networks!
    That said, I can sympathize with Kano in their situation.
    Deltan did say we could take "time out" and we would get points back as and when we did return - which is pretty fair if you ask me.
    However, items bought, (many have) would that really make a huge difference on another network?
    I'm sure they could work something out where we could get bought items back; even if they are less power or defence!
    The same could go for items won in secret missions (mobwars), it's more or less the same as the aforementioned above.

    I think now is the time for Kano to re-think their strategy as if they don't they are going to loose an awful lot of 'dedicated' players.
    Sure you will get players coming on and playing for a few months or so then leaving, but what Kano really wants is people who are willing to stay and play (like I) for years.
  20. Typical response from you Pimp diarrhea of the mouth with nothing to back up your allegations. If you hate Kano products so much why do you continue to play them. Every place you play you make nothing more than infantile, baseless and stupid comments.

    LOVE THE FACT THAT KANO JUST Fd an entire network of players Really!! Kano had nothing to do with what Hi5 did so that makes you wrong again.

    Then Deltan starts to call upset players insulting????? Go F yourself Deltan!!!! Ok so this is not insulting someone? Wrong again Pimp another example of you being so stupid and infantile with your comments.

    The simple fact is that u led players to believe one thing right up till the moment only to pull the rug out from under them...u should have let them know what u were considering well b4 hand. OK Pimp now is your chance to redeem yourself. Where is the evidence of the "facts" that you put before us? You will probably say they knew this could happen. Sure and I know every time I get into my car I know that some idiot could run a stop sign and hit me. You also know when you play these games this kind of thing can happen. This is something that Kano had any say in, it was Hi5. So you still need to redeem yourself by bringing to the table the evidence of what you say.

    I WONDER WHAT THE LEGAL REPERCUSSIONS WILL BE FOR ALLOWING PLAYERS TO CONTINUE TO PURCHASE FPs KNOWING FULL WELL B4 YOUR ANNOUNCEMENT THAT U WOULD NOT BE MIGRATING THEM. OK now I think we already know what the answer is to my previous request because if you he had this evidence he would not need to ask that question. Again Pimp please can you do our research for us on this question since you have the evidence to backup your over loaded mouth.

    EXACTLY WHERE AM I IN VIOLATION OF THE TOU??? Really Pimp you do not know? Language violations, personal attacks by using a person screen name. If you would actually read the TOU you would have answered your own question.

    Pimp go back and get your pacifier, go make some other company miserable, stop using products you do not like, and since you have all the answers go start your own company and develop the apps for it. I am sure you would be a great success at that.

    Kano has done the best with what they were dealt. Hi5 should be the one that you should be yelling at!
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