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    There are many ways to avoid getting killed many times.

    The first and easiest one: Learn from them and hide like a mole once they kill you once. Unless you got too much stamina to burn, you can always burn it later. They'll very likely forget about you unless you're one of they daily targets, and if they don't, they can't kill you if you're dead, can they?

    The next option: Make sure your bounty cost's high, set booby traps on all those who list you. They won't be able to afford you many times, or at least they shouldn't do it unless you REALLY piss them off first.

    The last option: Spend real cash, get 5000 levels out of nowhere and kick their asses like there's no tomorrow.
  2. But be sure to kill a bunch of people for every time you are killed.

    Come to think of it this should be a percentage ratio on our profile, but that's another story.
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    What for? If you're so obsessive you can always use a calc :D
  4. and sell off ALL unnecessary items. Upkeep in ZS is a killer especially cause income is capped. I wonder if you just left your old outbreak prerequisite items in your inventory or have a ton of vehicles you are fielding in battle. (vehicles = best purchase of UN items since decent upkeep free weapons and gear can be obtained from bosses)
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    I think its sad the tactics VIP like to use. If you are in their range they will stalk you nearly all day long attempting to kill you soon as you heal. I've had a few squad members just stop playing as they got tired of being stalked for weeks.
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    Ooh....its a KILLING GAME..... no carrots to grow here ??
    Its called "Zombie SLAYER" (although technically, for me at least, it should be called "Zombie Slayer Killer" hahaha) not Cute Zombie Farmer ??

    You can help on 50 challenges then, regain your lost exp??
    *whispers* Killing game......

    This comment in particular is offensive.
    At our level, there are very few people to fight, so yes... if I can beat you...I take my 40 attacks with pleasure, thankyou very much. If I can't beat you, I usually leave well alone...

    Word of advice... if you don't want to be attacked so much, build your defense??

    I shall continue to test your defenses on a daily basis, just to see if you have taken my advice.

    I think there should be a "How to build your Character" FAQ somewhere....so people get advice on how to play if they just want to do outbreaks and bosses.
    The amount of complaining about dying...IN A KILLING GAME...is getting beyond a joke :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    The amount of complaining about dying...IN A KILLING GAME...is getting beyond a joke

    u know i have to agree with u on this,and its something i have agreed with since i first started this game.anyways there r more then one way of defending ur self in this game.

    not sure if ive posted this in a while but Death Count: 2,522 this is my death count and i level just fine. dont take many dd to make up any deaths, and now outbreak help hell a death doesn't even hurt anymore.
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    I'm pretty sure many posts regarding "how do I build my slayer" have been around... Though the advice isn't always brilliant.
  9. how many times do I have to repeat myself? Seriously?? This thread is still up??

    IF somebody is a "Bully" then TOUGHEN UP!! Boohoohoo they used their Credit Card, they have more money than you.... LIFE'S NOT FAIR GET OVER IT! Spending money doesn't make somebody unbeatable. Farm some UN off the deals, it can be done quite easily if you actually look a them and do some slight thinking.

    in ZS I never had any "Bully" problems but in VC I've had a certain guild hot for my junk ever since I was level 300.... guess what.... I got bigger, and beat the crap out of their members one by one, their members that used to "Bully" me as you'd say, got their butts handed to them and found they only had two choices, ambush and hide, from somebody 400-600 levels lower than them.


    Most high level players on ZS start drama for entertainment purposes only. Some don't even realize they start the drama. but you try playing when anyone you can't beat is in your squad, and everyone else is hiding anytime you're online. OR you flat can't attack anyone cause they are all too low level. You'd find people to pick on, JUST for some interaction. I know I would, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.


    how many times does this need to be said. Boohoohoo Whaaaa Whaaaaa somebody beats me.... I'm going to call it bullying and maybe the Devs will be scared into doing something about it! You don't like it, quit playing. You want it to stop, then get stronger, or stop playing.... either way, certainly stop crying about it.
  10. whine complain SAVE ME FROM MYSELF
  11. yeah pretty much lol
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    D I L L I G A F
    Level 2155
    40 attacks,4 punches in 13 hours

    highest level in the fucking game but you don't hear me bitching, i heal as he attacks so he doesn't kill me and continue to punch him. o and btw those 40 attacks were in 2 minutes but the punches came within the 13 hours
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    Come play on MySpace maybe I'll add you there lol

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