[LCN] Ask for Help in boss missed!!!!

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Kontainer Bp, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. Kontainer Bp

    Kontainer Bp New Member

    The button to ask for help on the right side of power attack, will be gone.
    I use the chromium browser, it is in its last version, and it is only that it has disappeared.

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  2. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    If you're not using one of our supported browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE) then some odd stuff is liable to happen.

    Since Chromium is not a browser we work with regularly we might not be able to get a timely fix in for it. Have you tried clearing your cache?
  3. Kontainer Bp

    Kontainer Bp New Member

    Chromium is the one that is always used, and always worked well, until now.
    Use with firefox and same, my account no longer has the button ask for help, in the, bosses, then it is not browser problem.
  4. Kontainer Bp

    Kontainer Bp New Member

    Fixed the Ask for help bottom Back.... still using cromium last versio.


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