Unwritten Battle Rules (or "What Justifies a Bounty?")

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Eric Thunderbone, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. Eric Thunderbone

    Eric Thunderbone Active Member

    I thought an interesting discussion might be what some people consider the unwritten rules, courtesies or whatever of the VC (or any other app, I suppose - I only do this one) battlefield.

    I get pissed off at my share of clan leaders, but doubt I am really justified about it all the time. That's part of the reason that I don't bounty people for what I feel are minor battle etiquette infractions. I also don't have any real guidelines for when I choose to counter-attack someone. When I am countered, I keep attacking (usually) at least until all the opponent's counters are used up (at least they get their money's worth). Other than that, who knows?

    So what are some of the unwritten rules or guidelines people go by? Are there any that should be considered "universally-accepted"?
  2. Josef Engarr

    Josef Engarr New Member

    I favor a complete lack of etiquette. If I get attacked and I'm in a bad mood, here comes the bounty. If I can afford it, I'll do it again as soon as they heal for good measure
  3. Personally I don't list anyone that I can attack myself. Those who I do list are done for one of three reasons; They listed a clan member, they made some egregious personal attack against a friend well outside of the scope of the game, or by request. Counters are only raised when an opponent can hit me but I cant hit them back or if the person attacking isn't worth my time to fight back.
  4. self

    self Member

    My Reasons:

    Someone who throws a counter attack during a good logical battle. (i.e. after 50 exchanges, all the sudden they start throwing counter attacks, if you are done, send the I'm out of stamina, or good battle message)

    Lower levels who decide to honor the higher level axe slaps. If I am over level 1000 and you are under 200 and axe slap me, plan to be dead everytime you heal for the next 24 hours.

    Retailliatory bounties. You bounty me I bounty you.. I generally don't do that as being bountied is a part of the game..

    For the heck of it, there is a reward for placing 1000 bounties

    But it is part of the game and sometimes you just want to bounty someone for the heck of it.. Why not!
  5. Darth Thor

    Darth Thor New Member


    All hogwash... I do not enter a battle where boost is needed and I do not attack but attack me I apply mobster rules I know it is a diff. app. but mess around i kill and i dont care what the bounty
  6. berz

    berz New Member

    I bounty only people that are annoying, like they keep attacking you(lets say they have 1000 chieftans and i have 400)

    I counter people when I'm in a good battle(opponent that is my level and have same amount of chieftans) makes the battle more exciting :)
  7. icedfate

    icedfate Member

    thats sort of funny because there have been times I've been attacked and i start setting counters and they keep attacking and attacking and I've had times where I've set over 30 counters and they keep on attacking and never give or back off
  8. im that type usually.set counters most the time ill plow right through them.if your giving good exp then you can set all the counters you want ill run you out of either stam or coin whichever gives first.
  9. icedfate

    icedfate Member

    well your logic does make some sense seeing as it takes 2 stamina to counter but only 1 to attack, I have no money problems but I don't really like spending it lol...plus it always seems to happen (I get attacked) right after spending most or all my stamina on a boss
  10. Lady Jewels

    Lady Jewels Member

    When I was new to the game and a new upcoming player, I got some advice from some of the top players. I was told if you get hit when on the bounty list, bounty them. If someone takes you off the list bounty them back. Especially the higher levels, but also the lower levels, or they will think you are a push over. I found that to be true. If you don't fight back, you are thought of being a puss in the game. It is funny that now lower levels coming up think this is being a bully. There are many strategies in the game, and many different ways to play the game. There are those who are mouthy and those that take advantage of others. But if you go after bounties you should expect to be attacked or bountied. If you ever hit a higher level you should expect to be hit back for 24 hours. That goes for me or any other player in the game. That is a known fact. That is why there is counters, and that is why you can bounty back. That is why smaller players can play against bigger players, but it is also why there is a limit on it, and if you do not wish to continue that banter, DO NOT counter. Do not slap. DO NOT hit back, and the higher levels will not be able to hit you at all. This is BTW a Viking game. It is a KILLING game. It is a fun game, if you are not having fun killing and being killed, play another game. And BTW, there is a button, that heals you and you get to keep playing. I think in the rules it even says whining will not be tolerated. So....Get out there and draw some blood. :D
  11. sosa outbreak

    sosa outbreak New Member

    Rules i use for putting hits on people are simple> rule 1: if you place hit on anyone in my faction. rule 2:if you punch me while im in hospital thus trying to kill me. rule 3:if you continuously attack me for more than 2 days. rule 4: if you place a hit on me. Rule 5: if i c u bullying lower level layers. these are my standards others may have different. happy slaying and enjoy the game.
  12. first 4 i fully agree with.
    the last one though cant say i agree since theres no such thing as a bully in these games.
    just my 2 cents
  13. I agree with the reasons :D...and true if we are gonna say bully as a reason then we should all be bountied LOL!!

    Armageddon The Ferocious Lord
    Level 1570, Merchant Viking
  14. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    My Rules for Bountying people:
    1) You attacked me and are more than 300 Levels below me.
    2) I don't like your name, cause it is outright insulting.
    3) You attacked/bountied a small clan member while being higher up.
    4) I feel like it.
    5) You bountied me. Only fair that I return the favor.
    6) You overattacked my boss.
    7) You are in hospital and I couldn't get you with an Axeslap.
    8) It doesn't cost much to bounty you.
  15. waldo1984

    waldo1984 Member

    (edit - never mind!)

    Had a question regarding what the point was of bounties, but finally found a thread discussing that very topic.
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  16. Eric Thunderbone

    Eric Thunderbone Active Member

    One of mine is similar to the one above

    If you have a misspelling in your own freaking clan name ("Godess of Looting" comes to mind immediately) my chances of attacking you or putting a bounty on you are EXPONENTIALLY higher than it would be otherwise. Just for being stupid.
  17. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    I bounty people out of the blue, thats all the reasoning needed for me :D

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