[LCN] Update Regarding the Referral and Rewards Program

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. Mary Lou

    Mary Lou Member

    here is an easy fix, give to all of us that have played here for years the same thing you gave the newbies.
    25% stam refill
    50% energy
    74 favorpoints
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  2. [SIKU] KillerK

    [SIKU] KillerK Active Member


    You have battled this before it was published on CNN and other major news threads when the whole scandal evolved. Yes we do have millions and Zynga was making more money from this game then any game they ever produced. I often wonder since Kano won the lawsuit in 2009 if there was a time limitation for MW to end but does that matter.

    In short it does not take a rocket scientist to figure what Mitch so aptly wrote 'after the first 30 days of announcing that MW was shutting down (I estimate 1 to 3% of our players tapped MOB LCN only) the PLAYING PLATFORM doubled.' Mitch posted this and that shows in small part what veteran players know.

    Something else is ironic here. We are called names and attacked as dumb new players yet it sounds more as if there is a threat inherent following each attack or name called. What use is this to anyone here.

    If one player noted attained a level 2,000 in 30 days perhaps he or she spent money on energy and stamina anyone playing MW would know to do this.

    Further, it is quite easy to build your ATTACK which veteran Killers from MW know to do that is why level in MW meant nothing it is how you proportion your attack and defense to win in battles. Unfortunately, there are limited fight list postings so we have other means to up our stats and power in that regard; we replay our RIVALS nonstop, and save messages for those we decline to MOB and sadly we must DECLINE some of our own because the fight lists are so weak, we are used to constant fight and kill and it does not gain anymore really in leveling it is a sign of power.

    I hope this helps you because come the 7th there will be a huge influx. And another thing is overt here FB allows us 5,000 friends my MW list as you would call a MOB list was also allowed 5,000. Our tags were allowed 100 there is no reason for a game to offer these options other then the MILLIONS of players in the game.

    Thank you for your understanding you can check any news posts on Zynga to find out the millions playing MW even to the last week all of us are playing and having events to put into stone our dedication to one another as players.

    And by the way we always welcomed and supported newcomers especially veteran fighters from other games; this is an inherent skill and works well in any game of strategy and intellect.
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  3. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Ok there are no millions of players in Mafia wars and Kano did not have a lawsuit, just cause you keep saying those two things does not make them g true., and thirdly some took advantage of a glitch/hack/loophole and they will be dealt with, that you can bet on. I have talked to many Mafia war player and helped them out where I could and they all tell the same story about how many of the players had minis and kamis, and use automated scripts to do everything , so they did not have to sit at a computer all day long.
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  4. [SIKU] KillerK

    [SIKU] KillerK Active Member


    Mitch has posted on this forum previously about the lawsuit or one of the moderators did we all knew it because when our game was announced to shut down it was put out there openly and yes it is proven. Ask MOB LCN Administration for this information, I am sure Mitch can confirm this information.

    I am saddened that you now infer I am a liar above all else. I am not leaving this game, nor are the few who started early over here. Most who will join us shortly are playing out Mafia Wars to the last second. I also must do my daily TAG quota because my TAG has been in a battle, and still will be for close to a year with another TAG. We play with dignity and we are FAIR PLAY as many other MOB LCN players have welcomed us without this name calling and inference of dishonesty! I ask you not to do so to me.

    Mitch, please confirm the lawsuit of which I speak it is imperative that my fellow friends and players choosing MOB LCN in due respect are given respect and not alienated it is unfair. This game is open to the public and we more than any are the players of choice we are veterans of a very similar game and to have us is far better then those who might infect your game in other methods many of which are unjustly accused due to a glitch in a system we do not even know about!

    The developer in fact of MOB LCN took Zynga to court and won in 2009 due to copyright infringements!

    I guarantee none of us knew the system of rewards this post infers at all....

