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    Whats the top weapons that you know of?
    I just started playing a month ago already lvl 214 and I dont really know all the top weapons, the ones Ive found so far since Ive played is the blackout skull ship...clover pistol...and the bone spear cannon. Thats what I got equipped, but i thought stuff like crystal skull was big but the clover pistol is stronger....but ive seen a ship w/ 80/80 atk and def....JW what the top stuff is thats all.
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    Strong Weapons

    For ships the strongest I have seen is the clover ship which was 5 more than the pirate dreadnought which is what I have. Recently I downgraded for an Arabian Destroyer which is less on attack, and more on defense. As for weapons, I don't know what the people in the higher levels see, you can find many weapons while you do the adventures. For instance you can get the imperial junk by buying it, or similar ship being awarded to you by doing certain adventures. As far as other weapons, the elite cannon they are offering now is pretty high. As well as the spear gun, which I own too. Also you can get multiples of certain weapons by doing adventures, so while you may equip yourself with one, you can also have 12 more in inventory, by getting them in adventures. A for instance would be the the Emperor Assassin, which is a pretty strong matey.

    Name Attack/Defense
    Pirate Dreadnought= 90+ +50
    Clover Ship= 95+ +50
    Arabian Destroyer= 85+ +75
    Elite Canon= 23+ +31
    Speargun= 32+ +21
    Emperor Assassin= 10+ +05
  3. for drop items(not davy items)the strongest attack ship is the flying dutchman 85 atk/70 def
    with pirate galley as strongest defense ship 70 atk/85 def.for drop weapons best is giant spider atk 15 def 13.far as davies strongest attack ship i seen is i think clover ship best defense ship i seen was cannon crusher.davy weapon best i saw was spear cannon but could be something mateys i seen is mermaids and merman.mermaid atk 13 def 9 with merman attack 10 defense 13.davy mateys though i got no clue which is strongest.
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