[LCN] A Call to Action, Please help me understand

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Do I make a valid argument?

  1. Yes. Absolutely, I may even spend real money if I see less cheating

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  2. No. I love cheating. It's the only way to get ahead in life.

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  3. No. I cheat all the time in this game, Kano please ban me.

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  1. Big Vinny

    Big Vinny New Member

    I am not condoning nor supporting a full out boycott of this game. I would just like to understand what is going on regarding individuals that seem to be cheating. Of course I am not talking the bending of the rules, you know what I am talking about. For example in Canada the highway speed limit is 100 Km, but there is no way that a cop would stop you going 120 Km on the 401 Hwy in Toronto. However if there is blatant disregard for safety and you drive 150 Km you WILL get stopped. The same happens with Kano regarding the bending of the rules. Sure some things slide which is understandable, however, blatant disregard should be acted upon. Perhaps someone could explain to me how an individual can get over 200,000 points in Syndicate Wars. Luck? Scouts? Alternate Accounts? Alternate Syndicates? Or is it completely legit? I really would like to know. Oh and I love polls so I set one up for a bit of feedback
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