All Hidden Blueprints for Mob War La Cosa Nostra

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    (Level 55) Razorblade Tophat 20/19 = 1x Assault Rifle + 2x Incriminating Photos + 1x Titanium Switchblade

    (Level 90) Cellular Gun 24/22 = x1 Gold Brick + x1 Diamond Knuckles + x2 Lead Pipe

    (Level 120) Snowplow 19/19 = 1x Yacht + 1x S.W.A.T. Bearcat + 1x Turret-Armed Humvee

    (Level 170) Flamethrower Lamp 27/27 = 1x Sheik's Scimitar + 1x Explosive Zippos

    (Level 270) Transformed Car Robot 30/29 = 1x Supersonic Train + 1x Helicopter + 1x RAH-66 Commanche

    (Level 360) Tequila Flamethrower 45/35 = 1x Magnum El Diablo + 1x Beretta Cheetah + 1x Carcano Carbine

    (Level 420) Magnetic Charges 41/32 = 1x RPG-7 + 1x Information Kit

    (Level 700) RG41 Rolling Thunder 35/35 = 1x Harley + 1x Safari Jeep + 1x Ford Torino

    (Level 850) Steel Harpoon Gun 41/46 = 1x Diamond Cleaver + 1x Attack Chimp + 1x Zastava CZ99

    (Level 1000) Rolex Garrote 49/39 = 1x Incendiary AK-47 + 1x Milkor M32 MGL + 1x Porsche 911

    (Level 1240) Attack Gyrocopter 38/39 = 1x Combat Yacht + 1x Hot Rod + 1x Gold Jet
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    ummm, u do know that there is a hidden blueprint at lvl210 right? besides, these have been posted on the forum for at least 6 months now
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    Any knowledge of the Dragon Cannon recipe?
  4. meezy

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    got that link?? How bout it?? im like the guy right above looking for that dragon cannon recipe..
  5. Bo Baby

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    they are already posted on one of the threads in mobwars, i dont remember off the top of my head though but its called "Stuff"
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    Magblade Blueprint?
    Does anyone have this done yet?
    If yes please tell us..
    thanx :)
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    is there a contest for reviving the most dormant threads or something?

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