WTF happened to Boss fights???

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Susan Patrick, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Susan Patrick

    Susan Patrick Member

    WTF happened to Boss fights???

    I get fed bosses (that are to big for some to bother doing) & feed bosses that I don't want to others ... why are we being forced to waste stam on our bosses that we don't want, just to get them finished??? Surely there should be an opt in/out option instead of forcing it on us all ... we already have a limit set doofter ... if folk are too friggin stupid to set it before requesting help .. tough ... don't penalise us for others ineptness. When will Kano learn to ask if the majority want change before pandering to the few on the forum!!

    (Copied from Strike)
  2. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    This was something that was asked for in the forum idea boards and we agreed, currently max dmg by helper is set so that 1 helper cannot do 100% of the damage, dmg required by the owner is that of minimum reward I think when there is just 1 helper. Why should a boss owner get awarded a boss kill if they can do 0-dmg on their boss?

    TGIF post announcing change complete:!

    TGIF post announcing upcoming change:!
  3. Susan Patrick

    Susan Patrick Member

    Ahhhh so its our fault these changes take place, because we don't want to go off-site to particiate on the boards ... good to know :/

    can't help but wonder who cares about the "Boss Kill" stat?? You get nothing for it. Bosses given away are usually old stam guzzlers, who's drops arent worth collecting anymore, important bosses are treated with more care & diligence .. if players arent protecting there bosses thats nobodies fault but there own, Kano already provided a tool to do so.

    As for trying to force people to use this forum ... ptfff don't get me started. We play & spend our money via Facebook, we should be heard on facebook too!!! Out of interest how many voted/asked for this change before it was implemented?? was a signification proportion of the LCN community represented!!!
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  4. Órla Ní Ailín

    Órla Ní Ailín New Member

    Some people have a stupid amount of stamina and level off the reject bosses. If I open a boss for a friend so they can burn some stamina on it, why do I then need to attack that boss before it dies?? Like Susan say if people are too stupid to use the tools already provided why should we have to suffer for it. And if it is just a question of the boss kill stat, then just don't award me the kill, I'm sure I won't lose any sleep over it!
  5. Susan Patrick

    Susan Patrick Member

    while I think about it ... for 2 years we've asked (as in 'WE' a significant part of the community) for changes such as stam refill on levelling, changes to hit list etc. (full list can be found on Strike) Which were poohoo'd or ignored or promised then poorly implemented, yet you do all these pointless annoying changes to appease the minority ... doesn't seem right to me
  6. BSaintD

    BSaintD New Member

    "Why should a boss owner get awarded a boss kill if they can do 0-dmg on their boss?" Not that it matters a lot to me (unless Scott starts getting too close for comfort :p) but just the fact that a boss is 'offered up' should allow a player to have the boss kill... Yeah, I sort of pay attention to that stat, but I'm in the minority, I know, but... I'm also #1, like it matters one iota :rolleyes:
  7. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    Bosses were a good way of gaining xp as most use certain bosses for the higher xp given
    But the drops on some are good but these ones are protected as players share them amongst themselves
    My problem with the bosses is they waste alot of stam to complete and not many do more than the minimum to get the drop
    So you are left with killing it off or loosing the boss and drops which everyone looses as well
    Bosses some like em some don't
    The thing is what's the best way forward

    As for the forum I think players should come here to comment or post
    It was easier on FB with the LCN page but that's gone
  8. Susan Patrick

    Susan Patrick Member


    We know how the bosses work & how they are used ... sorry but you don't get to my level without figuring that out!!!

    But Kano shouldn't bring out a blanket changes that hinders us all because a few haven't figured out how to protect their bosses.

    The FB Discussion Boards weren't moderated so weren't great, too many trolls taking the topics off subject, but there are FB LCN groups which are moderated that have Kano as members .. Strike ( for example has nearly 200 of LCN's top players as members. Kano post links to this forum there on a regular basis (which are usual ignored as is the case in off-site links), surely its just as easy for Kano to copy & paste new post directly there as it is to post a link .... more likely to get a wider response also as we're notified by FB on new posts.
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  9. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    No it is not your fault, but this is the place that any player is welcome to come to, participate in ideas, moan and complain, give us thumbs up, learn about upcoming changes, give feedback and read a re-cap on previous week.

    We are a small indie team as shown in one of the past calendars (minus Cara and the fellow taking the picture), we need to be smarter with how we communicate with the players. KANO/APPS is perceived by some as "working behind closed doors" and not being transparent, that has never been our intent or else we wouldn't have invested so much time trying to communicate with players, personally I have invested ALOT of time talking with players but have learned that in order to reach everyone and not just select groups we have to start communicating regularly in one single place instead of all over the place.

