Attention: Valued hi5 players! A plan has been forged.

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Deltan, Feb 4, 2012.

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  1. Aramitzz Coverfire

    Aramitzz Coverfire New Member

    buy a domain move on oher site .. do somethiong but dont delete our accounts..
  2. Ionut CurieruL

    Ionut CurieruL New Member

    Read all and then post.....
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  3. Sudarshan Hel

    Sudarshan Hel New Member

    Since you are worried about the stats difference between hi5players and ms/fb players...and the best solution your team came out with was the fp packages.... Then focus on the fp packages and come out with such a package where if i'm in 1000lv and play in a different network i still can reach lvl800 within short time using those packages..... And many players are also complaining about weapons which are very hard to get.... try and give the limited weapons intact if the player plays in a diff network.....'coz fp packages will be of no use if we have to buy the limited weapons all over again... And what shall we do about chiefs(viking clan)???
  4. gargar134

    gargar134 New Member

    maybe im dumb and not understand nothing
    so please explain me once more like to a dumb:
    U want say that hi5 players will be transferred at lvl1 with that packages of points or remain same lvl and receive packs?
    Thanks in advance
  5. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    My intent was not to imply that Kano didnt want to migrate the Hi5 players, I simply meant that Kano must of had an inkling b4 friday that the migration wasnt going to that point Kano should have made an effort to tell its players that it was a real possibility that it was not going to happen. , thus Allowing the players the opportunity to make a more informed decision especially when it came to buying favor points and such under the impression that they were going to be migrated.

    Im a bit confused as to the packages u say will be offered. u mentioned that one of the big concerns was the MS/FB player that would be displaced by the migration of Hi5 players. If players opt for a package that allows them to start playing at a higher level isnt that essentially doing the same thing?
  6. BitterSweet

    BitterSweet Active Member

    If you played there so long then you know that their customers service is one of the top ....and i don't like you because you haven't been honest from the told me to have hope, and everyone around here the same and we get a kick in our ass .So yeah i take it on you.Next time don't give false hopes to anyone and we are good.I am recht straight in everything i say ...if you don't like it is your problem not just the way i see it and correct me if i am wrong ...but this time i was right!
  7. madalina

    madalina Member

    ok...but how we can get those fp...more details please
  8. my friend:((offf at lvl 1 with un packages of favor points
  9. I play VC on FB and this situation concerns me greatly. It would be devastating to get this kind of news to say the least. I do not know if you are new to Kano or not, but these games are not like WOW or any of the higher end games. These games are 90% about spending time and money to build your character just to get in the position to have that 10% fun ! Sometimes you can go months or even a year "Working" on your game just to be able to have that 10 % of fun. That being said, you must see why folks are so devastated. Some of these clans may have been pouring time and money into the game with a personal goal to be able to fight a specific clan for months ! During this build up stage it really isn't all that fun to click click click. The fun comes when you finally get built up to be able to hit that foe. I do understand that this isn't Kano's fault and I would not want to be in your shoes. but I had to respond to your comment because I have put in alot of time on my character and it's stats and if you do not play these games you can not imagine the time and effort it takes to build your character and stats- especially if you have been in the games for 3 years. I hope you guys can resolve this issue in an acceptable manner because the folks on the other networks are watching and wondering if we should keep spending time and money on our platforms. I am just 1 person that plays on FB but I understand exactly why these folks are so upset and knowing what it takes to build our characters, I would welcome them to FB and to merge with us. I would be more than willing to give up any spot on the leaderboard if their stats were better. If it came down to simply the way we have built our characters then I would welcome a merge and a reset of skill points for all so we can all build accordingly. What I am trying to point out is that alot of our time "playing" is not playing to have fun as in some other games. This time is to build up to be able to "play". So, when the guy said the 3 years he played was "wasted" I totally understand where he is coming from. This is so sickening to think that this may happen to us on FB someday.
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  10. thanks for your words jerome,but still you can;t give me back my 600 vampire bosses,400 Freyja bosses,and more and more wepons,my income of: 257,346,017,500 coins,and my old(more then 2 years) friends,and most important for guild..33 GAMER SEASON WINNER...
  11. ady4you

    ady4you Member

    exactly ..undefeated for 33 seasons..RELAX FOREVER.
    ADY4YOU Level: 2529
    12449 / 63225
    Hoard: 0
    Profit: 327.984 billion
  12. ady4you

    ady4you Member

    can you give us,,relax guild,, all the fame we had??????
  13. Mystique

    Mystique New Member

    True, no package can substitute all the work we put in this game to be the best and win week after week the trophy and to reach 33 of them it takes a long time and a lot of team work!!! And no one can give us this back,can't they???? And,as some of us said, this game is most of all about friends and about work.....and as long as our accounts won't be transfered exactly as they are,lots of my and our friends for the past years will quit the game....
  14. ady4you

    ady4you Member

    Last 2 hours
    Gold: +87.011 trillion
    Chieftains: +3
    Adventures: +17
    XP: +506,763
    Victories: +467
    Defeats: +176
    Kills: 47
    give me this
  15. D3nis ABY

    D3nis ABY New Member

    i am one of this friend that Mystique talk about. i love this game (Viking), i played at last 2 years, but here, in FB, i mast started from the begining. it is worth or not ?? or should i live all my friends with whom I spent a good time every day in this almoust 2 years?
  16. Very true, and I wish Kano could find a way. I don't see how any point package could make up for that. I am totally on your side. I just wanted Deltan to try to understand why people are so upset and responded to his statement that he presumed the guy had fun for 3 years and it wasn't wasted. If it happens to FB, I would feel that I had wasted alot of time . And as a FB player I am watching to see how this situation is resolved. The whole situation is sickening and I would get every single one of your friends to flood Hi5 with messages about your situation. Make Hi5 listen somehow. Kano needs to be sure to keep the backups of the hi5 stats in case a better solution comes up. You are right that my words mean nothing but if you get hundreds of folks flooding Hi5 with messages then maybe that will. The only outcome you can be completely happy with would be to keep Kano apps on Hi5- nothing less than that will seem fair to you.
  17. Mystique

    Mystique New Member

    Thank you, Jerome, for your support :)
  18. Michael Cretu

    Michael Cretu New Member

    WE (RELAX) MADE HISTORY IN HI5 VIKING !!! and this was posible because we are united, a group of friends that was created because of this game. and unfortunately history will remain all our work from last two years :mad:
  19. ady4you

    ady4you Member

    [RLX] "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!we rule the vikings!!"
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    Alltime Points 157,833,235
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    Denis ABY
    Ady 4 you
    Mystique Ozur
  20. Michel

    Michel Member

    Jerome Thanks for your support, I'm that guy. If many FB players like you "support" our cause, maybe, maybe Kano think twice and transfer all the HI5 players with everything they have gained. I think it will not harm the FB players on the contrary with our presence I m sure that the game will become much more competitive.
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