A Clarification on Having Accounts on Both Kongregate and Armor Games

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    Alternate Account Clarification
    for Kongregate / Armor Games players

    Most of Kano/Apps games are designed to be social, multiplayer experiences, which means that players are rewarded in a variety of ways for playing with and against other people. Because of this, we generally request players to not create more than once account in the same game environment, as there is potential for these social aspects to be abused to gain an unfair advantage.

    This becomes trickier when the same game environment is accessible from multiple different social networks. Kongregate and Armor Games players both access the same instance of Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra, which we chose to do to increase the player base and give both communities of Mobsters more people to interact with. However this does mean that a person with an account on each network now has access to two characters in the same game.

    Now, we’re not going to tell players they can’t have profiles on different gaming sites, and we also can’t automatically prevent players from creating extra characters, but we do care about keeping the game fun and fair, so this is how we are approaching it. It is not against the rules to have an account on each social network; HOWEVER, (and this is a big however, so pay attention) we reserve the right to disable any character who appears to have been used to augment the play of another character owned by the same person.

    What is "augmenting play," you say? Why, I'm glad you asked! Simply put, it’s anything you do with one character that is helping another character you own. Setting Hitlists for each other, backing up each other in Fights, joining Mobs, joining the same Syndicate... the list of possible scenarios is pretty long, but I'm going to trust that you are a smart cookie (you're playing our games after all) and can figure it from there.

    So what does this mean for you? Well, to sum it up: Yes, you can create another character on another network; HOWEVER, if that second character is accessing the same game instance, you DO run the risk of it being disabled by a game administrators if they think it’s contributing to a situation that is unfair to other players.

    And to further clarify our position: our priority is that all players can play a fun and fair game on at least one character. If your second one is taken away, well that sucks, but you still have another one you can use and we’re not going to spend time arguing about it. At the end of the day we'd rather remove a second account that is raising red flags than keep it around, so please keep that in mind if you are considering investing time into another character.

    Also! If you find you just can’t get enough of the game and want to experiment with different characters and builds, there are two other instances of Mob Wars: LCN you can join on the Kano Play 2 and Facebook networks, plus our other three combat-oriented social MMOs, Viking Clan, Zombie Slayer and Pirate Clan.
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