[PC] Armada Quests Beta Walkthrough

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. Chasity

    Chasity Well-Known Member

    I have to say that overall the quests were easy enough to complete, with all hands participating. And the end rewards were delightful! Thanks for coming up with more Fun ways to enjoy the game! :cool:
  2. Sandy Barrows

    Sandy Barrows Active Member

    I already got told off for being negative - I still think it needs a tweak to avoid the clicking to change the direction of the challenge
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  3. Schreck

    Schreck New Member

    So when is the next Armada Quests going to be?
  4. Seppo

    Seppo Active Member

    this year :) bet before feb starts full versions of all games
  5. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    well i don't consider this 1 Test good enough for the other games until we have at least 1 more Quest Beta so that we can Confirm with Feedback alot more better an Accurate an not just off of one Beta Testing! Does Anyone Else Agree on this?
  6. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    actually for this old post all you really gotta do is find a friend who is willing too spare you can get your Fights done quickly! cause i had the first 2,000 complete within less then an hour but for the 6,000 they had all u had to do was you an your crew work as a team to finish that one off an then u will be complete! :) just keep this in mind!
  7. Sandy Barrows

    Sandy Barrows Active Member

    Needs more testing first - its not ready to run as yet - great idea but needs some refining
  8. Valerie

    Valerie Active Member

    so what happen to this :(:confused:o_O was fun :):cool:;)

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