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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by AlterEgoT, May 3, 2019.

  1. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    Ok after 8+ years I still can't stand the way the ambush system works. I still feel it should be a randomized percentage or have a critical hit or something. Some way to make it not so crazy unbeatable....BUT I understand that isn't going to change.

    But seriously kano. I have 3 on my fightlist. 3. 2 are defense heavy we all stare at each other. and 1 I can actually fight. He has been 1k levels higher than I for quite some time. And he keeps 101 ambushes on me.


    Obviously by level 9000 money doesn't matter so much. And since we have no fightlist the stamina isn't such a big thing either.

    So could we pretty pretty pretty please do something?

    Maybe like the protection feature. We aren't given the option to use it.

    Or at least limit it so they can't keep the full 101 on 1 person? I mean come on. We each get 1 whopping person we get to fight. Could we at least get a fight to work?

    3 clicks heal is a royal pain.

    So I'd be happy with not having the power heal go away so it's not such a pain in the butt.

    There is so dang much hiding in this game it's crazy.

    Just maybe we could have 1 or 2 things we can do when we get up here? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

    You Lose!
    Close [​IMG]
    You have been severely injured and went to the hospital.

    The doctor healed you by 70,800 Health for $364,394,164.
    _____ ______ has successfully ambushed you (+100,000% Defence Boost).

    -$1,000,000 | -23,600 Health Lost | 239 Health Damage Dealt

    100,000%? I mean come on. Give us something?! Please?
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  2. Irnbru

    Irnbru Member

    the counter system is way too cheap, its viable after 5 hits. this should be used for griefing. i 100% agree it needs ann overhaul.. make it more expensive or cost 3 stam..
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  3. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    I think they should just personally remove the ambush feature on zombie slayers since ya can only clearly attack 101 times! even if u manage to get out of that ambush they are just gonna have another one set! an You really don't gain anything from it anyways only but alittle bit of small xp which ain't nothing! (This Feature is No Good)
  4. braatt10

    braatt10 Member

    I play on Zombie Slayer server 1, and ambushes are capped at 75 total so unless he has all 75 set on you and is on when you attack after 75 you should get the rest unless is setting as you attack, if power healed once you hit an ambush it is negated and you are dropped to normal minus whatever was just hit, it's a waste of a power heal, but it happens.
  5. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    They keep enough on me that I either run out of attacks or put them in the hospital through ambushes. On both servers.

    There isn't much fightlist you see. Especially as you get to higher levels. So maybe just reduce the number that can be kept on one slayer after certain levels. Like the protection feature goes away.

    I have 2 on my fightlist on ZS. 1 is a stalemate the other has me ambushed up the hilt.
  6. Princess ZFG - tree

    Princess ZFG - tree New Member

  7. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    Attacks against: 80 attacks,1 punch in 1 minute Last attacked: 4 minutes ago
    Wins: +7

    Losses: +73

    73 out of 75 used on me. (He miscounted today)

    He had full boosted health.

    Hardest Punch: 6,621

    Hits Placed: 5,709 Honorable Hits Placed: 761
    Max Bounty Collected: 32.174 quadrillion

    Money is no object. He hunts but does not list.

    Vault: 1,272.923 quadrillion

    So now tell me again How a level 9,931 Needs that many ambushes and by your proposal more?

    There are 3 of us in the 9 thousands. He is our highest player.

    The other 9k'er is his factionmate.

    It's a broken system.

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