[LCN] Arena Format and Schedule Change Effective February 4

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. I agree With Sick em, its useless in this format. Profile: MOBSTER (Mainieiac)I finished 21st.
    Biggest Attack20,898,963 damage

    Status: Dead

    Rank: 21

    So I spent some FP, no way I should do this well. Dont alienate the core players.... We need to work to catch them.
  2. thor persson

    thor persson Member

    I joined lcn with the sole intention of going into the BA as a 'turtle' (like some of you have called us). This does not mean I am not playing, I have simply focused on the defensive side. This includes buying high defensive profile items ( YES Spending my fp on items, just like Attack oriented players spend them on attack items). No I do not only do the minimum damage, I attack as much as I can and then go into defensive mode. The beauty of this is I get a lot of defense time as opposed to a high attack damage. What KANO has done by altering the format of the BA is to DIRECTLY DISCRIMINATE against people who have had this format/profile in mind. I used to get in the top 40 with a highest ranking of 20. This was good for a low level gangster. Now I have come in
    "Your Rank is 335!"
    What a joke!!! Are you serious KANO????
    This DIRECT DISCRIMINATION is completely buggered. Everyone who has been defensively profiled is now rooted!

    How about either (1)returning it to the same BA, as it gave BOTH ATTACK and DEFENSIVE players a FAIR chance to rank highly? (NO, you want the cash spent, and frig everyone who doesn't pay through the nose) OR
    (2) Let people reallocate their skill points so they can have a FAIR chance in the BA if they choose to do so.

    These would seem to be the only 2 FAIR options which does not DISCRIMINATE against anyone!!
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  3. foxysiren

    foxysiren Well-Known Member

    No need to swear...Twice! We are all adults and can be civil to one another.
  4. thor persson

    thor persson Member

    Sorry, I was just extremely aggravated whilst typing my post
  5. foxysiren

    foxysiren Well-Known Member

    I felt your passion lol
  6. thor persson

    thor persson Member

    I actually went in to edit it and someone had done so already. Thanks
  7. S E T H

    S E T H Active Member

    From what i hear, kano are heading in the same direction as playdom. Going to crash and burn soon if they don't start listening to the players and evening things out across the board. As so many have said, the game is starting to weigh more heavily on the big spenders and i agree with this. No money, you going nowhere, fast and this last BA has proved that. A few players i've spoken with have said they are seriously considering stopping the game because of all these changes weighted towards money spending.
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  8. Hellhavenofury:)

    Hellhavenofury:) Active Member

    for some reason kano believes going to this point system and 24 round the clock arena is the right direction.the problem is tmost players hate it and they are not stopping the changes:( way to go kano ignoring the masses
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  9. kevinmalo

    kevinmalo Active Member

    this is the right direction to get most of your players done KANO, change it back
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  10. S E T H

    S E T H Active Member

    Have to say i agree with this, not many people are going to stay awake around the clock just to ensure a "good ranking" then again, there are people who are highly addicted to the game and spend thousands, so, who really knows. Proof is in the pudding, i guess. Personally, this last BA, i only joined to test the waters so to speak and can't say i much liked it at all.
  11. Geoff Heretic Wild

    Geoff Heretic Wild Active Member

    As I said earlier - you don't need to play round the clock and spend a ton of time in the new BA. You just need a lot of stamina and about an hour. That's all I really spent. Unfortunately for me, my mobster isn't quite built like that, level 4796 and only 1888 stamina - so I refilled 4 times. I know some on here have over 4000 stamina - so it works great for them. What I like is that it doesn't matter when I get knocked out. I also like the fact that turtles can no longer get a higher position than myself - you know, ones that do 101 attacks then def mode for like 5 hours....this is a "battle" arena - so unless you actually battle, you won't get any rewards (not that the rewards are great). For myself, it's also great for levelling as I don't have a levelling partner (boring anyways) and I only usually only attack whacked mobsters...the brawling time should be longer - say 12 hours to give more people a chance to get some attacks in...those with lots of stamina should love this.
  12. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of the point system very much.

