[KanoPlay] Arena glitch?

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by polishpimp, Oct 29, 2013.

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    playing in the LCN arena tonight I had a very odd thing happen. I had player attack me so i kept clicking the refresh tab on my feed to see whether or not they were going to continue to attack me and I could make the decision on whether or not i needed to go into defensive stance. The player quit attacking after a short while but I continued to click the refresh tab on the feed for the next couple minutes (give or take)just to make sure they werent going to come back. The number of attacks never increased but my health continued to drop. I even refreshed my entire arena page to see if something glitched and i wasnt seeing that someone else was hitting me. No one else was and the number of attacks from the previous attacker never increased further but I still continued to lose health for a short time. It wasnt huge amounts of health but in the end it probably totaled a few million. One other thing that seemed weird is that the drop in health didnt look normal like someone was attacking me or i was attacking someone. My health total was sorta flashing the way the timer in the arena does...it was very odd.

    Can u look at my history and see if something strange was happening. It was shortly after the first player that attacked me and their name started with a "c", they had a total of 46 attacks on me. TY.
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    Well I can certainly look into it and show this thread to the developers, any specific answers pertaining to your account will have to go through Support.
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