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Discussion in 'Accepted Ideas' started by Don Go Breaking My Heart, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. With a recent change, the ability to sell property has been removed. If you use the "land banking" strategy, this is less than ideal.

    If you do not use the strategy, it works like this: When you have 0 and buy 10 of a property, the price doubles. When you sell all 10 at half price, you get your original investment back. If you have 10 of the high value properties, you can sell them back at no loss which means you do not pay bank fees, which would be considerable savings.

    Please vote on this thread if you would like to be able to sell property that you bought.

    Also, I could buy 4950 Gold Jets and negate all of my income for the cost of selling 10 properties in San Fransisco. Think about it.
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  2. Maler

    Maler Member

    i want the option to sell properties BACK where it was. thank you.
  3. dickie knight

    dickie knight New Member

    all i know i buy property with real cash it is my i work my butt off to make it on bountys and my real money but it back on so i can sell it to do what i want with it or put it back on my real card this is b/s i put it in rule to do what i want so what r we going to do about it
  4. Please bring back the sell property option. We can go rally even more support if needed to negate the Devs that voted a 1 on this idea. I have yet to see one single real player say they want the sell option disabled. We already have it back up to over a 9/10. Most see this as one of the most controlling unwanted changes you have made to the game. Some are losing a lot of respect for Kano and feel you aren't really listening to us anymore. The entire ideas section and voting system may be at stake with this one since it has so many upset and voting and keeping a close eye on this idea. Friend and Foe are all in support of bringing back the sell property option. We were not satisfied with the reasoning behind this change. Either come up with more believable reasons to why this change was needed to be implemented or reverse it. No one wants our selling rights disabled.
  5. dickie knight

    dickie knight New Member

    but when i put my hard cash off my card to buy rule if i sell it it is up to me not you all you need to let me sell rule or put my cash back on my real atm card this is b/s
  6. kayjay

    kayjay Guest

    totally agree with you Jerome
  7. FallenKnight

    FallenKnight Member

    The biggest reason i can see to being able to sell down is to fix mistakes made early in the life of ones game. Example: I have a friend who is all over the map with his props. He was in the middle of selling down a bunch of the small stuff and buying the bigger stuff when you took the sell option away. now his bounty is still messed up and not where he would like it to be. Not to mention some of his props are still messed up
  8. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    Hey everyone, just wanted to chime in here. We are monitoring this thread and everyone's input. Our weekly Ideas meeting is coming up and we'll be reviewing this issue. We haven't forgotten or are ignoring it, its been a busy week with stability and uptime being our first priority. We do intend to bring selling back in some form, but the ability to fire sale will not be back. *cheers*
  9. I'm glad you bumped this so I wouldn't have to. Thanks for the input. " Fire sales " and people going out with a bang is kinda like the final reward for playing the games. It's the pot at the end of the rainbow. It's like the rolling of the credits at the end of Mario! The "Sell offs " were THE most exciting and fun times we have had in the game. They will be sorely missed. Please kindly reset the max bounty collected stats that were accomplished from the Sell Offs as no one will ever be able to move up to the top ten in that area now as they are grossly exaggerated without the sell off ability. Sad day for the bounty hunters... Sad day.... Put your heads together there at KanoVille and find a feature that could stir up the same fun and excitement as these "Sell Offs" and we may just have a winner! Cheers...
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  10. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    Hi Jerome, consider this an opportunity to suggest something that would bring that element back to the game that is not in the form of a fire sale. Please brainstorm with your friends, post something that might work to fill this gap for you and other players missing the feature. We're open to suggestion! :)
  11. Tough assignment indeed. Been at this one for awhile now.... Stay tuned
  12. Is there a reason that you couldn't just limit the number of times someone can be bountied in, say a minute (maybe 20 times), in order to allow for the traditional "going out with a bang" fire sale without compromising the server's stability?
  13. alka

    alka Banned

    It's time Kano put it to the vote.
    They are happy to let us vote on useless topics so why not on contentious topics like this?
    By the way, I don't buy the excuses Kendal makes, they are minority and should not effect the majority!!
  14. I'm going to take your question and answer it as if you had asked me.

