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  1. Bottom line is some of us do not think that the reasons given by the devs warranted the decision to do away with the ability to sell properties. Should we have to give more reasons to keep the selling option other than a simple... " I do not like it that you disabled the ability to sell my properties. " ? That's the bottom line. What do the customers want. So far 6 out of 7 has voted bring back the option. The one that voted a 1 never spoke up. If too many more highly voted ideas get rejected then your entire voting process will become NULL and meaningless to most. This will be my last post on this issue unless something new is addressed that changes my mind.
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    I agree with the voting idea.... i dont think that Devs and moderators should be able to vote . Obviously there would be good reason to think they may be bias and that would certainly have the potential to pollute the vote. I also think that the new idea segment and the subsequent rating system is seriously flawed and needs to be reworked. I too have seen highly rated threads with much support get rejected while others that have no support or very few votes get accepted. For starters...I think an idea thread should have a time limit...there seems to be no predetermined shelf life and some get passed quickly while others that have a lot of support sit forever. I also think that players names that vote should also be made public or they should have to give there reasons. As a former moderator of this forum....I know that many well known and vocal members use the exact same IP addresses as one another and use the separate accounts to skew the votes in there favor
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    If Devs and moderators play the game, they can vote. Yes, the system is seriously flawed, it's not what we're going to work with long term. The current solution filled a void where we needed a solution to listen to players immediately. Longer term, we will be evaluating a proper ideas platform, packaged solutions exist out there that isn't a bolt on hack to vBulletin like we're using here. The process too is still in flux, it's new for us. We go through the board weekly in a meeting and read the threads. Time on the board that the thread exists is something that will eventually factor in. Right now we're spending more time refining the process to turn ideas into real solutions instead. Bottom line too, if the idea doesn't fit within our product roadmap or is not within the original design specs of the game it's not going to make it no matter how many votes it has. There are some things we simply can't do. We've already implemented a number of solutions, I plan to produce a weekly list of the ideas that have been implemented in the game as they roll out.
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    "Bottom line too, if the idea doesn't fit within our product roadmap or is not within the original design specs of the game it's not going to make it no matter how many votes it has. There are some things we simply can't do."

    If this is the case.....why have us players wasting r time tossing around ideas that have no chance? Why not just give us a list of what works for Kano and have us debate those ideas? At least now you have finally admitted that what we want /think really doesnt matter....i appreciate your honesty...TY!
  5. The forum ideas are also flawed because some folks do not want the in-game retaliation over their opinions. You can also lose real friends if they differ from your public opinions especially if these games mean Everything to them. We will never see the real thoughts of most the folks who play the game. It also comes down to does our voting even matter? Most clans simply do not want to to join the forum or just don't get so involved in it to care. Some probably do not even know the forum is here yet. Whatever the reason, the voting of ideas is flawed. Sometimes people will vote an idea down simply because they do not like someone. There is no clear cut way to listen to the players and find out what they want. At the end of the day, we just have to trust the Devs have done their homework and if changes upset us we can voice our opinions and ultimately leave the games if we find that too many negative changes were made. The most sad point of all is that folks are claiming to have had the most fun ever selling off and leaving the games than they ever had in over 3 years of playing. If the devs could somehow tap into what is so fun about a sell-off and use that to their advantage on some new features in the future , then they will for sure be on the right track to success.
  6. One more thing that I will point out to any New devs... When some of us talk openly on the forums it does not always come just from us. Some of us have friends and clanmates that relay their ideas to us so we can come on here and discuss it. We do not simply speak for ourselves. This idea being a prime example. I have clan that likes to sell off some properties to bounty folks from time to time that is against the change. And others that are also against it. They just do not want to go public against it.
  7. Very understandable. I try to read the devs mind as to what that roadmap may be before I post an idea. Bottom line is the best ideas stem from some of the worse! If you simply dismiss and close out further discussion on an idea because it is not within the original design specs of the game you will be missing out on ALOT of positive changes that could have made the games a bigger success. Despite the games losing their fun appeal, they are still very addictive for various reasons. Just be careful not to make changes that may affect these reasons.
  8. As I understand it, the problem with people getting frozen wasn't because anyone sold off their empire. It was because the chuckleheads in the game listed someone over 900 times that day and their cronies were clicking on the bounty list too much. They were frozen and thawed in a relatively short amount of time. It seems to me this was a drastic step to take for such an idiotic problem.

