100 FPs Character : Thoughts? Yes/No

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    The Level 100 Characters don't SEEM to be that amazing - just a little timing boosts. But I feel like that's only worth while if you are on every second and are literally watching the countdowns. When I get stuck halfway to the next level and Im out of boosts/stuff to get xp, I walk away for awhile. Is the timing really that helpful?


    From achievements, I've gotten -2 seconds to stamina. If I get the character with faster stam time, does it auto go to that character's time, or will it be that character's time - 2 seconds?


    I recognize it comes with three pieces of equipt, but at 100/3 (33 a piece) I think I can get MUCH better equipment for 17-30.

    So... is it worth it to get the 100 fps character?

    -Thanks in advance for your thoughts/opinions/ideas :]

    [[ I'm currently Tycoon and receiving cash boost - and Considering Kingpin for Energy and Cash ]]
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    Can you define :serious play: ?
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    LOL serious play= daily, obsessed and addicted player :p For me in PC buying that character for 100 FP's sometime ago was a good move ,just upgraded to the 175FP character, Plus she is real pretty lol
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    lol. I'm a fairly slow leveler, even though I think I am very active.

    I tried to work out some of the math

    As a tycoon,

    I currently get 13.3 energy/hour. With the energy time lowered, it goes to 18 per hour

    I currently get 31.5789 stam/hour. With the stam time lowered, it goes to 33.3333 per hour

    The difference is essentially 4.7 energy vs 1.8 stam per hour.

    Is that even worth anything?

    And, let's say it is. Which is better? I always felt like energy is better. But I know that 1 stam can get me 80xp in a fight, where as 4 energy can get me to mug a guy in New York 4 times for 4xp (har har) or maybe just save up faster for better jobs. A typical low cost job (one Ive done a lot lately) is 28 energy cost. I need to wait 5.957 hours to be able to do the job 1 extra time with the new energy savings. And, I'd get about 80 xp. Well, 80xp once vs 80xp 5 (almost 6) times is definitely weighted toward Stamina being a more XP-efficient answer.

    And, I don't think I want the Stam/Energy character because I am currently at Income every 48 minutes, and would rather see that go to 40 mins than 60.

    The gear on the characters is certainly a bust. I'd Never buy anything that terrible, so I pretty much have to look at this as a purchase for the character, not the equip.

    More Thoughts? Ideas? Which character do you think is better/ how come?

    Still stuck :/

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