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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. Pengshue

    Pengshue New Member

    Tokens & Stamina

    Here's a thought, currently 1 attack/heal action depletes 1 token & 1 stamina. Not sure what designs you have planned for your revisions of the regeneration rates for the next FW.. but might it be possible to include an option where players (once they've depleted their available tokens) can substitute their stamina to use for attack/heal actions thereafter ie. cost of using strictly stamina only to perform actions will cost you 3-10 (maybe a fixed cost of 5 to make it reasonable) stamina per action compared to the use of tokens which will continue to cost you the 1 stamina for the same action. This may compliment those players who may elect to waive waiting periods and engage in all-out warfare especially when their log-in time is short. This will give players who play other aspects of the game the ability to buy stamina refills and use stamina in FW if they have allowance for it (carrying excess stamina). By doing this, your not restricting players to buy token refills where the benefit of purchase cannot be transferred to other areas of the game. To ensure token refills remain an attractive and viable purchase option, you could simply increase its value ie. token heals x1.5% more than using strictly stamina.

    Again, just a random thought here...
  2. I had a good time when I was able to attack so excellent job on keeping it fun! However, I think the wait time for tokens is too long. Maybe reduce the regeneration rate to 3 minutes or start slayers out with more? I think it will be better next time when we can refill our tokens. In fact I am certain FW will be better next time!

    I am glad we are able to heal. It keeps things interesting, please leave this function alone!

    One thing that really disappointed me was getting kills stolen. We do all of that work attacking then at the last attack another faction takes it. I am not sure that you can do anything about that issue but it was frustrating to see all of that work go to waste. However, sometimes this is the way of things in war, so good lesson I think...

    I feel the rewards are fair and I am excited to see the trophies!

    It is the first go and I think you did fine! Good job!

    I did notice a few accounts playing that have not been on a lot.

    Can the tokens fully regenerate for slayers after their faction is killed? I think that would keep things very interesting. Everyone would wait the 15 minutes to heal but would start with full tokens. It would be like a rally for the faction that just died...kind of like a mini revenge.
  3. poco

    poco New Member

    So now FW is over is there a payout for this one for the top 3 factions?
  4. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    Notice, we're just fixing an ingame issue with the leaderboard and collecting your reward, please check back to the war page soon...
  5. Letting a faction come back to life after killing them is ridiculous. This is just another version of Battle Arena and its not going to be much better than that. Yeah working together as a faction is fun, Especially since Faction Seasons is RUINED. thats a waste. Arena is a waste. Make Faction Wars right and it might actually be fun.

    At the End of Faction Wars. There should only be One faction left. Or whoever happens to Survive. Get rid of the Bring the Faction back to life junk.

    Sadly, There are always going to be Snipers, There are always going to be Alts, There are always going to be Cheaters. Kano sadly does not crack down hard enough on the Cheaters, You take away one alt, their main is still there, plus how many other alts they have etc. and how many more they create.
  6. So what

    So what Member

    well the end was intresting and certainly you need a full sqd

    but it was fun so well done to HM and EDU full factions

    but everyone else on half mast dont feel disappointed

    imagine what you can do when ur fully loaded

  7. The Zombie Flanders

    The Zombie Flanders New Member

    Good Game all. Thanks for the updates Eric, it was helpful throughout. The point system seemed to work well however as mentioned the snipes and difference in point value for kill vs. just attacks means snipes are a part of the game unless changed in payout or using a method that might take away(change to deaths and not kills, so snipes don't matter, heals do?).

  8. That needs to be CHANGED. If you DIE, YOUR OUT. That is a Money grab right now. Let them come back to life, they can buy Tokens (eventually)

    Last i remember War isnt Friendly. We didnt go kill a bunch of people in Iraq/Afghanistan etc etc for them to Respawn like some Video game.
  9. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    The rankings and rewards should now be available.

    Thanks everyone for your feedback, just because the war is over doesn't mean the discussion will stop, i'll review the latest posts and come back with another response. Also in house we'll do a review of Faction wars based on all of your feedback and the data we've collected, Thanks again all!
  10. The Zombie Flanders

    The Zombie Flanders New Member

    @HeyUwereWTFpwned - I like the respawn, makes it play more like a FPS or other online, successful group games. Instead of complaining about it, and only wanting ONE option (Death Match Survivor) enjoy the options you have now. Like other games we should see other options, do you recall back in the early 90's when Deathmatch was the only option? When was the last time you played DOOM online instead of the other options we have now?
  11. So what

    So what Member

    thanks just please do away with the snipping


    kudos the end was very funny
  12. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    We weren't full, MEMBERS 24/25 (same as yours) and not everyone played :p
  13. Banjo Swanson

    Banjo Swanson New Member

    i like how it all works for fw only hope the refill for 300 tokens is not 10 un or thats not really worth it when you got to buy stam as well to use them

    when you die its not all over is amazing i also think the over 2-3 days how ever long it is great because i live in Australia and all arenas are at 12, 2, 5, am or middle of a weekday i never can make the start of a arena time or without not sleeping. this gives all other players that cant make times a chance to have a go at things but i would like a min att/damage on a faction to get kill to stop snipes then if someones gets kill they have earned it. they didn't just do couple of hits and stole all the work from someone spending alot.
  14. RIBBET

    RIBBET New Member

    EDU only had 19 members join, so no you dont actually need a full squad.

    Also i like the fact that you can respawn my issue with it though is there should be a greater penalty for getting killed not just 15 minutes in timeout and bam full health again. i mean why spend tokens to reheal when all you have to do is die and take a 15 break and your all better. I think you should lose a portion of your points idk 5k or more
  15. So what

    So what Member

    @ survival. Lol we had 14 but it doesn't knock your sniper skills months of practice in arena
    I think u need to ask a question thou. Your faction had more kills than the winner

    How u end up with less Wp ?....

    @ ribbet. It was very well played so congrats

    @ banjo. They have every opportunity to fix the snipping if you havent done the core value damage its just as easy to block them trying at the end 5 k

    @ hey you its imperative they reheal WHY because everybody should have a chance to level ( big time)
    Just because your a small or low faction it shouldn't deter you from entering ......the exp is there for the take who cares if u die

    Always time for a coffee break .......
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2013
  16. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    I don't play arena :p
    Your Rank is 151!
    During the Battle Arena you gained 0 XP!

    They only had 1 less kill and won by doing just over 600 more attacks than us.

    The attack count is what it's all going to come down to next time round, so whoever is willing to spend the most un on refills will win.

    So yeah, this feature won't last long I don't think, was fun to try, but not worth UNs next time round. :p
  17. So what

    So what Member

    Give kano a chance

    Maby if they charged for a reheal instead of tokens of stamina ( you can only use the stamina u have invested from your skill points ) and wait an hour for the next stamina refill........

    I think you'd have a better to heal or die......simple it will run the hell out of the snipers
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2013
  18. TonyDu

    TonyDu Member

    It's not just by kills itself, it's also on number of attacks on different tiers.

    16 members of my faction joined. I got 17 of the 43 kills by my faction and got 3rd.

    My faction on KP got 1st and I got 9 of the 35 kills. 14 members of my faction on KP joined.

    Overall, it's very good IMO.

    Pros: Gets the faction to work together to get the most points.
    Others have the chance to play, unlike BA.
    Cons: Like BA, you get sniped by a lot.
  19. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    Limiting refills might help, but it's far from a true faction contest :p
  20. kevinmalo

    kevinmalo Active Member

    Just remove the tokens attack limit and let us use all our stamina... we all happy
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