    We are and will continue to invest more in communicating with players, bringing Mark Sears on as community manager was a good first step, we are already seeing better communication on behalf of KANO/APPS through this channel.

    The strike group is a perfect example, we invested hours addressing issues brought up in that group and making changes that impacted the game without giving opportunity for everyone that plays the game a chance to see the idea and comment.

    I highly encourage you to bring some of the top ideas from the group and submit them to the ideas:
  10. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    As for this change, allowing 1-helper to do 100% damage on a boss brought on potential issues such as:

    • use of alts to farm bosses
    • players being rewarded for boss achievements without doing any damage, allowing them to not have to be strong at bosses but being rewarded for it
  11. Susan Patrick

    Susan Patrick Member

    Hmmmm come on, how olds LCN now?? I've been playing for 824 days and only now Kano is seeing "Potential Issues" regarding Boss abuse :/

    How about freezing suspecting Alt accounts and make these people prove who they are like FB does when they suspect account .. email including IP address, a photo ID & proof of address ... simple! Punish the cheats instead of hindering & restricting honest players game play .

    As for Boss Achievements they stop after you reach level 50 .. so restrict below that level if absolutely necessary, though by the time those levels are reached most normal folk are throwing them away without limits being set .. after that lower bosses (Miami down) are left for weeks undone unless asked for. Wont be long until folk don't bother starting bosses for anybody :/
  12. Please don't. I have over 1,000 friends that I added for this game. Do you know how frustrating it is to verify your account by guessing who your friend is based on their profile pictures?
  13. Susan Patrick

    Susan Patrick Member

    unless your a suspected cheat, why would this effect you??

    Anyway I cant see the verification your think about would work in this case :/ I would suspect that cheats would use different browsers or computers at same location so could easily pass a picture verification test ... thats why I suggested a more concrete form of proof being required before account is unfrozen.
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  14. Just because you're suspected doesn't make it true, now does it?

    Take a look at all the Zombie Slayer players who are called cheaters and bot users for riding the hitlist. Players suspect they're cheating, but they aren't.

    Besides, if I understand correctly, Facebook will lock out your account for simply sending a friend request to someone who plays the same game. If that person reports you. Could you not see how this could be abused?

    "Man, I don't like Susan. I think I'm gonna report her to Facebook."
  15. Susan Patrick

    Susan Patrick Member

    yeah .. I somewhat agree with you. Proves how ridiculous it is that Kano has changed the working of Boss fights because a few players suggested that it might be abused by alts!! We honest FB LCN players are being penalised for something that may or may not be happening.
  16. wsmdel

    wsmdel Member

    wouldnt it be better to spend more time removing alts than changing the way bosses are ?
  17. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    also yes 200 top players in strike and lcn thread and arena
    but there's more than 200 playing the game
    so the forum is for everyone
    although alot of posts are posted in these fb groups to try and bring info for those who dont come to forum
    i like the groups too and will still post and use them for good advice but they they dont reflect the entire playing population
    and its easy to come to the forum its just a click away
    ps Susan

    We know how the bosses work & how they are used ... sorry but you don't get to my level without figuring that out!!!

    my comment was Generalization on the boss subject as many new players not as experienced as some
    and was not meant as a trying to preach as u know i know you a high player that has much experience
  18. Isn't bosses set up so that all you would need to do is let one more helper come hit the thing a couple times or just hit the minimum then let someone else have all the rest? If you don't have the little stam needed to hit the bare minimum then couldn't you just be kind and let one more person in to hit it a few times? Am I missing something here?
  19. It isn't as easy as you think it is to find and prove that the player in question is an alt. At least, I would imagine it's more difficult than saying "He doesn't have a picture, therefore he must be an alt!"

    You don't have to do the minimum on your own boss if you have more than one person helping on it. If you start a boss battle and feed it directly to one other player, then yeah. You'll have to do some damage on it.

    It's really not that big of a deal unless you're a player that relies on other people feeding you their bosses and screwing everyone else out of the game.

    Isn't this what a mini account does anyway? Level up enough to get the bosses open, then feed it to their main accounts?
  20. Set aside any thoughts on cheating for a moment. It really wouldn't hurt to let just one more person in on your boss. Surly we all have more than just one friend in the game.
    You are not being forced to waste stam. All you have to do is let one more person in on that boss to hit the minimum for you. Is it that bad to let one more person have the drops and hit your boss a few times? Surly the person you are feeding your bosses to wouldn't miss that little bit.
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