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Discussion in 'Accepted Ideas' started by Don Go Breaking My Heart, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. So far it seems that there are three reasons that people have to sell property: It's ours and we want to, wanting to quit the game, and land banking.

    I hope you did not vote on this thread, because it is obvious you did not read even the first post.
  2. As opposed to the hired squad in ZS, which upset the delicate balance and the original design specs of the game. Oh wait, you lined your pockets with that change. Oh wait, it was all about being altruistic on your part, of course. You wanted us to use our valentine's day teddy in combat. Sorry, I forgot. Carry on.

    To the topic at hand. Allow players to see their properties as they see fit. The properties do belong to them after all.
  3. Bumping this up...

    Rating: 8.5/10 from 33 users !!

    This HAS to be the most community supported idea we have ever had!

    The 8.5 is staggering even though it is lowered by some devs voting a 1 !

    We know this feature can be implemented cause it was there for over 3 years. If you really want us to use the ideas section of the forums, then prove to us it even works. Give us what we want and deserve. We want to be able to sell our hard earned properties as we see fit.
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  4. Kendall

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    Hey Jerome if you haven't already check out the VC TGIF post (since I know that is your game)! we talked about the property sell there and what to expect this upcoming week we have not been ignoring this topic.
  5. Hey thanks for the response Kendall! I must have missed that thread. Good deal. And two thumbs up for whoever came up with the "Bounty Boss" Idea as it has received a lot of good feedback. Honestly, I am impressed with this idea coming so fast after I challenged Kano to come up with an idea that mimics the thrill of a sell off. Not bad... Happy gaming all.
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  6. Deltan

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    This was a post from another thread, its better suited for this thread, I wanted to address it here for all concerned about this feature.

    We are definitely not missing the point on this feature. We understand why players like it, the idea of going out with a bang. From the Kano perspective though, why should we allow a player who is quitting to disrupt the game both in terms of stability and the economy for remaining players who are quite happy playing? It was meant to be removed in 2010 and got shelved, it should have been removed long ago when we said we would. Mistake definitely noted. We would much rather spend time creating new content and new features designed to create the same excitement in the game than to spend time fixing and making a feature more robust that ultimately ends with a player quitting the game and making other players angry.

    The hacking and selling reason was one reason of many listed, it was not an excuse. The excuse to remove it was that we stated in 2010 it would be removed, it caused downtime for other players and was disruptive after a recent large sell-off. So it was pulled. That was the "excuse" if you want to label it as such. As far as weapons and warriors goes, we want to address this concern as well, one thing at a time though, it's one of many fixes planned to improve player security.

    Sorry that you feel it's "complete BS" if this feature is not brought back. We have offered a compromise to address the concerns of selling property to raise cash, you should be able to sell off signficant percentages. But the notion of a fire sale to go out in a blaze of glory is dead, sorry.
  7. The Protector

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    which shows you dont give a rats ass about your customers.I have yet to see another game where you can't sell your income.
  8. What is this "compromise you talk about?
  9. If i could sell property i wouldn't because if you tried to sell the US'll get like $1,100.......i would like to keep +1,200+ income

    bet if we could get ALL our cash back even from upgading then we would get like $4000 off 1 US property

    so i rated a 10!:cool:
  10. Bob Sciarrone

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    From my understanding, peeps were selling off properties to make the achievements, and gain an advantage. I strive to buy property and would never sell it no matter what. If you want to go out, just go, why go out "with a bang"? Only heartless, vendetta seeking peeps would ever think of that. Just go if you don't like it

    I say leave it alone and would vote no on the selling of properties

    There is way too much Drama and Hatred in this game as it is. Don't make it worse!

    Enjoy :)
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  11. geckster99

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    read some of this ; devs shouldn't try to be smarter than players And for them to introduce/impose their ethics upon the game isn't right ; dubious ...gaming is a jungle not a white collar job
  12. Deltan

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    We have rolled out partial property selling to all games. We are closing this topic. Thanks for the input everyone. We hope to bring the exciting battle mechanic of mass sell-off with Battle Arena.

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