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    So that people can stop reading insults, I thought I'd start a new thread :)

    BA was high stress for me..but not angry this time. (a good thing). I liked the tweaks I saw to the defensive/attacking mechanisms...although am unsure about going in and out of Defensive mode so quickly...that caters to the "hit and hide". Perhaps a 10 minute "you can't go back in" instead of a 5 minute reduction in time? not sure...

    My favorite tweak or change, was the way fewer inactives made it to the final 100. And the simple fact that if the player had 0 attacks..they were NOT ranked. RAWR!!

    XP when attacking...some have said you shouldn't get XP if you LOSE an attack. I disagree. You always learn something when you attack another person (real world). even if all you do is bruise a pinky finger. Attacking is a learning, or experience gathering lesson. You DO lose health in BA when you lose an attack... and that is worth a LOT more than XP is in Arena.

    It still feels like there are improvements to be made...the wildly fluctuating WIN then LOSE then WIN (complete with first 0 health lost then 700K lost, then 128 loss) is just strange. but the wild card is always there in a real fight, too... so... maybe that's a good thing? (like when you hit someone a glancing blow with a sword, but it actually cuts an artery open)

    I was able to level quite a bit, once I figured out how to judge my attacks and who to attack. That was my main goal...see if I could level and build up more skillz to use.

    A rotating schedule of times would be great for more er... "fairness?" to ppl from various countries...but you have ppl that work nights, work days, work weekends, and who don't work at all. So there's probably no way to get a completely "fair" schedule. Personally..i think 1x a month would be better than every 15 days... but at 15 days it DOES give someone who cant' be online for July 7th to make the one that will be in 2 weeks. So... it's up to the player to choose which ones to play, and which ones to miss.

    wow. That got long. I'll shush now.

    Ann. :cool:

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