what is a bully in a fighting game?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by The Protector, Apr 22, 2013.

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    NO such thing is bullying 'in game' outside rumors bs is part of the game as well don't like it? farmville is hiring STFU!
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    Perfect, from Linda I get a response of gibberish that makes absolutely no sense, has nothing to do with what I posted. Now the Protector weighs in with an obvious statement about battle games. I will correct my last post to Linda, little to no response. Apparently none of you have picked up a dictionary as I suggested. I do enjoy the fact that your responses to my post are awkward or weak, I am also disappointed I expected better rhetoric. It is what it is, literally. I'm out, enjoy, battle on!
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    Since I am not allowed to give my opinion I will use the words of another member here "farmville is hiring STFU!" There is no bullying in a fighting game . Period end of sentence :p

    IN the game means on the battle field. Not what goes on in world chat, your little armada feeds, your little chat/fb/myspace groups . If someone tells others not to be clan with someone they have that right if the sheeple follow their demands, did ya really want to know those sheeple in the first place, It is a game for goodness sakes. When you turn off your computer you are alive and go on about your day.
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  4. The only time bullying does not exist is when you are the bully. If the bully starts getting what they have been doing the tune will suddenly change. I remember certain individuals that are posting in the thread constantly complaining about bullying. Now they are doing exactly what they were complaining about. No such thing if you are the bully, reality if you are the one being bullied.
  5. True enough but TOU of use says threatening someone is bullying. When certain members or the leader of an armada tells someone if they join another armada they will be declanned and attacked and/or bountied is bullying. Bullies only use TOU where it applies to them and ignores the areas that affects them negatively. We all know that if you put enough money into a company they have a tendency to be like politicians and look the other way to violators of the rules.

  6. The Protector

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    Last I checked someone with a HUGE amount in ms mob wars got perm frozen.

    Saying we'll declan someone if they join a armada isn't a threat...its a warning at first then if they stay its a promise.

    No threat.Just fact.Not bullying.
  7. The Protector

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    We need Kano themselves to jump in on this and clarify if there's such a thing as a bully in a fighting game.

    Could of sworn they've said before there's no such thing.
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    It is a game , sheeesh
  9. The Protector

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    You got that right :)

    Not sure how anyone can feel bullied in a game but oh well.

    Most know better that there's no such thing in a game.
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    While I appreciate the lively discussion in this thread, please remember to stay civil and respectful to your fellow players even if you don't agree with their opinion.

    It's clear that there are a number of different opinions on this issue, which is great. I did, however, want to clear up a couple of misconceptions I've seen tossed around, especially regarding our Terms of Use. While we appreciate that players are fond of using the term "bullying" to describe in-game action, we feel that "bullying" has real-world connotations that aren't necessarily accurate for what occurs in our games. With situations with particularly aggressive players or groups of players, we prefer the term "griefing", as it's more accurate when dealing with online multiplayer situations.

    Secondly, as you can see from this thread, players have widely differing opinions when it comes to what griefing is in a PVP-based game. While we absolutely appreciate that players play the games in a variety of different ways for a variety of different reasons, performing in-game actions within the limits we've set in the game is not against our Terms of Use. We can, however, appreciate that certain amounts of attacks and/or hitlists can be annoying, and we added the protection feature to the game to provide temporary relief for particularly aggressive situations.

    All that being said, we do keep an eye on how are players feel about game situations, and respond appropriately (again, the Protection feature is a good example of this.) You are absolutely welcome to discuss how you feel about attack/hitlist limits, but please remember to do so civilly and respectfully.

    Hopefully that helps clarify some of the muddier points in this discussion. Again, I appreciate that you're all very passionate about the subject, but please remember to stay within the Code of Conduct when you're expressing your passion.
  11. Yes it does clear it up a lot. If your opinion does not agree with the originator or a moderator your posting/opinion is removed.
    Thank you for the clarification.

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    The way I see it is that there are 2 distinctly diff types of "bullying" being debated here. The first being actual "ingame" actions, the second more of an outside the game thing.

    Lets all start by realizing That these are fighting games.Yes...there are different less violent aspects of the games but the core and the very themes of the games revolve around fighting maiming and killing. In fact the game rewards these types of things. There are a multitude of limits and restrictions that have been put in place by Kano that all but insure a player much higher in levels cant mess with someone much lower for to long, unless of course the lower level player provokes the other in which case its their own fault. Even with this.....the higher level only gets 24 hr for retaliation or until they kill the lower level.

    There are many ways to provoke another player regardless of their level and its up to each and every one of us to make our own decisions on how to proceed. One of the most common that I see is the whole "i was just going for your bounty" thing...."i didnt even get it", why u picking on me". For starters....they had a choice, no one forced them to go for it nor does bounties going down to fast to see who it was matter, they had a choice, they knew the risks....now man up and take it. Whether you claimed the bounty or not makes zero difference.....the only way to claim a bounty is to kill. If you attack someone on bounty then your intent was to kill them plain and simple and the disparity in levels shouldnt even be a consideration. For someone to complain that a higher level is kicking their butt or "bullying" them after they just tried to kill them is just plain old silliness. Afterall.....thats what a rival page is all about....if u find yourself on someones rival page......u got there through no ones fault but your own and have zero reason to complain about what might happen next.

    Another oldie but a goodie is ye olde slaparooski of a higher level player by a lower level player after the higher of the 2 just took the other off bounty.....do I really need to explain this one?