    First of all, I do not think I ever saw a "Sell All" button on the city. If it was there, I never used it and no one should use it. If you made bad investments early in the game you will not recover your investments by selling your low value/income property and buying new high value/income property. I make $241,500,000 off of my 1610 Offices in New York and $124,920,000 off my 90 Office Complexes in Dubai. To buy 10 more Offices is a better ROI than 10 more Office Complexes.

    I do not need the option to sell more than 10 of any property at a time, and if you want to limit that to selling only 10 in a 24 hour period, that will limit the damage from a compromised account. If that was indeed your goal in this, you should also be removing the option to discard inventory with no upkeep.

    If the problem is that someone is being listed repeatedly and their link is showing up and causing people to click an expired hitlist tag, then put a limit on the number of lists allowed in a time frame. I would start with 10-15 seconds and if that doesn't work, move up.

    If it is because people are reducing their bounty by selling property to allow others to list them, I have demonstrated that there is a workaround to this. One way to fix my workaround would be to make property ownership and bounty static, so that inventory does not lower bounty price, but only income.

    If you still want the option of having a "Fire Sale" you can still sell 10 at a time of all of the big properties and plan ahead, which is a very important aspect of the other parts of the game, so why not have it here.
  15. I'm sure being able to sell some properties will be back and should be. I kinda understand not wanting people to leave the game and selling off but still feel that it is indeed our property that we worked on for so long. I don't have all the access to the facts but I really don't think that there are that many people that would sell all their property just to help someone get achievements. It would be way easier to just find a low level clan mate with low bounty to do that. Should it be considered a bad thing if someone did allow a friend to list them for achievements in the first place? Isn't the argument of "friends helping friends" always coming up on these forums? Logging in and pitching ALL your bosses to another friend every couple of days is going on as we speak and has been explained as OK because it was just friends helping friends. I'm on the fence with this because if I wanted to throw all my bosses to a friend I would want that ability.

    I am seeing a pattern of everyone getting all paranoid over everything and if we keep putting limits on this and that the game is going to be so restricted that we will simply grow even more bored with it. It is fun to try to find little ways to irritate your foes and is in the true Viking spirit after all. If bounties are open to the world and someone were to try to let a friend list them over and over for the achievements then you really aren't just handing it to them. In effect, you would be just lighting up the bounty board and causing a bit of much needed excitement in the game. Fire-sells have always been good for the game as a whole. YES, it sucks to lose a player from them selling off but if they are to that point they will be quitting the game anyways. With new restrictions coming all the time now it looks as if the paranoia is going to flood the games with restriction after restriction choking the fun out of them.

    I can give you ways to abuse pretty much every aspect of these games. If you try to plug EVERY single hole that has the "minute" chance of abuse what will we be left with? I will tell you...
    We will just have a few buttons that we all click on every day. This clicking we do each and every day is NOT fun despite what some will tell you ! We click 90% of the time to have that 10% of fun. We do the clicking to get to the point to irritate our foes or at least be able to fight them. If you take away all the possible ways to mess with them , then the game is dead to most. Stop the insanity before it is too late. Enough with the restrictions. Lift the limits so we can all get back to doing what we do best... Irritate each other to the point of spending real cash or putting in hour after hour in your games to build our characters thus recruiting even more players in the process.

    The games have proven to have a "shelf life" for most. Allowing these loyal customers the ability to go out with a bang is a small price to pay for the contributions that most of these folks have made to Kano. With every high level player that was to sell off and leave, Kano has already gained hundreds of players from their presence in the game.

