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  1. Why is it that whenever someone reports some of the very well known alt accounts in the game, kano do nothing about banning these cheats ?
  2. Because it is hard to verify that someone is actually abusing a multi or if it really is two people in the same household.
  3. mi7ch

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    As we've said before it's a matter of perception. I don't work in Support and therefor can't speak to 100% of the cases they deal with but I am familiar with their investigation processes concerning alternate account.

    Every week we post freeze numbers and those are by and large alternate accounts, so I think it's unfair to say we do nothing about them. There are cases where players are reasonably certain that two accounts are being used in this way, but when Support investigates it turns out that this is not the case.

    We take every report seriously and Support does their investigations to the letter.
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  4. Please do not directly accuse another player in the Forums. If you want to report someone, please send it to Support. - mi7ch
  5. mi7ch

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    I am aware of the reports about the person you mentioned before I edited your post, Jonathan and I know that Support is monitoring that account.
  6. Monitoring them and doing and going to do there usuall nothing ! And if by some blinding bit of vision, they finally do do something, you can bet it wont last long. When the accounts need to be banned for life and those players have to start again from scratch or just give up as dirty known cheats ! Which should of happened months and months ago.
    On another point Mitch, when sending in a ticket, i have not been able to send the photo of the harresement via your system of the unmentionable player's out of game harassment to myself. I have asked for then to email me directly so i can send said photo, and as yet noone has. So the evidence is sitting waiting for someone to contact me
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  7. mi7ch

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  8. No, it would not send the image with the ticket, nor in the replys i sent to the support member when she replied
  9. mi7ch

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    I sent you a PM with an alternate way to get a picture to Support.
  10. ben

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    i am glad to hear kano has had a meeting on it ... that shows me they are looking more into the matter of alt accts ... thank you mitch for letting us no that ...
    the only thing i have to say a bout it is when they do catch an alt acct they should also ban the main acct to ... as long as the main acct is left in the games it can make up more and i myself find this to be a big problem ...
  11. MobMan

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    Could always have players confirm their accounts.

    Make it an optional thing where player proves their identity, prove who they are, maybe even have a tag on their game profile that says 'Verified.'

    It may let other players know that person is a genuine person and not somebody elses alt.

    It's just a suggestion. It wasn't that long ago I had someone I was mobbed up with accusing me of being one of their enemies alt's in the Social Feed and to be honest, wasn't a nice feeling, especially as I had nothing to do the person I was accused of being, wasn't even mobbed up with them.
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  12. Agreed with Ben. Band alt account and main account. But for life with no return of that account. MobMan, verified system is already used by kano, but it is so easy to get round it's a joke !
  13. Kirsten

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    I have been told, don't know if it is fact, but supposedly the players with alts are given a choice which to keep??? is that true ?? IMO they should be gone whoever they are, once a cheat always a cheat.
  14. mi7ch

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    I've only ever heard that happening on the Kongregate/Armor Games where alternate accounts are "allowed" to a degree and out of the select few cases where that has happened (seriously, I can only think of two off the top of my head) there hasn't been any repeat offenses.
  15. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I was told FB PC player may have been given a choice recently and I see he kept the second account not the main, that one I reported and I was also told FB VC player also was given the choice and both kept their alt accounts cause they were better , The VC one I have no idea which account was a better account . ??
  16. Twilight Sparkle

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    If you can't beat them in the game, report them as alts! LOL! Too damn common.
  17. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    the one I reported is a lower level in both accounts and a FB friend and I hate liars , and I personally don't care if it is a friend or not a cheat is a cheat is a cheat :p I can beat this player everyday and sunday if I wanted , reporting him was enough for me and I will and do report anyone with an alt and there have been many, the easy ones are the ones who send FB requests stating it is a second account lol
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    Hey nice forum name there Jonny boy , real class act :rolleyes:
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  19. Jerkoff jonny is probably an anom player who uses alts and takes to insulting people out of the game. Why ? Because they are getting their asses kicked in the 235 day war against AGB. So they revert to the moronic out of game slandering and insults. Bunch of losers !
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  20. And Jerkoff, why do you hide behind a faulse name ? Perhaps because you have nothing of value to say and are a coward so hide your real identity ? !
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