    These games exude violence and promote rivalries despite disparity in levels in every aspect of their being. Take a good look at some of the more inane or passive aspects of the game. Gifts have such things as "your enemies heart", the majority of the canned ingame messages are meant to be "smack", you wont find nearly as many that are promoting peace. If u send one of these messages...expect consequences....its what their designed to do. Even many of the challenges, adventures, and calenders have violent overtones( where else do u find machine gun toting easter bunny zombies?). In the end these are games with themes like Vikings, Pirates, Mobsters and Zombies, Stats like attacks, slaps, kills and listings are rewarded. Its not to hard to figure out what these games are all about, it also shouldnt be to difficult to figure out that u might wanna avoid annoying a short rival listed higher level player.

    There is no feasible/fair way to separate the diff levels nor should we even try. There is a ton of diff ways to go about these games all of which involve personal and/or group choices that may or may not work out the way u planned....thats the beauty of it all.

    These are social networking games and how much and who u have as clan can make or break an account. Once again you have choices....who you befriend is someone elses fiercest rival. Every last person you attack or come to the aide of has friends as well, one seemingly innocent warning slap or an ill timed message has started numerous bloodbaths and divisions of one time Allies and friends. Way to often do I see complaints from players that are getting their butts kicked by some higher level that seemingly started in on them at random. Random is very unlikely.....more likely is that you stuck your nose where it didnt belong or you were simply helping out one of your clan and you are now on the recieving end of someone doing the same. So make your decisions wisely.....there is potential consequences to each and every one.....as it should be.

    The Other part of the debate seems to revolve more around psychological warfare.. This subject is a bit more delicate as there is a very fine gray line here. Once again...these are social networking games, there are thousands of players from around the world with diff backgrounds and personalities.....of course there is going to be players that clash. Although Im of the mindset that this for the most part is a good thing as rivalries promote active game play. With that said....it can go to far, but at that point its a total diff ballgame that must be dealt with by Kano on a individual basis through support or depending on the situation...the proper authorities.

    Unfortunately there are players out there that will take personal information or knowledge of a particular situation and use it as a tool to hurt you in some form or another, whether its just to ridicule you or to change others opinions about you in an effort to get them to "change sides". Not to sound harsh.....but what in the hell were you thinking? It shouldnt be to hard to figure out that you shouldnt be disclosing that kind of info in the first place. If its out there....you have no one to blame but yourself. Whats done is done....if it goes to far and crosses the legal line.....then its time for the proper authorities not the forums. Something I have noticed is that quite often its the same players that are constantly having their personal info tossed around, they may want to reassess who their friends are, or better yet.......stop telling internet friends your business.

    Then we have the subtle lies, false allegations and blatant fabrications. Im definitely not a fan of these tactics but I also believe it has its place in a social networking game. In games where the social aspect plays such an important role Im of the mind that their is no better way to decide on how to "thin the herd" and pick my rivals. For the most part the players that employ this type of psychological warfare do so because they are desperate or simply just childish. If someone is making crap up about u....then more than likely you have em on the ropes....dig in and stick it to them.....consider it a victory. What I try to do is ....consider the source, there is just some players who seem to do this type of thing much more than others and as history has shown us both in life and in these games.....its usually someone well versed in the art of deflection. Ya gotta have a thick skin to last in games like these....this brand of warfare will be with us forever. Sticks n stones people! The exceptions to this are covered in the Code of conduct, there are certain allegation that simply go to far like actually death threats, real life violence and accusations of actual horrific crimes. But those of course are to be dealt with elsewhere.

    This last one is a slippery one. Does using ones in-game status or connections to influence others decisions equate to "bullying"? Kind of, but is it illegal, against the rules or out of place in social networking fighting games like these? I dont think so (my stance has changed a bit on this from the past). "bullying" is simply a label tossed around by players on the recieving end of something they dont like. Sure, you can look up the definition of "bullying" in the dictionary and apply it to a few things in these games but in the end there is a distinct difference. This is a game, a game in which that form of behavior is not illegal for the most part. The type of game and the social aspect of these games actually scream for this type of behavior to happen. If a clan member enters a long time enemy guild.......does it not make sense that they become an enemy? Does it not make sense that you would try an influence them or punish their actions? Of course it does.....thats what these games are all about.

    In the end....Everything last thing a player does or even says in these game has the potential for reward and consequences, its up to us as players to choose wisely. There is very few legitimate cases of true "bullying" in these games. Getting your arse kicked or being talked about does not fall into this category. Im not going to advocate for players to leave the game....rather they just take a step back and reassess things. Quit letting it get so personal and recognize what the games are really all about. If it does become to personal....perhaps take a break and think about how things got to that point and if in the end does it really matter. It is after all...just a game....dont let it dictate your life.
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    Well said. :) Bravo
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    there ya go folks ty pimp ...:)
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    Thanks WB and thanks pimp for that dictionary of a response that was spot on.
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    Hey if ya feel that way then ya feel that way.

    Sorry ya feel that way,but hey everyones entitled to feel however they want.

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    you mean to tell me you guys read that lol
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    Yup sure did.
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    i did dont you just like it...
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    Not sure bout a few others but as said not everyone has to agree nor even have to accept that theres no such thing as a bully in these games.

    However everyone playing does have to deal with it that theres no such thing as a bully.
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