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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mistic88, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. mistic88

    mistic88 New Member

    i am level 572 and twice a day i get hit for 1,900 exp so i lose 3,800 exp every day thats not including all the little hits, whats the point of playing. Cant get any where and cant get anyone decent in my squad. let alone post in the add me forum it wont let me.
  2. far as the add me part

    try now

    if it still dont let ya

    then try adding your link to your signature

    if that dont work then post in the add me section

    and space the url a little

    there was a massive spam attack before

    so now you need a few posts before you can post a actual link

    now to the other part of your post

    try changing your style of play

    if ya cant get squad then build energy

    i know at least one member will swear by energy build

    make sure your properties are upgraded

    try upgrading the lower properties with game cash

    higher up properties use UN to upgrade them quickly

    higher income=higher hitlist=less likely to get bountied

    also make sure you dont have unneeded upkeep
  3. mistic88

    mistic88 New Member

    thanks for the help but wont making more exp just make it to where they can take more from me?
  4. im the beast

    im the beast Member

    Death Count: 2,444 thats mine and i still level just fine level 773 yes its hard to level from time to time but it can be done. look figthing is the best payout for exp, but energy is pretty good once u get to the bigger outbreak but figthing is better way better. and go hit a few bosses to see which ones give u the best exp go to the un wall get some free ones and fast level with bosses but be picky which ones ur hitting as diff ones will give diff payouts, and try to figth like hell, and ur level. goodluck
  5. Jailbait

    Jailbait Member

    im not even a level 400 and i get hitlisted atleast 4 times daily excluding weekends when im not on as often, but i lose more than you do and thats worse for my low level character you just have to play better and not take their shit
  6. exp loss is based off your lvl not how much exp you have

    just toughen up and make yourself to expensive ta list
  7. Ace

    Ace Member

    The only point of playing is to have fun.

    If you're willing to level up and have fun by seeing your character progress, then you should try raising mostly Energy and Stamina so you can do many outbreaks and bosses to level up quick.

    In order to avoid deaths, the key is the hitlist cost. I don't know how much you're worth, but at your level you should be having a base cost rounding 1 billion. If it's a little lower, then it's fine, if the difference's too big, have a look on what properties are you missing or have poorly upgraded.

    Also sell unnecessary items to make yourself more expensive.

    SHO KOSUGI Member

    Try to send ingame add me msg. browse through slayer's squad contract, you might get some request later. I did this until I got that 37mins timeout lol
  9. if 2 deaths stops you from levelling then you hav some horribly assigned stats
  10. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    Agreed! I've been up on hitlist 12 times (so far lol) today, I'm still set to level once or twice.

    Stuck for xp? go challenge/job help hunting or tap into coop bosses for the bonus xp.
    Stuck for squad? Post on world boss (hi5 & fb only) or countdown calendar (fb only) feeds
  11. Jessica

    Jessica Member

    Your looking for high stat people for your squad? You can add me if you want I'll probaly make it to your ts if your lacking defense at least. :p I have 1000ish att and 2800+ def.
  12. mistic88

    mistic88 New Member

    on my profile it says

    Hitlist 255,187,149

    Fights Won: 4,111
    Fights Lost: 2,164
    Fight Kills: 19
    Death Count: 150

    I sold off all the extra stuff but no one has really said HOW
    to make my hit list higher priced?

    is it wise or unwise to tell you all my stats?

    let me know please
  13. actually we DID say how to raise your cost

    upgrade your properties
  14. Jailbait

    Jailbait Member

    your enemies will attack you regaurdless so if you want to tell us your stats go for it hell i even told mama and pog my stats and which times im usually online and offline so they could kill me effectively lmao but yeah point of the game is to sit back have fun kill everybody or level as you wish. its your choice if you want to raise your hitlist buy and upgrade all properties possible your income per hour directly affects your hitlist cost i would suggest going to the most expensive properties and using your UN to raise them to level 4 then your cash to upgrade what you can from there
  15. ^^ what he said...

    BUT i would think you were better off only using UN on the lvl 3-4 upgrade, as 1-2 and 2-3 don't take that long and can easily be done normally.

    And i personally don't see the point in using UN until you're around China or India, and for me i'm not spending any UN on props until atleast Australia. I'm a patient person, and i prefer UN lewts especially now that they've broken 100 for a lvl 4.
  16. Jailbait

    Jailbait Member

    im not using UN till i actually need it but right now i need to for top squad boosters everyone i attack has a 15% defense boost now
  17. Ace

    Ace Member

    Your hitlist cost's too low for your level.

    Two things affect your cost: Property Income and Inventory Upkeep.

    The base cost's somewhere around 15 * your "Income per Hour", which is equal to Property Income minus Inventory Upkeep.

    At your level, you should have purchased all properties from United States up to the second from Egypt, and have most properties at level 4, maybe exceptions.

    In case you don't, focus on buying all of them first. Egypt Properties have an income of 5,500,000; 6,000,000 and 6,500,000 at level 1, meaning that just buying the three of those should give you 18,000,000 of income, which is sort of similar to your hitlist cost, assuming you don't have any kind of upkeep... So you're very likely missing a lot of properties.

    At your level your bounty cost should be exceeding 1 billion.
  18. Pulveriser

    Pulveriser New Member

    Ive been doing the same as jailbait to get my Hitlist price up, Buying a property and using 5 UN to upgrade to leve 2 although Ive only been doing that since China. I just looked through all my properties and realised i dont have 1 at level 4 so thats something else for me to work on lol
  19. icedfate

    icedfate Member

    just saying..if you are attacking lots and lots of people and attacking multiple times and killing them and punching them while they are in the hospital, you are going to p1ss off lots of people and they will hitlist you.

    maybe try keeping a lower profile, spend your stamina on bosses, you level slower but you wont get hitlisted as often.

    also make sure you keep up on your property upgrades, it makes your htlist cost go up, and being hitlsted multiple times makes your cost go up too
  20. sspunk

    sspunk New Member

    Tired also

    HOW. VIP has killed me 5 times today as it is and I lose 4,750 xp EACH time.

    I will sit at your feet and gather your wisdom. lol

    I AM getting tired of it all and I am level 980.

    I have a choice of spending $$$$ to power up or just plain quitting period.
    It just gets tiring being the brunt of a bullies affection.
    If I didn't know better, I'd think she was in love with me, the way she keeps giving me all these love taps

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