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  1. If you are punched or listed by someone who is 450 levels higher then you:

    first, hope it is random! :D

    Second, don't punch or list back! :eek:

    Third, don't send me a note telling me how many families you belong to or how many high level players you know. You will not scare me, you will get bookmarked, you will wish you had taken your lumps and moved on! :mad:

    That is all, happy mobbing. ;)
  2. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    Well said Emily!

    I scan my Mob Feed for people listing/punching my mob members.
    I then list them.

    The only reason I do this is to increase my hitlist count in order to gain the next achievement.
    If you really are stupid enough to punch me back, you then end up on my Rival Mobs feed for 48 hours. I am one to use all the game's features to their full advantage.
    This game isn't about brute force. You need to put some thought into your actions.
    Your brain is your best weapon. Use it.
  3. scott t

    scott t New Member

    Thats the pot calling the kettle black!!!
  4. you the same Scott T that got himself on the target list for chaining?:D
  5. scott t

    scott t New Member

    is that for chaining everone or sicmo todeo,cause if its for sicmo todio after about 10 attacks he sent me a personal msg to my inbox trying to be tough threating me if i attack him again he will get his big bad family to drill me so i blocked him then listed him!but thats what it is all about.I would of left him if he did
    not sent the threat msg!!!still no hard felling my end.just more kills..
  6. That would be a yes.:D

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