    As far as skill allocation, Kano has said countless times that is not gonna happen, and if it did, See ya
  13. George Burd

    George Burd Well-Known Member

    Sorry this is a sore subject for me that got me started in forum to begin with, I tried to raise awareness when it was teated in vc
  14. SweetestAngel

    SweetestAngel Active Member

    Considering just one name in the top 10, its all about the cash. Whatever changes we want aren't going to happen. Money talks and alts play at free will thanks to the cash ........
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    GOING TO CATCH DAVID Well-Known Member

    I think it is far time the BA focused on players who play and not those who just sign up and sit in DEF MODE until the end. I play on the KONG LCN and was glad to see that players who didn't even play more than a few minutes couldn't rank higher than me. Countless times I would have 20-25 kills only to be knocked out by one of the bigger players and see someone bragging in chat how they didn't even do anything other than 100 attacks make it much higher than me. And YES, this new change does favor the people who allocated to STAMINA or are willing to spend for refills. But it also about time that STAMINA was worth a little more as when a player does allocate to stamina, he sacrifices areas such as attack and defense. I am sure the BA was never meant to be a reward for those who had all their skills in defense but rather an active contest requiring participation. And as far as the start times..... that will always be a difficult situation. The second half didn't start for me until midnight and it was difficult to play until 2 AM when I had to be up in a few hours.... and starting at 10 AM is not a great time for people with jobs either as they don't get home until close to 5 or 6 PM and could totally miss the BRAWL phase. So there is no perfect time.... what would be nice is if Kano found ways to rotate different start times like 6 hours apart each time..... so that everyone had a start time say 6 AM, noon, 6 PM and midnight, then back at 6 AM etc. This way everyone was getting a fair time at least once out of 4 tries.

    And as far as spending..... this is after all a business as KANO of course is going to do things that pays the bills and makes a profit. That is what being a business is all about.... just because playing is free doesn't mean that someone doesn't have to pay for it.

    The new BA had crappy exp so not a leveler's dream but definitely now focuses on PARTICIPATION rather than hiding. Remember, about a month ago the top player came in the game with just less than 10 players left, made 5 kills and then killed the guy with 140 or so kills to take 1st place. Now being stronger isn't as important as being active..... you weaker players should like that.
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  16. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    The problem with this is simple fact it's not a 24 hr job, (although they do get woken up in middle of the night sometimes to fix situations/problems when they occur) only a few can do this when it happens, so they try to make it reasonable for their timezone. Just my IMO.
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  17. thor persson

    thor persson Member

    If people had read the rules/conditions earlier of the BA then there would not be so much complaining about high defensive players IMO. There are certain conditions with the perks which are quite clearly stated. One of those is defensive perk. If you choose to put all your skill points into attack do not complain about people who put them into defense and beat you. It is that simple!

    It had always been about who could last the longest. The prizes are not that great, so attacking players cannot whinge about it. What the attacking players get is a shit load of xp to level numerous times.

    Now if you have followed the rules implicitly and have put yourself into a good condition, then the rules are changed at the whim of game developers so they can earn more cash, and you are now rooted then you deserve the right to complain without being disrespected or degraded. (i personally have not been but I have read a lot of posts about 'turtles')

    Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot.............
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  18. thor persson

    thor persson Member

    Why? What is your problem with them doing this? (simple question, not meant to be offensive)
    If you are quite happy with your setup then it doesn't matter. Imagine if an integral part of the game is changed and you are quite badly effected by it. Would you still feel the same way?
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  19. true blood

    true blood Member

    I like the new battle arena and these are the reasons why i like it.

    1-First of all im living in Turkey and in my timezone battle arena hours mostly happening too late or too early morning.Now with 8 hours thing it has available more flexible times.It started 1am for me but even i could miss i have a chance to play at 9 am so its great.

    2-Attacking superstrong person with mistake or suddenly became target in first 5 minute, after days of waiting arena start dying quickly.Yea i heard you guys saying about defance mode but defance more still exit you know good thing is, when you die you can reborn after 30 minute sure first 8 hours but it is still preety good.

    3-I've been spend time and efford getting 20-30 kills and doing somethimes 30-40k attack count and someone who hides with 100 attack passing me at the end.Ok this one was not fair.I had experience doing nothing exvept 100 attack and using defance mode and finish with good rank but it was not fun.With last uptade now its not just turn how much you spent you must still be patience and try hard to get kills keep clickin clickin clickin.... Its morely turn patiance and efford too.

    4-You can go after poachers without not afraid dying.Most of player blaming about kill stealers.Now you have a chance.If they steal your kills going after them.Even you die (in first 8 hours) you can have a second chance after 30 minute to get revenge.

    These are my thoughts about new Battle Arena Score system.English is not my native but hope everyone get the points what i meant it.

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  20. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Yes, I would adjust if my skill points were a problem and start adding to what was needed, for example when I heard raids were gonna be a feature a few months before they actually began, those were two areas I was lacking in so , I started working on them to be alittle more prepared, But the main game is and has always been my main priority not a feature that happens, one a month( raids) or twice a month, arena's, armada/guild/syndicate wars. These events for me are a side trip , ones of which I would not miss at all had they never become features. So to answer you , Yes I would feel the same way.
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