    In closing, I know you will bring back some sort of selling options and you should. Please consider some way to allow a player to sell all and go out in style if they chose to do so. If it has to be on a case by case basis. There must be some way to control any complications. I have seen "fire-sells" before and there never was any problems, so if this last one made such a mess of things then it was a very rare case. The bottom line is, I really don't consider the reasons given as adequate to warrant the quick disablement of selling our properties. What is the Real reason behind this change?
  16. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Interesting that u say u will be discussing this in your upcoming "ideas meeting" yet u already know that it will not be coming back in its full form...I call BS! Youve asked for ideas how to solve the issues that supposedly resulted from a singular "fire sale" and this thread has offered up many that seem as if they would be a relatively easy fix.

    Whats the real issue would be a great time for some of that "transparency " u spoke of in your opening comments.

    Your players want this ability back! Dont keep our accounts hostage! This is about players quitting the game and it makes Kano look like a bunch of key stroking strong arming thugs and its quickly eroding the respect ya guys earned by standing by the Hi5 players. I still remember u guys deleting the thread on how to actually delete ones account all together....that was some pathetic crap! Dont u guys get that with with every BS move u make your rep goes further into the toilet? Players spend their money and time with you and you take the option of the single most enjoyable aspect of the game away from them. I sold off everything from my first account which was the largest account at the time and it was a BLAST! crazy thing was...the damn servers didnt crash and I was chain listing everyone i could find for record amounts one after the other, and their was more players then! The fact this issue that supposedly arose has only happened 1 time in Kano games history does not warrant the actions u took. Your lying to us....plain and simple! The servers seem to be going scewy all the time now...maybe u guys have just overloaded them yourselves with all the content your pushing that we dont want. Next time it crashes I suppose it will be because.we dont spend enough money or we all clicked on the same door of an event calendar at the same time. GIVE US A BREAK!

    I hope every player that reads this thread goes back to all there respective games and posts links to this thread so every last one of them can see what their time and money buys for them...A BIG FAT PILE OF BS!
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  17. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    wow for such an easy issue you guys sure do have paragraphs to say what can be said in a few simple words....if a player wishes to sell property then i dont see any reason, including the ones already listed, why they cant. what happened to free will? do we all negate our freedom of choice upon login?
  18. Rex Hayward

    Rex Hayward Member

    well time for me to add my 2 cents..
    i would like to sell if i want to ,it is my game i pay to play so how my game evolves should be my choice.
    if one day i decide not to play any more the only way to have my last hoorah is to sell everything and chain list those that have p#$@ed me off.(not that there are too many of them).
    but this issue can be discussed forever with nothing being resolved..." so i put it to you Deltan and Kendall do what has been suggested put it to a vote let the players decide"
  19. So what

    So what Member

    fine heres one for you

    take all the games on the platform
    all of yours

    everyone knows who the top 10 - 20 are
    there all there on show to see

    based on that fact

    they are by default the biggest spenders

    ask them to par take in a FIRE WAR ....FIRE SALE ....FIRE GAME

    freez their stats NOT HARD FOR YOU TO DO

    AND USE THEM AS A KICK START to get the game alive again
    open wars

    what ever they have is frozen already take a massive 25% fee on all hitlist ( so you have game cash)
    and i boobyed T R I L L I O N S that went no where

    so like for like THEIR current bank ....let them rip with it ....
    use them for a week say and when they show up to play
    the war starts cant aid their sqd most players are not full time
    so as and when they show up...the game moves ...look what happend when HI 5 came on board
    the game moved more showed up and it was a HUGE BOOSTE

    YOU WOULD BE AMAZED how many would come back to play
    its a new incentive ....

    ( whats stalling the games is the hording ...remove the cash leaderboard ....its driving your games into the ground in an recession need to be liquid ...and its a major problem in all the games...
    LIQUIDITY have the ability to reverse this ...stage the liquidity)

    I for one would do it on a prearranged time would anyone in the top leaderboard
    and it wont crash your server......what you think ?
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  20. RAGM

    RAGM Member

    eh idk why would u want to sell them?? u get money from em and higher bounty

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