    Thank you for your understanding...
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  5. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    so are you gonna spam now, and my name is Kirsten not Kristen and I really don't care one way or another if ya playing Kano games, why would I ?
  6. [SIKU] KillerK

    [SIKU] KillerK Active Member

    How is it that the playing platform DOUBLED in 30 days from only 1 to 3% of us tapping this game? How is it that we have always had HUGE numbers; 5,000 MW FAMILY or here MOB LIST, 100 for TAGS or here SYNDICATES--it is because there are millions of REAL players in the game.

    Further we have all heard of MOB having duplicate accounts and scripts none of us are aware of any such foul play or TOS violations after all we are NEW or what is it you call us NEWBIES.

    You cannot have it both ways; the honest fact is Mitch started an alert on a glitch that Administration is rectifying for all playing the game. An honest post to help all here. Why turn it into yet another BASH Mafia War veteran players; newbies, script users, software deviants and the like.

    Please focus on your new players and do so with kindness and respect as we have shown everyone here thanks!

    At least I have used whatever name I briefly reviewed. I am not a HATER it takes more to HATE then it does to be kind. We bring it and it is here in small numbers with more to come. I will leave this up to Administration to handle in giving you the exact information as to copyright infringements the developer of MOB LCN took Zynga to Court with in 2009.

    Do not attack new players for ultimately it does not show what most of us have found; that MOB LCN players are kind hearted, supportive, and caring as a whole. We accept this as the MAJORITY.

    Thanks for your understanding and future support. After all what threat could we possibly be...
  7. [SIKU] KillerK

    [SIKU] KillerK Active Member


    Who would sit at a computer all day playing by hand? I can count on one hand doing 24 hour duty only during multiple CLAN battle when I took over KILLING for others including international players so that we could get off and live our lives...

    Either way it is degrading; software or obsession of sitting on a computer around the clock on a daily basis.

    Thankfully none of us should be doing either and we are not the blame of this glitch---Mitch has described they are investigating a glitch--that does not mean the big old bad MW players came in here with their evil witch craft and spread some magical potion to obtain a few stamina or whatever that can be purchased on sale when points are offered at 30%.

    Adults do not partake in this insanity in particular insulting other like minded adults. Again thank you for deferring from this we would never want to turn the many who are coming in a few days away due to name calling and sad attacks.
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  8. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

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  9. robbin gordon

    robbin gordon Well-Known Member

    there you go again.... you and your SEVEN MILLION PLAYERS. do you know them all personally ? you've counted all SEVEN MILLION accts ? why do you feel the need to come here and repeat things you already claimed ? you didn't learn from the last time that no one cares about you and your SEVEN MILLION BUDDIES ? for christs sake... stop already. no one here gives a damn about the lawsuit. you do not need our permission to play here, just go play already. but please. stop spouting nonsense we all know is untrue, except in your figmented mind. YOU chose, knowing how tainted that mafia wars was, to play there. you even admit you knew most of the game were cheaters, bot and script users. that was YOUR choice. quit whining already... it's old, and tired. just play the game.
  10. No Nuts 4u

    No Nuts 4u Member

    never in a million yrs is there 7 million players lol, look on a fb daily metrics site u will find a proper figure for DAU and MAU (daily average users) and (monthly average users) to any game platform on facebook. Mob Wars 1 only had a couple of hundred thousand users and that was the biggest mob game, Mafia wars was about fourth on list, these figures do not include alt accounts after 2011 when they tightened it down to specific IP addresses for each user. Any developer would know this is right even the terminology used, i spent over 30 yrs coding one thing i like to look at is technical information.
  11. Rampage Casini

    Rampage Casini New Member

    I need to relax and exhale about all this newbie big fast level talk. It's kinda taking the wind out of my sails......
    says new member Joined 2116 days, 4 hours ago was in mw's well before that......some of you love me and some of you don't but I've been here and seen a lot of things....this is bad.
    [SOB] Rampage Casini Level 7171 Slicer
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  12. meet_joeblack

    meet_joeblack Member

    Cant we all just get along? problem found in the game.... problem stopped....working on a fix... you people are all saying same thing over and over again..... careful with that word "cheater" also......a stern warning should suffice
    KANO.. FFS no more benefits for selected groups.... starter packs yes! but thats it!...
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  13. Killa Queen

    Killa Queen Member

    It's really sad that certain people are using glitches to their advantage and effectively giving ex-MW players a bad name. Glitches used to happen in that game too and it resulted in roll-backs which affected not only the cheats, but the innocent as well, as all accounts were rolled back to dates before the glitch arose.

