Attention valued hi5 KANO/APPS players!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Wonder Woman, Jan 26, 2012.

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  1. Radu

    Radu New Member

    Hi there players of hi5 ! I don't want to speak in the name of people from Kano but i think you should appreciate their efforts to do something about it so you may still keep your hard work.
    I played hi5-vikings for 1 1/2 years. some know me, some don't but i started playing in facebook some time ago and i can assure you it's much better than hi5. you'll find lots of new people, you'll get new goals, you'll get new enemies, you'll get a more active game, more bounties, more ... everything.
    Yes, it's a little difficult to get used to the gamesystem in facebook but not with kano apps, you can only enable this applications and you don't have to have nervous breakdowns because you don't like how FB presents it's games
    Like someone already stated, it's your choice if you beg for the right to move your acc to myspace, in 3 month don't whine if that soc.ntw. will also go down.

    New Man in Town (level 4000+ Viking Clan-FB)

    P.S.: I can hardly wait to meet my old friends from hi5. AND FOR MICHEL (GROSSEBAF OLAF), I KILL YOU IF YOU QUIT AFTER THEY WANT TO OFFER HELP !!!!!!!!!
  2. MikeCan

    MikeCan Member

    well... btw FB and MS, i chose FB, but...
    it will be great if Kano get a new site for all the players of Hi5...
    many people is given up and i think that is going to get worst...
    maybe if Kano join all the social players of FB, MS and Hi5 in just one site.. so we can have more people in games...
    the decision is of Kano and i got faith that they going to fix the probeleme...

    so dont lose ur hope, Kano is not going over, Hi5 players going have some alternative... i hope...
  3. Gazember

    Gazember Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    I agree with you, we can only say THANK YOU to Kano for their efforts to do something about and save our work, and migrate it to facebook.
    I believe the games on hi5 would be left without players soon anyway, so this is a great opportunity to continue playing.
  4. Ionut CurieruL

    Ionut CurieruL New Member

    No, no, no......... FB is not an option for me. At every move that u make : post on your wall, post on your wall. WTF !!! I want to play not to post on my wall. With that s***t u spend at least double time or maybe more :mad:
  5. Kurta Zoltan

    Kurta Zoltan Member

    Personally..I don't care if it takes me more time to play on FB...I just want my account intact migrated from Hi5 to Facebook.
    Kano Apps, you have my support! :)
    I agree whit all you say, especially the first part. I'm saying this out of personal experience.. Kano Apps wants what's best for the players! Every time I had an issue with any of the games, I sent them a mail and got a reply really fast and they helped me with that issue.

    Kano Apps HAS NO guilt in all that happened! What Hi5 just did was wrong!!! Like one said a few comments ago... SUE Hi5! They we're supposed to give Kano Apps and us (the players) a heads-up like 2-3 months earlier...not 2-3 weeks before the games will be abandoned by Hi5.
  6. Ionut CurieruL

    Ionut CurieruL New Member

  7. Michel

    Michel Member

    well Radu You better that anyone know how I like this game and how I "worked" to keep many players active. I sincerely hope everything goes well and Grossebaf Olaf level 3800 level go to FB soon:)

  8. your stats,favor points,hired clan etc etc should remain intact

    might have to add real clan again

    everything else should remain intact
  9. Ionut CurieruL

    Ionut CurieruL New Member

    Now: i will not say that Kano and his administrators has a guilt but on this thread are some questions without answer.

    1. What it means '' some players ''
    2. If i already played on FB with the same e-mail and caracter name, what it will be?
  10. Okay; ATHEISTIC SATANIST Moderator
    Now when you really want to answer: WHY did you go out already after a few hours and said we most likely will be migrated with FB ???
    Now I can only answer for ZS but the game is already dead on HI5 after that announcement. Maybe it would have happened anyway who know. BUT ppl either have a FB game profile with a higher level then on HI5 or they don't want to move to FB. And its not just a few Honestly I have only heard of very few who said they will move to FB. Majority of HI5 players in ZS come from FB. Why is FB the only choice ? I think you should come up with a few obsions we could choose between and then make a poll on HI5 to see what the majority want.
  11. Well i was not surprised, playing for 2 years in hi5 i knew that something should happen. I appreciate the effort that kano will do to find an issue suitable for all hi5 players. I don't want to be pessimist but i had to wait almost 4 months to have an hacked account recopied. My opinion is not to give a chance of choice, i suggest to mouve all in block. First for our friends, second for our enemies on the game that makes us buy coins to overcame them. Mouving to FB? In that case i suggest a VC N.2. and i explain why, because some hi5 players have an account on both. Why should players loose one of his accounts?
  12. You did work with what? I knew you as a leader, you were coming 20 minutes in the game and never saw you worried about your guild. Not to talk about other things....
  13. madalina

    madalina Member

    as you sayed...and I quote : everything else SHOULD remain intact...but nothing will be the same if we go to facebook...facebook as a gaming platform albers sayed , a lot of players comed here from fb si why should they go back? to get angry with the fb is not an option for 80+ % of the players so if you (KANO) want to loose us , go to facebook , if not , make your own site and let's play some games , if not , I quit and in my sitauatin are as I sayed 80+ % of KANO players on Hi5 so think of a solutian leaving fb aside because isn't an option for us
  14. BitterSweet

    BitterSweet Active Member

    Thoose words "Some players" still bugging me and i didn't saw any answer to our questions...i asked and IceLady did too and no answer...i am affraid that who is gonna pay is gonna get his account trasfer...hi5 said will gonna help but i am more then sure is not gonna do that for free :) today is all about money and they will not loose the oportunity to cash some more.
    I am not gonna transfer either to fb i can't stand the crap from fb and this is why i choose to play on hi5.
  15. madalina

    madalina Member

    un mare adevar ai spus acum..astia sunt mai hoti ca parlamentarii nostri:))..pana la urma e un joc si daca nu am investit decat timp in el mi se rupe daca se inchide dar nu este etic sau moral sa faca asa cv fine..sunt niste interese..niste multe interese si multi bani deci pentru bani cred cu tarie ca pe ei ii doare fix la 1 metru'n fatza pu*ii de noi si asta e doar vrajeala cu facebook sau alte chestii....cred ca pe 15 se va inchide si gata
  16. Ionut CurieruL

    Ionut CurieruL New Member

    cred ca o sa ma apuc iar de RUNESCAPE , cine nu stie ce joc este ala sa-i faca o cautare ;)
  17. BitterSweet

    BitterSweet Active Member

    eu ma apuc iar de wow :) daca baga iar teren nou ma bag iar...runescape nu mi-a placut :p
  18. DoNRaDu

    DoNRaDu Member

    kano i think by now you got the financial strenght to make your own standalone website and host all of your games there. why dont you do that? more work on your part but the compensation will be greater im sure. as for the move to fb, im lvl 1586 in mob wars and i can say that most of the players (by players i mean all of us who play for more than 1 year) are willing to move there because its an option that allows us to continue playing. thanks for the opportunity but i think the standalone website is better and if you make a poll i bet that option will win with over 99% of the votes...
  19. Michel

    Michel Member

    You're talking about what? Have you ever been in my guild? don t speak of what you don t know!
  20. Michel

    Michel Member

    I don t like greedy people and full of problems with everything and everyone! Ok !
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