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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Gaz Drew, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Gaz Drew

    Gaz Drew New Member

    Get 15 Favor Points for free or 25 Favor Points for $1

    You can get 15 Favor Points ($3 value) for FREE by adding a payment method to your Facebook account, or pay $1 to get 25 Favor Points ($5 value). This is a limited time offer.

    So why do you need my card details????
  2. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    Who are you asking? this is not a Kano offer and IMO I would not do it anyway,sounds a bit bogus to me,having never anything like this,but have been seeing alot of FB hacking go on,asking for info that FB the real FB does not ask for.
  3. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    This is not a bogus offer and Kano is not collecting your credit card info, Facebook is. If you are eligible for this offer then you have likely seen Facebook's own at the top of your browser for 15 FPs for free or 25 FPs for $1. These are exactly the same thing and are a promotion Facebook is currently running.
  4. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    Well glad this is not bogus :) as I have seen alot of people getting messages , as I have , from hackers claiming they are fb and asking for info. lately.
  5. alka

    alka Banned

    Hi, Gaz, long time, hope yer well.

    If I buy credits they go through Paypal.
  6. Gaz Drew

    Gaz Drew New Member

    im good martyn thanks. i see you are still going strong. it just seems abit strange they are asking for card details when it says free favor points
  7. Facebook do this all the time, the 15 favor points aren't really free, although they may not charge you for them, it gets you to add a payment method in the hope you will buy more in the future, so it's kind of their 'Hook' Having said that I did it and got 15 fp's for free, so I can't complain, I just removed my details straight after :)
  8. Gaz Drew

    Gaz Drew New Member

    im no spring chicken when when it comes to mob wars or lcn. i would never buy points anyway the is easy ways of gettin them free as the older players know. hows you dylan? sbi still going strong i guess. say hi to craig
  9. Hey mate didn't even notice that was you, i'm not too bad hows yourself? Craig doesn't really play much these days, yeah SBI is still around, I'm not in the syndicate anymore but I pop my head in every now and then, always have their back :)
  10. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    i saw the offer on my mob wars home page it was under my stats which made me think it was a kano add
    i deleted it anyone

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