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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by The Ice Queen, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. The Ice Queen

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    Nice to see some changes for the better in the game.:p

    1. The Facebook LCN feed has been removed as it didn't work anyway.
    2. New Ingame messages have been added
    3. We now have a "Personal" feed on our profiles.
    This allows us to see our activity for the last few hours. I know I always forget who I've listed :)
    Each person's Feed is visible to all. I like that!
    4. This Forum now has a link on the LCN page.

    Has anyone else noticed anything else?
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  2. foxysiren

    foxysiren Well-Known Member

    Lol I hope they're giving you a few free GF points for being complimentary
  3. alfredteoh1

    alfredteoh1 New Member

    so where is the easiest way to search for job helping post?
    my news feed at 'home' is flooded with other games & 'mob feed' section only show little of them~!

  4. Monkey pile on the ice queen!
  5. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    hehehehe .. I wish!

    Just trying to encourage more people to higher levels so I have more people to keeeeeeeeeel!!

    Oh.. and who's banana is this?
  6. swedeangel64

    swedeangel64 New Member


    The FB Feeds worked for me and it was the only way I could see what was going on! Maybe I'm dumb, but.... The "recent feeds" don't show much of the Kano games!!!!!!! I can not play this if there's no feeds! :(
  7. The Ice Queen

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  8. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Watch for future improvements to the in-game feeds, we plan to introduce filtering in-game on types of messages to help users jump into boss fights and help on jobs etc.. Right now we are just in the early design phase but this is definitely an improvement that is on top of out list of things to do.
  9. So Not Right

    This is out of control, I listed one level 500 at 8bill and then go to list hom again and its now 89bill for the 2nd. That is CRAP... SO now i have 3 strikes against me. 1st is i can have ANY lower level Camp on my page and nonstop chain me for hours if they want & I can ONLY attack them into the hospital maybe 4 attacks & Crap XP, 2nd if i blow up from a Rig or get listed by any level i lose about 3400xp which is OUT OF CONTROL.. 3rd was my only defense and you just screwed me out of that.. One list at 8 bill and the second is 89billion.. KANO you people are out of control.. YOu really have to make the game FAIR FOR EVERYONE ASAP. I have spent a good amount of my own money along with others i know to get to the top and all you do i SCREW us over & over. Just like MW1 you always screw the paying customer...

    Fixes, Make a 2 hour window for anyone that attacks a higher level mob. that is only fair with the changes you made so far..
    Get rid of this STUPID bounty not even doubleing. I mean 8bill-89bill for 2 listing..hahahaah you must be smoking something...
    Make health just somehwhat like MW1, So we can get better XP then this crap we have now.. I know you dont want to turn this into MW1, but a max of 203 and lose 3400xp is NUTS!
    Plain & Simple, when you make a change you NEED TO THINK OF EVERYONE in the game. Not one or two crybabie that emailed you about dying.. They lose almost nothing for XP and can get one death back in 3 attacks....
  10. This is too much, 1st listing
    Come On Eileen

    Second listing (don't wait for this to show up on your hitlist anytime soon)

    Kano, you are messed up!
  11. Meet Da Bull

    Meet Da Bull New Member

    Some good changes but some completely unnecessary ones too.

    Lets even out the xp loss on hitilsts first so that it is expressed as a figure that equals the same number of fights with maximum xp gained in every level bracket. If you are level 600 and get 150 xp per fight then a death should equate to at least 10 times that (i.e 1500 xp loss). If you are level 900 and get 300 xp per fight then a death should equate to 3000 xp loss. Likewise if you are level 300 and you get 75 xp per fight then a death should equate to 750 xp loss.........simple really with bracketed xp that is used in this app. Leave hitlist cost as it was, a small percentage rise on each hit and not this ridiculous 1000% rise.
  12. Joke Doe

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  13. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    this thread is from 2010 , helllo lol
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  15. Joke Doe

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    Add me lcn mob

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