4 attacks,1 punches,108 ambushes,22 rigged ignitions in 1 minute

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by stevebaby, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. stevebaby

    stevebaby New Member

    4 attacks,1 punches,108 ambushes,22 rigged ignitions in 1 minute

    How does someone set up 108 ambushes and 22 rigged ignitions in ONE MINUTE?
  2. the game is flawed with that.i think its been mentioned before.

    its not all in ONE MINUTE.thats just the game not properly keeping track.
  3. stevebaby

    stevebaby New Member

    He set them up faster than I could hit the attack button. I was hitting the attack button about every second.
  4. you can have multiple ambushes set up on someone, and set up more as they are being used. it's costly but possible.
  5. posterisdead

    posterisdead New Member

    thanks for the level up!!

    Their Attacks: 203 Fights, 1 Punches, 3 Hitlists, 0 Successful Ambushes, 2 Successful Rigged Igns.

    Your Attacks: 5 Fights, 1 Punches, 4 Hitlists, 176 Successful Ambushes, 24 Successful Rigged Igns.

    Your attack counts will reset when there are no fights, punches, hitlists for 24 hours since last attack against this opponent, this excludes successful Ambushes and Rigged Igns.

    Attack counts will reset 24 hours since last attack, pending no attacks happen
  6. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member


    well steve, it looks like they whooped ya...LoL
  7. stevebaby

    stevebaby New Member

    Yes,I had my arse whopped well and truely,but it was fun!
  8. Ace

    Ace Member

    If the person has a fast net and fast fingers, the ambushes can be set up to a bit slower than you attack, and that difference is settled each time you need to heal (if your rival's health is high, that's every 3 attacks)

    My guess would be that you picked on a good player, had a bad time myself with one guy once too (not so many bushes, but 32 ignitions!) :D

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