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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Scoughman, Jun 14, 2016.

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  1. Zoe Bell

    Zoe Bell Member

    Are you actually going to make changes or are you just saying this to silence us Sol. I've lost 3 syndicate members, including an officer now, and I ,as many others, have became very disenchanted with Kano. You spew out the words that you think we want to hear and then just say... it will take time... but nothing is being done in our eyes... Facebook games are supposed to be financially supported by all those adds they throw at us... and I've been told these are FREE games... so why is all your favoritism focused on new players whom are spending money and the older players ( who were new at one time and spending money too) being shunned. This is not an ethical business practice or in the spirit of free play. Yes, I am angry and I feel that I am within my right to be. We are losing valuable syndicate members who are also our real life friends just because Kano refuses to do the right thing... How would it make you feel if this was happening to you? If you really care prove it and if you don't keep on doing what you are currently doing .
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  2. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

    im talking about the packet they took out, there was a set between 25 and 50 they took it away with the 2 dollar purchase. I get the point sorta of lowering fps, if you lower price bracket then they would have to go and go retro with this and that would be a headache changes amount per purchase would be a giant mess too boot. And with this change there is nobody that would agree with amount of fps purchase without having it retro. We sit and complain items are way outta whack and now you wanna bump up amount of fps one gets now......
  3. williamw125

    williamw125 Member

    i agree why do we have to trade them in, in the end we would be the big loser, why not just fix the a/d on the items?
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  4. also when we send tickets in of letting you guys know something isnt right you say oh its all right for a person in the same syndicate to have the same name 2-3 times and you think its just synd members using the same name come on now everyone in the game knows about it kano is just being quote "stupid" unquote to think they when that person openly admitted to someone that they just used a different ip address on all accounts. never will understand how someone can get to my level in 60 days and it has taken me almost 6 years! are we mad yeah i would say so kano should of offered all of us longtime players a deal just like they did the newbies but i guess the newbies credit cards are bigger and better than your long time dedicated people we worked our butts off to get where we are and kano you have let us down you let the newbies come in and they are our level in less than 60 days they should of had to work their butts off just like we did you gave them a advantage we never got
  5. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

    up the stats on any item 2 yrs or older and double the stats, trade in would be nice for later but your right it wont fix what has been done with the influx of all the new items, alot of things was designed where an super great item used to be 134 att and 116 def. Ivory Pistol. This should be the first step to take, cause if your right with skill points it used to work in your old formula but now the way you have this new items they truly carry alot lower weight, it dont matter what your math shows me our mathematic's are flawed the real life circumstances are in play here and you have more than enough people complaining about to think its just a select few and how they built there mob. you need to see where we are coming from you can not let people just walk in as babies and clean house that is not how the real world works if you have not had any experience using your items the first thing you do with a gun would be shot your eye out. You have to agree on this, its not right its not fair. The only way we older players can even come close now is spending a hole of a lot which most have and should be awarded for it.
  6. jahrista

    jahrista Member

    the pawn shop is 1 of the biggest jokes in sol's response to us
    unless u have bought 6k items
    there is very little chance u have an item that is not in either att or def loadout to trade in for a few fp
    an item bought for 30fp which is 300att & 86 defence is still gonna be in att loadout so unable to be traded in
    support my july boycott here :p
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  7. Sandy Barrows

    Sandy Barrows Active Member

    I don't wish to be negative - I have read Sols post and really I see nothing of substance - a tweek here and there to what we already have - it's seems to pawn shop is a non starter - as described by wiser players than I
    The imbalance in the game is apparent to all of us that have played for a long time - it seems to me that there is a lack of understanding from Sol and team because they don't play as we do and miss the nuances of what we are trying to get over to you
    The fact is we are now disadvantaged by the balances - which sadly seem to have been escalated lately - a nip and tick to daily rewards. A tweek to gamers isn't even addressing the problem - This feels like the maiden voyage of the titanic and the captain is busy dancing to the spenders tune instead of seeing the disasters that are on the horizon - It's all hypothetical and again we seem to be in the same place as we were weeks ago - as another person posted you are losing higher level players by the week - if this isn't sorted soon - you won't have many left - I know it's easy to knock holes in things - but ignoring and pacifying without some substance just doesn't cut it in my book
  8. Mary Lou

