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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Feb 20, 2018.

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  1. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    How is that much different than the current Factions Wars other than they have more days to play. We alternate start times of these events from either 10am or 4am. We are currently in Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8) so 10am is 18:00 GMT and 4pm is 00:00 GMT.

    So those players can either start the event at night or hop in the next morning. I know this is not perfect, and due to the international scope of our games it probably never will be. But we do try to ensure that everyone gets a fair shake in these event.

    Wow and 2 more posts since I wrote this. Excellent feedback all, it is great to hear everyone's thoughts around this.
  2. Yeet Scarlet

    Yeet Scarlet New Member

    Again, starting later I think would benefit the situation. Start at Noon PST (3PM EST) (20:00 GMT) or maybe 2PM PST. The alternative is maybe 7AM PST (10AM EST) (15:00 GMT). Also it would still be 3 days for them now that I think about it. Before GMT = Friday --> Sunday, After = Saturday --> Monday. 72hrs is 72hrs. It does kinda suck that it would lead into a weekday though.
  3. perhaps they have no bearing to each other but they do have a bearing of too many events happening with no down time or is this just another event that will cost more fb points to participate in?
  4. koo22

    koo22 Member

    I not only agree with the idea of shortening the guild wars to a two day event, but ALSO I think they should only be once a month. Twice a month is too much and you have players going back and forth between events in games. Once a month would allow players to save up for it.
  5. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    Oh yes, pretty please!

    that 5th day has always been brutal.

    And a few more tokens would be very nice for the ones that enjoy the war, but might be difficult for low stam accounts to use effectively.

    As for things to discuss. Really need to some how adjust the token count for factions that are not full. There is no way they can compete with less tokens. In theory all factions are full and everything is lovely, in truth 25 folks in one place tends to be difficult to do with the various personalities. It always seems a faction is doing well, meshing around 20 or so and filling that last 5 throws a wrench in the works. I've seen many a good faction fall apart trying to keep that extra 3 or so slots filled. However, I don't see how y'all can work around less tokens so I only bring an issue no proposed solution. In theory you'd have 200 tokens X 25 slots available split evenly between the numbers participating in the war. But I would gather that leaves a door open for abuse. Although in truth at this point it may well be worth that risk, as there is not much competition in the wars with needing the full 25 slayer token count. In truth, many factions are beginning to opt out just like we do in BA. Why offer our rivals more targets if we have no shot ourselves.

    I'd also like to see the skill allotment looked at. In theory Accounts with high percentage in defense would hurt to attack. But so far I've not seen that as a reality. In general no matter what the strength is the attacking faction is going to win more than they lose.

    And finally, Why is there a limit to the number of heals? And why don't heals count toward actions? It's already limited by the number of tokens.

    Will be interested to try out any changes to FW's honestly. It's mundane now, with factions building specifically for the war, it's pretty predictable. So it'd be nice to see it changed up a bit. See if it regenerates interest.
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  6. 2 Dogs

    2 Dogs New Member

    less time to play = less points, less kills, less fun..5 days give everybody a chance to play, not just weekend warriors.
  7. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    I'd like to add. I have no problem with it changing around on which days. Just that for me and those I play with, by that last day, we're over it. For instance, if it starts at 10am on Friday then We're all in until Monday night say around 10pm. That Tuesday we all tend to have to remind each other we're not quite done.

    I really enjoy the camaraderie in FW's but it's a long time to be so singularly focused. The energy just is drained by then.
  8. Miss Kitty Snaps

    Miss Kitty Snaps Active Member

    I think Friday though Monday would be good. I would have to say just because the syn wars is going on, it doesn't mean your group has to play both. We used to do ever other one and enjoyed the down time but know we can join if we want. I would much rather see a reduction in raids - they get grueling
  9. RafeDavid

    RafeDavid Well-Known Member

    I'd be OK with shortening the length of time the war runs. Especially if it means they will be held more frequently with varying start times to even things up based upon location. Unless of course something new is in the pipe to fill the time between wars.
  10. TomcaT

    TomcaT Member

    There would be the possibility to schedule them for different three day periods on an regular scheduled basis to try to have some balance for people's work schedules. An example would be:
    1. Thur - Fri - Sat
    2. Fri - Sat - Sun
    3. Sat - Sun - Mon
    4. Sun - Mon - Tues
    Then Repeat for the next sequence of events
    with the possible option
    5. Mon - Tues - Wed
    6. Tues - Wed - Thur
    Then Repeat for the next sequence of events
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  11. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    what are we talkin about here actually? is it war mode or..armada wars, guild wars, faction wars an syndicate? cause i can't fully comment deal i know the question actually!!
  12. Valerie

    Valerie Active Member

    I think syndicate wars and war mode should end the same day.would make things easier for people .as for shorting the syndicate wars......it's one of the better things to do in this game, Friday - Sunday seems too short and with all the different time zones would it be playable and afir for all?? wednesday to sunday or at the very least thursday to sunday
  13. Valerie

    Valerie Active Member

    too confusing and too complicated
  14. Lester peterson aka Pete

    Lester peterson aka Pete Active Member

    there is no way to know if your team mate is attacking or whom. I wish that would change and I do not agree get my butt kicked and can't wait for the next war to start WAR!:eek: Just call me a war monger lol
  15. Lester peterson aka Pete

    Lester peterson aka Pete Active Member

    I hope when I am awake LOL that would be a better fit.
  16. Graham

    Graham New Member

    How about a cooling off period once a target has been killed for the simple reason to stop same target repeatably getting killed by same killers over & over. A partner in wars who are just lying down & not healing & whose only purpose of being in wars is to help is to aid same killer win wars? sew up this loop hole
  17. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    So, In addition to Faster token regeneration, the Max token capacity should also be raised. Its a nice part of the wars that I can just knock down my tokens in the morning, and I dont have to worry about them hitting max capacity until i can come back in the late afternoon/ Evening. I dont see the issue with wars going on for 5 days personally, but as long as its not adjusted in a way to make it more demanding, sure im down to try it out.
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  18. johno

    johno New Member

    3 days would be awesome to bloody long at moment
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  19. HJM

    HJM Active Member

    I also like the idea of shortening Guild War to 3 days session, currently it eats most of my free time.
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  20. Marc14

    Marc14 Active Member

    Not if you have to work on saturday. I would miss more than half of the event if it's only 48 hours unless I crawl behind my PC all sunday. 96 hours gives everyone a chance to play and still have time left to spend with family and other activities.
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