    The simple solution would've been to put a limit on the number of times a person can be bountied daily (either overall or by another individual). Once they've hit that limit, they have free reign to bounty/play/retaliate as they see fit. Surely you can come up with a number lower than 900 and higher than 20 that allows a person to keep the ability to sell while keeping the servers stable. I'm one that wants to go out with a bang so your current solution doesn't work well for me.
  9. polishpimp

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    we dont tend to agree on much....but Im in full agreement with ya on this one
  10. Personally, I have NEVER sold property once it was purchased. Seems a bit counterproductive to me. Buy for X amount, sell for half that amount? No thanks!

    However, yet one more restriction has been added......for what purpose? To keep people from harming themselves via foolish actions? To keep wealthy landowners from changing the face of the game? The reasoning put forth by Kano sounds fishy to me. Just a tighter straight jacket for the players if you ask me.
  11. polishpimp

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    so let me see if i got this right....a high level player sold off everything (resulting in a extremely low bounty price).....somebody then decided to list this player over and over again at this low price. This player continued to die repeatedly and healed enough so fast that enough players that were enticed by this low bounty crashed the system while hitting old bounty links....correct?

    So Tomorrow if i were to chain list someone that I know would heal over n over as soon as they were killed....and enough players were hitting that link the system will crash? I'll tell ya what....Ive got the gold to make it worth everyones while and a player willing to heal to prove the point, would that be OK with u KANO? I will gladly publicize the event and make sure we have the turn out by insuring the the bounty will merit the stam and that there will be no retaliation. Surly if Kano is right the system will crash and we can lay this issue to rest.....if not......then we get the ability to sell our properties back. What say u Kano?

    Obviously this would be at an unspecified time to insure there was no funny biz. But i will certainly wait for Kanos in the event they are right they would be ready to get us back on line after the system Certainly an event such as this would be easy to else would it merit such an unprecedented immediate change in a long standing gaming tradition.
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  12. Carol Anderson

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    Give us back our right to sell or keep our properties after all we bought them do they not belong to us to do whatever we want we should have the choice of keeping properties or selling them after all Do they not belong to us ? hugs
  13. Carol Anderson

    Carol Anderson New Member

    load of bull why did he or she sell off their property its their fault we should not have to pay for someone else stupidness sorry hugs
  14. Carol Anderson

    Carol Anderson New Member

    Now Dev please give us back our right to sell or keep our properties --They are ours after all are they not?
  15. Old Salt

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    There is a problem though with players selling off all their rule, making their bounty price ultra cheap and then allowing themselves to be repeatedly bountied so they can help their friends achieve certain bounty achievements. That's not cool either and it was happening with a certain player repeatedly not long ago, and that's exactly what the player was up to because they even admitted it in the old forum. I think a fairer way would be that only a percentage of property be allowed to be sold off at any given time. Although I would like to stress to those who are selling off their rule for quick cash that it really is not strategy you want to be pursuing. If you become reliant on quick cash like that you will never build up your income and that can put you at a serious disadvantage as your pirate reaches the higher levels.
  16. diva of destruction

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    I have no desire to sell my Rule. However, I dislike the change very much. It should be a player's choice to sell or buy.

    ALSO: I like the idea of the one minute limit between bounties. Couldn't that fix the issue?

    Thirdly: (not sure if thirdly is a word lol) support emails that property disappeared? THOSE Players are obviously giving access to their account to others????? NOT COOL. They get what they deserve! ARRRRRGHHH from a pirate......
  17. polishpimp

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    I just dont see this as an issue....I couldnt care less if someone sold off their properties in order for someone to get their achievements....the alternative would be to go out and chain list lower levels until they got their achievement....then they will be up here crying "BULLY". Im guessing that someone selling off there entire rule/empire is a rare occurrence and only done if someone is leaving the game for good. Like many have said b4 me......I think its only right that a player who has faithfully supported these games through time played and or monies spent get to leave with a bang. Its not like there is an end reward or destination to these games.....they simply go on forever....pretty damn anticlimactic if u ask me....selling off upon leaving and listing all your fav rivals is really the only thing to look forward to once youve tired of the same crap over n over
  18. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Yes Kano....wouldnt a simple delay solve this problem? Im not seeing a whole lot of support for what youve done and it appears most if not all want the ability to sell off back. ITS WHAT THE PLAYERS WANT KANO!
  19. Rikki King

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    I got caught out with no gold to set traps.. i couldnt sell any maties or weapons to raise the cash and ended up leaving my ship sitting on the bottom for hrs..

    I thought of selling some rule so i could keep playing but it was a no go..
    Im not interested in what others do and personally i couldnt care less whether some one sells everything to lower their bounty..
    If they are that big I dont even bother to attack anyway..

    BUT I would like the choice as to whether I sell them or not..
  20. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Some people just want to quit the game, selling off empire is only way to not be able to play anymore! Hence non selling property option is a crock of chit just cause u devs want renenue!!!

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