120 point damage difference in combat despite 112 hired guns & 15 GF items?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by James The App Guy, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. 2 DAYS AGO:
    Was attacked by <NAME REMOVED> with a Fight Boost of 5%. I lost the Fight losing $500,000, dealt 1120 damage, & my opponent did just over 1300 damage.

    You were attacked by <NAME REMOVED> with a Fight Boost of 5%. You lost the Fight losing $500,000. You dealt 1240 damage and took 1398 damage.

    In between these large number of attacks (over 30 each time), I purchased: 112 Hired Guns; increased my defense by 15 points; & purchased a large number of GF items (these are the better of the ones picked up or came in crates (only purchased Gold 3 packs) 2x Electobolt Rifles ATT 265 DEF 204, 2x Italian Sportscar ATT 286 DEF 286, Targeting Specs ATT 260 DEF 146, 3x Nuclear Shield Suit ATT 174 DEF 397, 1x Fireshield ATT 231 DEF 235, 2x Phoenix ATT 237 DEF 229, 1x El Camino ATT 250 DEF 105, 1x Pyro Shotgun ATT 323 DEF248, 1x Shadow Whisper ATT 255 DEF 130, 2x Carbon Katana ATT 310 DEF 140).

    My opponent only leveled 2 times to my 3, so at most could put 10 points in to his attack skill.

    How is it our combat values didn't have a significant change despite the MASSIVE increases in my Defense & Attack values due to the GodFather items alone??

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