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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Rex, May 28, 2011.

  1. Rex

    Rex New Member

    well a simple question i have done a bit of reading but there is just too much to read ,so all i wish to know is how long do we actually have to retaliate against a low level that punches or lists or even attacks.
    in thought it was an hour for retaliation but i seem to get about 10 mins and then they go back to being out of range...

    i know it is probably written here already but i am lazy:D

  2. 24hrs or until you either kill them or bounty them(a punch kill will keep them in range)
  3. Mr Killer Man

    Mr Killer Man Active Member

    Lazy mfer! lol
  4. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    This may not be what the thread creator is asking, but I would like to state (discussed in another thread as "painfully obvious" since it's common sense...but since so many players don't seem to understand this...) -
    If you attack a player out of your range (above the range), you are begging for them to retaliate. Don't go running to your faction and crying that this big meanie is picking on you for no reason. Why? Because that player could NOT have attacked you unless you did something to them FIRST!
    "Oh, I think I'll punch someone 1000 levels above me, that's out of my range so I'm safe..."
    WRONG! Now you CAN and WILL be attacked! "Stop crying to my inbox and get yourself a tissue!"
  5. Rex

    Rex New Member

    yep my question was answered by the first person
    ,,but i do agree with yo there on the don't go running to your big friends if you attack or punch me ,and i then proceed to pound ya butt.
    so as long as i dont kill them i can pound them for 24 hours,i like
  6. Rex

    Rex New Member

    Thanks ,thats even better now i have to remember not to kill them:D
  7. Corey Carstens

    Corey Carstens New Member

    Yes rex Im a lower level who will stand up for my self and attack back, you did make the chioce to de-mob me. when at one time on this app you were cool, but now you can keep your heath low like all the others you hate the rough neck one man army.
  8. Rex Hayward

    Rex Hayward Member

    well i dont know who you are but if i demobbed you it was because you became a target.and i dont keep my health low i heal and allow people to attack me ,i dont sulk over attacks ,only chainers and bullies get my full attention...oh and enemies...:)

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