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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by stevebaby, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. stevebaby

    stevebaby New Member

    I have accepted,or had accepted, around 70 new members to my mob in the last week or so.
    Only 2 per day have actually been added.
    Why are the others not showing up in my mob?

    I also just sent out 7 invitations. Only one invitation was actually sent. The others have vanished from my friend list so I now can't invite them again.
    What's going on here?
  2. stevebaby

    stevebaby New Member

    My mob feed has just informed me that another 5 members have joined my mob, yet my mob size remains the same.
    What is going on here?
  3. Doc Morpheus

    Doc Morpheus Member

    There is a max of 500 members + hired mob at level 75. From there you can add 2 more members when you level up. The max is 1000 members + 1000 hired mob ;)
  4. stevebaby

    stevebaby New Member

    Thanks for the info.
    An unfortunate effect of this is that. as I have 663 members and countless others who I assumed had joined my fact aren't so when they come up on the fight list I've been assuming that they aren't my mob members! Now I'm getting indignant messages asking why I am attacking my own members on the fight list.
    With the number of members I already have, I can't keep track of them all, so all I can do to avoid attacking people who are queued up somewhere in cyberspace is avoid the fight list altogether.
  5. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    Steve, that has to be a glitch.
    You shouldn't be able to even see your own mob members on the fight list.
    Even if they are on your Rivals list and have joined recently, the Attack link should not show.

    Click your Mob Tab. This will show you any outstanding invites both from the recruit link and Facebook request page which you may think you have accepted/ignored.

    The only way you should be able to attack/punch your own mob members is from calls for help on your FB main feed.
  6. caern0120

    caern0120 New Member

    Hi. My name's Christine. I just joined so I'm not sure how this works. Are you guys talking about adding members to Mob Wars:LCN? If so, do u have advice for me on how to grow my mob faster? I've gone onto discussion forums and placed my name there but it seems like I only get maybe 1 or 2 every few days. I've only played Mob Wars:LCN for about 2 months and have 119 members. I could use any advice anybody could offer. If I'm writing in the wrong forum, I apologize and just let me know.
    Christine :)
  7. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    Hiya Christine,

    Welcome to the game.
    Adding members is not too easy and you have to treat it like a part of the game.
    Work at it. Be vigilant.
    Add everyone who has posted in the last 2 days on the add me threads.
    Stop when you get the FB message in PINK that you have added too many people
    Look at your mob feed and add the people who are attacking them.
    In case you don't know how
    Go to the person you wish to add's profile. There is a link under their stats.
    Copy the numbers only and add the numbers to the below XXXXXXX
    Replace the XXXXX's with the numbers at the end.
    This is all done in your address bar on your browser. Hit enter and it will take you to the person't profile if they are searchable.
    Remember to add a personal message - Mob Wars LCN works for most people.
    If you jump back onto FB, there are a lot of LCN add me groups.

    Just to name a few.

    After you have added and they have accepted, make sure you check your Invite screen under Mob and make sure you have everyone :)

    I hope this helps.
  8. stevebaby

    stevebaby New Member

    According to Doc Morpheus (and my recent experience bears this out), I can only get 2 new members when I level up. I have been getting 2 new members when I level up. I do vaguely recall reading that when I first joined so Doc is correct.
    The prpblem is, my mob feed tells me that I am getting my invitations accepted, but in fact, they aren't being added at all, except when I level up (when I get 2 new members).
    I've had 9 invitaions to join my mob accepted today, but I sure haven't got 9 new members.

    So I'm sending invtations, having them accepted (verified by mob feed), then they show up on the fight list and because I can't remember who all 667 members are, I've attacked.
    What it means is that I hardly ever attack anyone anymore, don't get experience to level up as quickly and only get 2 more members when I do.

    Thanks for the replies. I'll get to the bottom of it soon...maybe C&P the mob feed and the fight list and post it if I can.
  9. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    Hiya Steve,

    Look for 3 or 4 level partners (depending on your stamina)
    Even if they are already in your mob, you can remove them and fight. This will get you the levels faster and the mob members you desire.

    Maybe start an level partner's thread?
    I already started enough threads and have a lovely level partner. :)

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