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    Property Selling
    Property selling! We had planned to re-introduce property selling this week but we have learned our lesson to no longer push code at the end of the week! Also the plague seemed to hit the Kano office this week so we were down a couple team members this week. It is no secret, currently a users income is related to a users hitlist cost, when a user sells off all their property their hitlist price drops drastically setting that player up to be over hitlisted as was the case +1-week ago when it happened in one of our games that brought out some issues with our automation detection system. We have listened to the players with respect to wanting/needing the ability to sell off property to achieve certain achievements/goals in game, use it as an alternative to banking, sell off to raise cash while at war etc and those issues we plan to address immediately next week. We are looking to re-introduce property selling next week in a way that will allow players a way to continue to achieve those goals while playing the game allowing them to access those funds, through stats collected selling of property accounts for less than 0.01% of the actions in game.

    One of the comments from a player was that sell-offs are sometimes the most exciting part of the game, we would like to take that on as a challenge to create a similar aspect into a re-occurring event that is supported by the game but need your help with possible suggestions. We
    recently added a "KANO Bounty Boss" to the ideas board. So please hit the ideas board with suggestions on features that could replicate the same kind of excitement created by a sell-off that does not have the same disruptive characteristics.

    Additions this week:
    • Downtime Appreciation Item: a token of our appreciation to players for our recent outages
    • Lottery: OK button removed from free ticket message. (issue brought up in forum).
    • Boosts buttons have switched places to minimize mis-clicks (issue brought up in forum).

    Boss improvements released:
    • Helper max damage on bosses is now persistent between bosses, no more resetting boss helper max damage on every new boss.
    • Helper max damage settings is now stored in persistent storage, if a cache server fails users helper max dmg will no longer reset to max.
    • Suicide by boss is no longer possible, minimum health you can take yourself to is 1-health.
    • Max dmg a helper can do has been adjusted to no longer allow a helper to do 100% dmg and a owner to do 0%.

    hi5 Player transfers on-going
    Misc behind the scenes database optimizations

    Updates planned but not necessarily scheduled for next week:

    Stamina / Energy Refills (carried over from last week)
    • From Ideas Forum! Players have requested that stamina refills add their max stamina to current amount, so for example if you had 500 as your current max Stamina a Stamina Refill would give you +500 stamina no matter what your current stamina is, and guess what we agree!

    Property Selling (carried over from last week)

    Rival list updates:
    • We will have to reset rivals next week to move to persistent storage (no longer losing rivals with cache server failures)
    • Paginated list view.
    • Sticky rivals (floats selected rivals to top of list).
    • Rival Icon (skull icon) will show count of new rivals.
    • Hide rival from list option.
    • Better more accurate check if can attack.
    • Additional information of attacks against and from each target, level, clan size.
    • Who attacked first.
    St. Patty's Day Calendar starts Friday March 16 @ 12pm PST and runs for 72hrs.
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    sounds good !:)
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    "We recently added a "KANO Bounty Boss" to the ideas board"

    I cant find that in the ideas section, can someone post a link?

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