What are you Armed with?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Blargh, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. Blargh

    Blargh Member

    Interested in see what people are using and the stats for those weapons. Here's what how I'm armed.

    Slingshot 16/8
    Crystal Skull 30/19
    Clover Ship 55/95
  2. Hunni Bunni

    Hunni Bunni Member

    Swordfish Cannon 30/20
    Spear Gun 32/21
    Deadeye Galleon 80/80
  3. ethyx

    ethyx New Member

    Armed with

    Level 107

    Giant Manta Ray (21+/31+)
    Spear Gun (32+/21+)
    Pirate Dreadnaught (90+/50+)
  4. ethyx

    ethyx New Member


    Also it would interesting to know what are your numbers with those weapons, at level 107, here are mine....


    And I did find out that your bounty is directly related to your income, so instead of peeps getting pissed at you leveling up, they place you on the bounty if your bounty is only a few million. If you go on a spending spree with your horde, then your bounty will go up with the amount of rule you own, which in turn enables you to always have the best mates, ships, and so on.
  5. jtrusty

    jtrusty New Member

    Your bounty grows the most wwhen you are placed on bounty as well. The more you get bountied, the more gold ye be worth :)
  6. Hunni Bunni

    Hunni Bunni Member

    Until you stop getting bountied and it drops back down to what it originally was.
  7. Darklama

    Darklama New Member

    Level 183

    Attack 206
    Defense 532

    Giant Manta Ray 21/31
    Guard Walrus15/33
    Cannon Crusher 60/95
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  8. Ml2f

    Ml2f New Member

    Level 237

    icicle flintlock 25-10
    valentine crossbow 22-32
    decoy rum ship 65-65
  9. BradyG

    BradyG New Member

    Clover Pistol Atk 33/ Def 20
    Pirate Dreadnought Atk 90/ Def 50
    Bone SpearCannon Atk 32/ Def 21

    Lvl 180

    I never downgrade on my arm'n only go up
  10. attack:2099(no weapons)
    defense:1989(no weapons)

    now arm these 3 weapons:
    blackout skull ship(90 atk/50 def)
    voodoo swivel gun(25 atk/20 def)
    sacrificial sword(26 atk/19 def)

    and total attack/defense becomes


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