[LCN] What if leveling mattered again?

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    Currently, there is no need or real advantage to level. Once you hit around level 2000 or so, if you are a spender, you have reached the perfect place to be. You can have friends who are higher level share high level bosses with you for the boss drops. You can buy items and gain an enormous amount of strength which can provide cash by being a beast when it comes to hunting. And if you need stamina refills, if you are a spender, that is an easy solution ….refill. And the biggest advantage of NOT leveling is you can attack up without restriction. On contrast, by leveling too much other players can stay below your level and avoid attacking you and staying off your rivals making it impossible for you to attack them.

    Without a need to level, on Kong LCN, almost all players avoid leveling as much as possible past level 3500 or so. This is clearly seen by the fact that the 100th highest level in Kong LCN is Level 3646. And out of that top 100, a good number of those players have long since quit or sign on once a month maybe to list a few people and touch bases with people in chat.

    This lack of “needing to level” affects many aspects of the game such as dying doesn’t matter since not many care about the loss of experience. There is no need to participate in RAIDS more than just doing minimum, being active in BA and doing attacks is not of great importance since not many are trying to use BA to level on Kong LCN, and war mode has no value since no one is trying to find targets to level off of either (of course I am sure there are many reasons why war mode pretty much doesn’t exist on Kong LCN).

    Another area of the game that seems to have a discussion is about the stats of the old items vs. the new items. Players who bought items three years ago often discuss how the new items have made the old items obsolete but they don’t think it is fair to have to replace old items for new items to remain competitive. This same discussion regarding the stats of new items often finds posts regarding higher levels frustrated with newer payers (er… I mean “players”) be able to buy strength far surpassing the strength of players who have played for years and invested time rather than tons of money into their mobsters.

    The solution? There may not be one. It may just be “that is the way life is, so get over it”. But I did suggest an idea long time ago that really never got too much discussion or attention… partly because very few people were very high level yet and many had not experienced the “high level” issues so they could not relate or exactly understand what the issues were once you passed level 5000 or so. So refloating an idea once suggested before, what if after a certain level Kano increased the number of mobsters? After the 1000 friends, the 1000 hired guns, there was Loyalty Mobsters? These could be awarded two for every ten levels starting at level 10,000 to level 15,000. That would equal 1000 mobsters. Maybe even make it 2000 Loyalty Mobsters and continue it from Level 10,000 to 20,000.

    The affect that an additional 1000 mobsters (or 2000) over time would have on the game would insurmountable. It would create the need either buy more items or do more raids for the item drops. It would require more boss drops or job drops to raise the lowest item used stats. And it would require levels to obtain those additional mobsters. That in basic theory results in more activity as players find leveling more important. It would also make higher levels have an advantage that could not simply be bought while remaining a lower level. Bottom line is any Level 12,000 player should be stronger than any Level 4000 player. Players who wanted that additional strength from more mobsters would be forced to level losing that advantage of simply spending and attacking weaker lower levels around them and above them. By leveling, it would allow lower and mid levels “protection” from those huge spenders who were chasing after those additional mobsters. And by not leveling, those big spenders who wanted to stay in the low to mid levels would not be on the same playing field as the higher levels who had spent years leveling and building their mobsters.

    I know a lot of players have made comments saying that they think that the gap between higher levels and lower levels should be closed…. And quite honestly, that is about the most ridiculous thought process I can imagine a person having. That is like an NBA, NFL, or MLB game without keeping score. This game needs competition. Typically it is the “losers” who want it to be “just about having fun” or “everyone is a winner”. This game is (or at least should be) about being better than your enemies and making choices that better your game and the strength of your mobster. Just because it is a game and shouldn’t be taken too seriously, doesn’t mean players should try to be at least “good at it”.
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  2. Sylvia

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    That sure would change things!
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  3. AXXO

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    well my out of range goes till level 11000 lol. I wonder what kinda out of range they will give you when youre the highest level mobster.
  4. JADES

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    It's 10% current lvl in-range.
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  5. Sylvia

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    I know there is an Out of Range when attacking down but I never tried attacking up very high..... is there an Out of Range when attacking up as well?
  6. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    No out of range up

    GOING TO CATCH DAVID Well-Known Member

    I am the highest level on Kong LCN..... and the next level down is on any given day 1000 levels below me and she is on my fightlist and "in range". The next mobster is currently around 1600 levels below me and I cannot attack them unless attacked punched or listed by them first. And that 10% sounds about right - there was a time when no one was "in range" and I had no one ever on my fight list. Slowly people are catching me.
  8. Sylvia

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    slowly like as in a couple of months OR as in slowly in a couple of years? lol

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