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  1. MOJO1916

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    have no problem playing..a straight fight what i have a problem with is those running 2nd and third accounts...levels 51 - 98 no friends..no mob..no mob contracts ..crap armour and apparently 22 billion in the bank..now we can all buy the cash...but its cowards play..
    I post it on my feed with their link..... and suddenly they are gone offline..in fairness since i did that..they haven't played since...surely multipal accounts can be found ??
  2. The Ice Queen

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    If you suspect someone is using multiple accounts, report each account using the in-game link.
    Remember to offer proof eg: same name, birthdate, profile pictures etc and FB account links.
    Also send this information to FB as multiple personal accounts are against the TOS.

    I remember one player had the same FB status on each of his accounts.
    I may be Blonde, but I am not stupid :)
  3. MOJO1916

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    hanks..i did..they are offline..and FB is looking into the others..
  4. Kel the Merciful King

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    Is there a good link or contact to FB for this? Thanks in advance.

    BNPLAYN Member

    Well this is disturbing. How do you people know if it's 1 person or a family? I don't let my kid's socialize with others on myspace. But I do let them play the game. My wife don't like myspace, But she loves to play the game. All on different computers, But in the same house.And with the same IP ADD. And all with similar names. I set up their accounts with no info for a reason. They only want to play games. So your telling me if some nub starts crying because my son kills him and then he see's my wife's account then finds my account. You people are going to wipe our accounts. Why do we play this game then? Yes I am on the Hit list top 30. I also am on the top wealthiness AKA most in the bank list. I would love to see how you determine the facts before you decided this judgment.

    O by the way I know for a fact if you do this rule about 99% of they entire top list would be gone. because I have most of them in my mob and they tell me to add their account so I don't kill them.
  6. Vampryss

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    I don't think there really is a simple answer to this issue.. hopefully people are turning in others because it's legitimate & not personal.. it is just a game..

  7. The Ice Queen

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    BN.... If you notice, I said show proof...
    I ahve caught 2 players... same profile picture, birthday and name.
    One even had the same status message on both accounts.. something about a nude beach.
    Yes, some things can be put down to family and coincidence... but others... well it's blatantly obvious.
    There is no cure for stupidity :D
  8. well that's the best advice i got and i believe myspace also has access to fare more information for determining if an account is fake or a duplicate


    BNPLAYN Member

    Originally Posted by Kendall View Post

    Yes multiple accounts are against our TOS but also against Facebooks.

    If you have suspicion of multiple accounts users feel free to Report it to Facebook as well as they will take action on accounts that look to be fake/duplicates. Facebook has access to fare more information for determining if an account is fake or a duplicate. We can only take action on those that are obviously fake.

    - Eric.

    Well it dose no good to report it since you don't do anything anyways. Someone has been reported everyone knows they have multiple accounts. And he even has his face on 2 of the accounts. yet you have done nothing.

    Why tell people to report it?
  10. bumpy955

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    reporting these account is a waste of time kano nor facebook want to know.... we know who have got multiple accounts and use them either to bully mobsters or to use them to level this is cheating.... kano do something about it
  11. Julie Detroit

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    Is there a difference between Facebook and Myspace Kano Apps? I have always been a Myspace person because of the apps, If my friends want to contact me they can email me, lol.


    (I ask because I want to know if I am missing anything?)

    BNPLAYN Member

    Not just facebook / myspace too.

    Given them their myspace home page with their same name & self pic.Yet they don't do anything about it. Hell maybe my wife and kids and I should start making multiple accounts. It's only fair. Since I know I am safe. Since this rule is a joke due to the fact KANO has the prof in there hands and do absolutely NOTHING!!!

  13. Anouska

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    Finding out who is attacking you?

    How do you find out via facebook who is attacking you when you have their ID.

    Help would be appreciated here thanks
  14. The Ice Queen

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    The Numbers at the end of your Mob Wars link, found under your stats on all players profile page, are a person's Facebook ID.

    For example:
    Is my Mob Wars link

    Is my Facebook Link.

    So you can copy the numbers from Mob Wars and add to the end on the FB ID link and voila!

    Please remember though, when sending any messages outside of the game, to be polite and understanding.
    A misconstrued message can result in your account being reported and possibly closed by Facebook.

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