Allowing players to reallocate their skill points

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  1. Yeah, but your opponent, at this point, got behind you with skillful allocation of skill points and hard it should be...and you'll get back at him by building do change, and these have gotten better for the changes, even if I don't agree with all of them...this one would be a disaster in my opinion...and that's all this opinion.
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    hopefully this would only be a VC thing bc i do not play it...LoL, but if this came to MW then we'd all be looking for a new app to play or maybe i'll go back to spending my time playin xbox live rather than wasting my time on this app that went south

    OVERALL, bad business decision were this to be implemented

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    It's not like,you're gaining any skills.If buying skills became an option,I would leave.This is rearranging EARNED skill points.You had to EARN them,so why not rearrange them?
  4. That's where strategy comes in...why give a break to players that made poor decisions? Like the players who put all thier points into stamina and attack?
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    I disagree with the suggestion. As many players stated before me, there´s strategy into planning your Chieftain´s build, and people should think twice before investing on something. If you went the wrong way, deal with it and get it fixed over time, you shouldn´t be able to undo all changes and start over every time you want.
    Leaving aside the disasters it would bring on our fightlists too... Imagine everybody going full atk or def just because, or leaving health real low. What´s left for the balanced guys?
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    Im sorry....but u continue to prove that u r complete knucklehead every time u post on this subject. Once again...your example completely blows! Yes...per YOUR example....Im defending my position....if the enemy moves to the other side I would move in an effort to cut them off. WTF is your point?? Its my hard work and dedication and correct allocation that would allow me to do that....what your suggesting would take that ability ability away from players who have already done it right!!!!!!! What u left out in your example was that the magic Kano fairy came down and granted my enemy 3 wishes..... the !st) a free pass to makeup for all theri mistakes 2) to penalize all the players that actually got it right on their own merit 3) to allow them to buy what they couldnt earn on their own.
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    By your logic,you wouldn't cut them off.You're against rearranging yourself.So,by your logic,you wouldn't move.Lie to yourself all you want.
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  9. The Protector

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    Skills are earned.Why shouldn't you be able to rearrange them?
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    Seems my name in viking,is what I should have,chosen,for here.
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    Why not,have a test,for a week,see what happens.
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    I wouldnt need to "rearrange" to cut them allocation /strategy allows for me to do that, because i did it right! You want to allow players to do it "overnight" by "buying" the ability to do so regardless of every mistake they have ever made. what about all the players that identified the mistakes they made and went about fixing them the hard way? that diminishes every bit of hard work they had to do. R u in my clan? I guarantee u wont b for long if u r......there is no way i want someone dumber than a damn rock in my clan....U R absolutely unbelievable! EVERY POINT FLIES RIGHT OVER YOUR HEAD AND EVERY EXAMPLE YOU HAVE GIVEN CAN BE SHOT DOWN BY A 2 YEAR OLD!!!!!
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    ROTFLMAO!!!!!!! I finally followed your all makes sense now.... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
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    I was waiting for you to realize.What took so long?But back on topic,why not have a week test,see what happens.
  15. I'm not disputing this. I am however seeing things a bit differently. I'm looking at this from Kano's perspective. They want to retain more players obviously and perhaps this is a way to do that.

    Let me be clear in my idea of limited re-allocation.

    2% of each stat could be re-allocated, However if that 2% goes below the last achievement for the stat then only allow up to the last achievement.

    so Player Bob has stats:
    Energy 2100
    Stam 1800
    Health 25000
    Attack 1750
    Defense 1600

    Bob wants to re-allocate his stats feeling he put too much into health and energy and not enough into attack and defense.
    Bob would only be able to re-allocate
    42 points from Energy
    72 points from Stam (36x2)
    50 points from Health
    35 points from Attack
    32 points from Defense
    for a total of 231 points to re-allocate.

    Player Cassandra on the other hand.
    Energy 2015
    Stam 1550
    Health 2500
    Attack 1502
    Defense 1750

    Cassandra would be able to re-allocate
    15 points from Energy
    62 points from Stamina
    0 points from Health since the last achievement hasn't been reached yet.
    2 points from Attack
    35 points from Defense.
    for a total of 114 points available to re-allocate.

    to me such a system would keep the diversity, while allowing for players to mend some of their errors. As I said, originally, just enough to stop the bleeding. but not enough to drastically alter the playing field.

    At most I would say to only allow this to be done every 500 levels, again that is at most.
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    This is a perfect example.While being able to reallocate more,would be nice,this would work just fine.

  17. Something I had overlooked was that the above works for players of high level, but doesn't work for lower levels such as I'd suggested in my first reply. To that effect here is my suggestion:

    At level 500 use the first achievement for each stat,
    at level 1000 use the second
    at level 1500 use the third
    at level 2000 and up go by the 4th.

    So player Dave at level 500 has

    Energy 275
    Stam 175
    Health 1450
    Attack 250
    Defense 375

    Would then get
    5 points from Energy
    3 points from Stam
    0 points from health (first achievement not reached)
    5 points from Attack
    7 points from Defense.
    This would give dave 20 points to re-allocate.

    Perhaps at lower levels we could even allow a higher percentage, given this example. But I would still be highly against a full skill point re-allocation.

    While Player Eddie at level 4000 who has:
    Energy 1850
    Stamina 4500
    Health 105000
    Attack 7500
    Defense 8500

    would get:
    0 Points from Energy
    180 points from Stamina
    210 points from Health
    150 points from Attack
    170 Points from Defense
    for a total of 710 points to re-allocate.

    If everything were put into let's say defense, he would have
    Energy 1850
    Stamina 4410
    Health 102900
    Attack 7350
    Defense 9040

    Bare in mind I'm pulling these numbers out of the litter box, so by all means, somebody who knows, feel free to give me a more accurate example.

    For me, I would quickly find myself losing my fights against those curently 500 levels higher than me whom I stomp on a daily basis (mostly cause their in a guild who's officer told me I had no idea how to play, now all he can do is hide, counter, and bounty)
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    Well, it's been 8 months since the last post and it seems as though most players like the idea of reallocating points based on a percentage but not allowing the reallocation to reduce the skill points below the last achievement level and utilizing FP's to pay for it. I even like it as a reward opportunity at every 500 levels. When you look at exactly how much they can move, it will only slightly change most players stance in the game and it will still give players the feeling they can correct some of their mistakes, even if only slightly. I know there's a lot of charged emotion from some players who have started over but I don't believe this will significantly alter someone's fighting stance, especially since Kano has since increased achievements which would offset this even more for the higher level players. Can we reconsider this one now?

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