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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by B A M, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. B A M

    B A M New Member

    seems like the game dies at a certain level....in my case 275
    they dont give you enough stamina to work with so you run out quick
    and nothing left to do........but loose interest in the game :mad:

    or maybe Im doing something wrong / HELP!!
  2. yes there is 1 thing you could try.thats increasing your stamina.

    game is designed to only give 50 stam when leveling so increasing it takes longer for it to run out.yes its annoying but if you plan on leveling at fair pace increase stamina.
  3. Mr Killer Man

    Mr Killer Man Active Member

    Daily stamina boost not good enough? Do you have all the challenges finished? Since you don't have any thing to do could you figure out what items are needed for the Razorblade Tophoat,Cellular gun and the Snow plow?
  4. LJAC

    LJAC New Member

    thats when we realize that this is a for profit org that wants u 2 spend $$$$, hence the popup message: sorry u got no stam so click here 2 buy sum $g$f$ pts
  5. or wait for stam to refill but its easier to just increase it.
  6. Red

    Red Member


    Totally, that´s why i like omerta
  7. B A M

    B A M New Member

    You got that right.....
  8. B A M

    B A M New Member

    yeah Ive increased my stamina , i just hate that it fills up at 50 instead of full
    .....it sux
  9. B A M

    B A M New Member

    yeah...challenges all done, gifts sent, shop and update.....and still nothing to do
    (they should give full stamina after each leveling / or half.....what can you do with 50 pfft)

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