2 New Bosses Released!

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    A gargantuan menace haunts the dense jungles of Thailand. Once docile and tame, this gentle giant has become an undead titan, trampling, goring and crushing anyone unlucky enough to get in its way. How can you slay a giant that feels no pain, and knows only rage and bloodlust? Could this be the end?

    wall_feed_coop_boss_20a.jpg wall_feed_coop_boss_20b.jpg

    Prepare to enter the ring with the Luchidor! If death made him a little less flexible, it made up for it in pain tolerance and all-around meanness. Now he's suplexing, body slamming and eye-gouging Mexico into submission! It's going to take more than a TKO to make this guy throw in the towel. Two will enter the ring, but only one will leave...

    wall_feed_single_boss_19a.jpg wall_feed_single_boss_19b.jpg wall_feed_single_boss_19c.jpg

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