    As for the 7 million MW players...I'm just going to leave this excerpt from the Mafia Wars Loot Lady's Facebook page right here:

    According to her post on 19th Jan 2015, there were 102,463 daily players as at that date and in her own words "Now most of us have at least 2 accounts so dividing that in half would be 51,231 daily players. There are many players who are on the extreme level and have way more than 2 accounts. I'm thinking the actual number of real life people is really really small"
  14. Ceathing Bad Kitty

    Ceathing Bad Kitty New Member

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  15. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    TY for this, maybe that will shut TSG KillerK mouth on 7 million players :) "maybe" LOL
  16. Tony_G

    Tony_G Member

    The short answer is who cares where you come from, you are here now is all that matters. Kano won't ban cheaters, I have proof of that too direct from the horses mouth so to speak.

    Kano what is good for the goose is good for the gander you (Kano) discriminated against the people whom were already playing your game/s by giving people from another platform a bonus/a leg up & that isn't right and I don't quite see how you are going to work out that this item was bought with legitimate either FP's or cash & this item wasn't (cleans late so to speak) & I can see you trying to sweep this one under the carpet again (we your players of old are quite used to that).

    You MAY have stopped the bonus system but that does not fix what was done in the first place by discriminating against the original player base and people are talking about strike action again up on FB, I saw it happen on the old Mob Wars 1.

    I think a poll needs to be created so you (Kano) can see what the players want (the original players) & the 2 questions for the poll or 3 if you want..

    1) Should the "non Mafia Wars" player base be given the same rewards those from Mafia Wars were given for 4weeks?
    2) Should we (Kano) attempt to reverse the damage, by giving favor to Mafia Wars players yes/no
    3) Should we (Kano) do nothing at all. (This is the option Kano would have people believe)

    last but not least you should know by now that Kano do not abide by their own TOS.

    Generally the issues we look into are cases where two or three accounts seem to be linked more closely than usual. This kind of connection can be the result of alternative/fake accounts or shared accounts, but can also be the result of multiple separate players frequently accessing the game via the same internet connection. We look into all cases like these, but when players have provided sufficient information that there is reasonable doubt that multiple account use has taken place, we do not take action against their accounts.
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  17. Tony_G

    Tony_G Member

    What was originally posted in term sof rewarsd for Mafia wars players is actually incorrect, Mitch, as it is more like this...

    Please can Kano give us the official & correct details with rtegarsd to the rewards Mafia Wars players were offered while discriminating against the people whom already were playing Mob Wars LCN etc at the time.
  18. Friendly Fire

    Friendly Fire Well-Known Member

    So you admit to being a cheat then, Ok thanks for that, good to know
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  19. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Wow so you played other people's accounts in mafia wars, so in essence you cheated. case closed, cause how degrading it would be to actually click in a click game, easier to use software to do the work for you and when not You can take over the accounts for them, hmmmmm one word, you are a Cheat.
  20. [SIKU] KillerK

    [SIKU] KillerK Active Member

    People fear not 99% of whoever came here could not have exploits whatever that is we had a program considered illegal by Zynga TOS called DEMON whereas you could lose an established KILLER or FIGHTER account without warning if used why would anyone in their right mind bother unless of course they could magically make a level 5,000 and start over give it a break you guys are pushing dirt in the wrong direction.

    Daily is not total players and maybe you should drink coffee and stop yawning.

    WE are not your problem your platform at highest is 10,000 a day and we are not LEAVING if you want to we did not ask you to. Enough of the battering abuse take it elsehwere if you cannot prove it don't blame innocent people who lost a game they love; we do not love this abuse but it won't push us out either good day!
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