[LCN] The Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra Item Creation Contest 2014!

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  1. relu22

    relu22 New Member

    Gothic Finger Armor
    makes a barrier to protect against bullets XRing.jpg
  2. Ace Diamond

    Ace Diamond New Member

    I do have an idea for creating weapon, armor, vehicle for contest.. Heli-Jetpack; it has adjustable boosters on bottom and backsides with an over shoulder cannon. Targeting helm iz connected to pack for controls of cannon with helicopter blades that are overhead controlled by joystick coming out from jetpack that runs under elbow(looks like control stick from jet plane cockpit) also, it's a heli-jetpack that you can sit on like those standing roller coasters..( like a bike seat) yet still has classic shoulder straps that also give bulletproof kevlar of course.. would be attack 195 defense 385.. would like it tobe 1st ever combo multi used item that can be either weapon, armor, or vehicle or maybe just two of three..
  3. Mind Trap

    Mind Trap Member

    item - battle cruise ship
    item type - vehicle
    item description - protected from other mob rivals even on vacation. these ships have all the bells and whistles all weapons are hidden until......

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  4. Mind Trap

    Mind Trap Member

    item name - remote mini drone.
    item type - vehicle
    item description - this power house will get you the money owed with no problems and keep you a safe distance away while your rival mob gets pounded into the ground, and the main feature will grab you a high powered magnet to disarm the rivals so they are left completely defenseless.

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  5. Mind Trap

    Mind Trap Member

    item name - high tech ninja helm
    item type - defense
    item description - this helm when put on turns you into an instance ninja for close combat encounters while keeping your true identity concealed.

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  6. Reefer

    Reefer Active Member

  7. Reefer

    Reefer Active Member

    Fire Extinguisher Air Rifle
    Fire extinguisher filled with compressed air, fires choice of metal slugs or modified blow gun darts SILENTLY. :D
  8. Jimmy

    Jimmy New Member

    Kitchen Sink
    Weapon or armor
    You used everything else might as well throw in the Kitchen Sink
  9. slayer serge

    slayer serge New Member

    Item Name : switchblade corkscrew
    Item type : weapon
    Item Description :Vintage Handmade 4 Blade Camper Ring Pull French Made Switchblade , great for deception , especially after a truce you can have a grass of wine to celebrate one minute and slice you re enemies throat the next !
    Reference Image :

  10. Quicker

    Quicker New Member

    Obama Care Armour 320 attack n 295 def.
  11. Mind Trap

    Mind Trap Member

    item name - mind reader
    item type - armor
    item description - know what your rivals are thinking before they do.

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  12. Krimson King

    Krimson King Active Member

  13. Reefer

    Reefer Active Member

  14. Reefer

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  15. Mind Trap

    Mind Trap Member

    item name - dead mans hand
    item type - weapon
    item description - razor edged poker cards. don't cheat during this game!

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  16. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Hey everyone,

    Just to let you know, the contest ended yesterday and the winners have been picked! Thanks very much for your entries and we'll definitely be doing another item contest again soon! :)
  17. Guardian Angel

    Guardian Angel Active Member

    And when will have the weapons available in game?
  18. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    Are the winners a closely guarded Kano secret? Just wondering...
  19. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Right from the OP for you there, @Jared
  20. Xipe Totec

    Xipe Totec Active Member

    and the winners are.... roll of the drums...... 1st October here....

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