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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Miles, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. Flat Top

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  2. jj wilson

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    Just another way for kano to bleed there customers and the game dry!!!rather than addressing the few ppl taking aevantage they find a way to penalize all player for their own profit!!!wake up idiots!!! Your ruining your paycheck snd your game to accomadate a select few cheaters!!!your recent changes in last 12 months have created drastic losses of players and your income!!!but rsther than addressing the problems and trying to fix them yu continually find a way to tax your players to compensate for your complete idiocracy in decision making!!!obviously firing your employees was not the answer we get same crap different idiot!!!
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  3. susan c

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    Um for those of us who do NOT cheat and use scripts we can ONLY set 10 ambushes at a time. I have a suggestion for you before you completely destroy the game. Instead of the constant changes to everything, ban those using the scripts that are setting more than 10 ambushes at a time! Man up boys. So far you have destroyed hunting, you are doing less blitzes and the game has become a complete bore. You are going to lose hundreds of paying players to keep a few.
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  4. jj wilson

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    Problem is susan they no longer care about the game!!kano has moved onto bigger and better things with more profit...such as coding kits sold at walmart...and on amazon...so basically they are gonna give nothing back do nothing to improve game...only look for every single angle to get money from loyal customers....and promote certain cheaters that start with an A...so that us real players must continually spend to counteract the cheating!!!my answer dont give them money ...let the game die...they intend it to anyway...the only question and control we as customers have is how much money they leave eith!!!
  5. Geoff Heretic Wild

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    Too many recent Ambushes have put your opponent on high alert. You cannot set another Ambush until they let their guard down in 50 seconds. Any time now please ;)
  6. kari

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    Please... this whole thing was started because folks were ambushing way too quickly. Maybe scripts? Now these same people can run their scripts to get hitlist kills and fake cash. Not a solution to just up the cost. You all said that someone with nearly a million fight losses and 12k wins was a "leveling partner". Uhm. No. That would be a kami account, just spending stam and letting the other get xp and cash. I have slow internet and have never been a good hunter. Hence, no real cash. So now I either hide and don't play or let an all attack / no defense account pummel me. Rethink this, both on the ambushes and the "leveling partner" where clearly only one account benefits.
  7. the Dutchy

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    WTG Kano, finally you did something right to combat the abuse with scripts and then you turn it back because of whining or threats Kano is virtually allowing script use and chosen who they will support and that is 1% of the players and ignore the 99%. Good luck with that
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  8. Icebreaker

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    Dear Kano,
    Ban the script users. End of story.
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  9. What did you do to the player that set ~20k ambushes in a short period of time? I know you can't comment on that question. blah. This is becoming a joke and smells of favoritism, much like everything else about this game.
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