    Mary Lou Member

    So I have noticed the nice July 4th celebration stuff, not gonna buy it! Hey Devs, remember me, the mob who bought every new thing that came along? You know what would have been nice? If you offered that stuff to the "old timers" only, you know the way you offered special stuff to the newbies. But you didn't think of that, did you?
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  9. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Just the fact that a new player who has spent mega bucks and has played less that 3 months can beat a high level, who has played for years,well that is twisted and sickening. Something is very wrong.
  10. Sandy Barrows

    Sandy Barrows Active Member

    I don't blame her for playing the game - but she does illustrate my point - that's not down to her as an individual - the system has allowed it - she is getting used as a scapegoat, that's wrong !
  11. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Honestly don't care who it is , or why , it should not be happening, just cause something can be done, does not make it right, that player is still responsible for their actions.
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  12. Rhenkle1

    Rhenkle1 Active Member

    I know kongregate and kp2 both have daily limits on how many gfps you can buy. Does server 1 not have that?
  13. Maybe then they would learn to appreciate the game as your loyal and dedicated player's had too. Kano has spoon fed the newbies do you really think some of them will have respect for the game like we do. But your loyal player's are playing less and less everyday because kano hasn't shown or proven anything to us. Talk is cheap. I think kano should do something special for the longest playing player's in the game just like you did for those who just started. Kano have you all lost respect for the game and the longest and most dedicated player's . if you make people work at leveling instead of handing it to them like we had to work hard to get where we are otherwise no one will respect the game as much as your most loyal player's if it wasn't for us longtime player's kano you wouldn't be where you are today. You have treated the ones who really got this game good for you all like we are a piece of $h-t and that's very unfair to us.
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  14. Friendly Fire

    Friendly Fire Well-Known Member

    I still don't know why Kano are making this so hard on themselves.

    One of the issues is that new players were offered enticements and weapons for coming to the game. Is it really rocket science to make the same offers to veteran players?


    Veterans bought loads of players to the game @Scoughman and we got absolutely nothing, if we had not bought these players to the game then there would simply be NO game. Without the veteran players making the game what it is then Kano staff may have currently been unemployed.

    How about also offering the veterans a back dated package of rewards for bringing players over? I know you are going to argue that you have no idea how many we bought over. Well it is simple the new players can send 25 invites. I know I bought at least that many over, but I am not even going to ask for 25 invites worth of rewards, how about meeting us half way at 12 lots of rewards, This would amount to 12*25 or 300 fp plus 12 free stamina boosts. The exact amount to give could be based upon gamer points e.g. 1 invites worth of rewards for every 2.5 million gamer points (roughly 20 weeks of play)

    Now I would ask what is so complex about any of this? New players will still have the chance to get the same rewards so it is not unfair at all. You just eliminate 12 of our invites and gives us the rewards that are otherwise impossible for us to earn as we have already bought all our friends over.

    The only problem with this idea is that @Scoughman and @mi7ch will not even bother reading it or even bother considering it even though they know everything I have said and stated is true as all Kano (the company, not individual staff) care about is the new players and their credit card numbers.
  15. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I have never heard that, a limit on how many you can buy a day?? Maybe on kong since it is a different Platform,?? not sure why on KP2 though. weird
  16. I agree 100% with you
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  17. jahrista

    jahrista Member

    8 Great items at a 86% discount!
    Offer includes: 2x Ultimater, 2x Ultimater Hoverpack, 2x Ultimater Kestrel, 10x Hired Mobsters, 150 Favor Points.
    Regular price $70 USD
    Now only $9.90 USD
    current deal for new players
  18. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Oh my, is this deal correct KANO?
  19. RafeDavid

    RafeDavid Well-Known Member

    I have to agree a sweet deal like that to those of us who have been playing for the past 2 or more years would be nice. I understand the desire to entice the new players to open their pocketbooks but don't make those of us who have supported the game for a long time now feel like suckers.
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  20. Sandy Barrows

    Sandy Barrows Active Member

    They are having a laugh again - talk about adding insult to injury :(
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