Achievement just earned in original Mob Wars

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  1. Cold Blooded I
    Level : 1
    Kill 1 Rival Mobster
    Earned: 35 seconds ago

    Next achievement in progress
    Level 2 Requirements
    Cold Blooded II
    Kill 5 Rival Mobsters
    Achievement Progress: 20% Complete​

    I earned a skill point for killing a rival mobster, why wasn't this achievement carried over into La Cosa Nostra?

    Now i'm all for killing mobsters (slayers and rival clans too), and one could always use more skills.

    I was quite disappointed when i first played this Mob Wars, it has nothing on the Kano version. Kano sure know how to make a game good, almost everything about it is just right.
    (my mob being capped at 500 automatically upon opening the game was just "meh", why so few... )

    So back to the point.
    Why wasn't the achievement for killing rival mobsters carried over into LCN, i assume the game was based on this MW app, so why weren't the best achievements also carried over?

    Aren't there updated achievements in the works? Maybe a fresh one for all 4 apps could be for killing someone from your rivals list.
    Killing people that attack us should, imo, be one of our primary objectives. We should be rewarded for it.
  2. Busta

    Busta Member

    Yeah, Kills should be more than just a statistic
  3. its been suggested alot of times for battle kills to count for achievement

    i dont think it ever got replied to any of the times..............

    i sure would like seeing it though

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