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  1. Wonder Bread

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    TGIF! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and week. Thanks again to Kendall for covering for me while I was on my way to PAX Prime in Seattle where I had an awesome gaming-filled good time. We've got lots of little things to talk about this week, plus a message from our wonderful support person Aardvark.


    • New Limited Items
    • New Limited Quantity Items

    Player Bans

    FB: 8
    MS: 87

    As always, we are committed to keeping our games fun and fair for everyone, and will continue to ensure that players are playing fairly and within our Terms of Use by swinging the banhammer where it needs to be swung.

    Facebook Offsite Game Policy Change

    Facebook recently announced a change to their policy regarding offsite versions of games on Facebook. You can read more about it here

    Syndicate Banner Contest

    We're going to be doing a community contest for the creation of new Syndicate Banners that will be available for Syndicates to choose from. We will be making an official post with all the requirements next week, but those of you who actually read our TGIF posts will be able to start coming up with ideas early! Take a look at the existing images for the kind of designs that work well. Also remember that designs featuring specific Syndicate names or initials won't be considered as the banners need to be usable by any Syndicate.

    Community Stories

    Have you met someone in game that you're now best friends with? Have you done something really important because of some advice another player gave you? Have any other awesome/inspiring/cool stories about an interaction you had with another player through the game? We occasionally here through Support about players meeting their significant others through the game, or about how they've made lasting friendships, or other awesome stuff, but we've never been able to share it because Support requests are private and we value your privacy. That being said, we do want to share some of the awesome stories we know are out there, so if you have any you'd like to share with the community, please email me at community@kanoapps.com with the title "Community Stories". Stories can by anonymous, but if you'd like to say who you are in game, please mention your game name and what game you play. I'll pick one each week to share in my TGIF post, and I look forward to being able to share these awesome stories with you all! So start sending!

    Game Gurus

    A few weeks ago, we announced an exciting new volunteer opportunity within the community: Game Gurus. Game Gurus are essentially experienced players who will be helping new players by providing knowledge and answering questions in dedicated Guru areas of the forums, as well as other areas. We're still accepting For more information and to apply to be a Guru, check out my post!

    After a number of applications and searching to find you the best in Guru technology, I present to you our inaugural LCN Game Guru, Obituary Writer. Although he hasn't spent much time in the forums so far, Obituary Writer is a long-time player with lots of experience, and we're excited to have him available to help out here in the forums. If you're a newer player looking for help, feel free to post in our LCN Game Guru thread.

    Support Report

    As promised, the following is a message from our support person Aardvark. This will be a semi-regular inclusion in TGIF, depending on whether she has enough time to write anything, of course.

    Take it away Melanie:

    First off, I took a few vacation days on either end of this past long weekend, and want to give kudos to Dan for doing such a great job of managing the Support inbox while I was away. I was dreading coming back to an impossible pile of requests, but emails levels were at more than manageable when I returned. :)

    We've had a lot of messages about accidental item purchases this week, so I just wanted to highlight the Hide Offers option we have. If you go to your home page and look to the top right of the offers window, you should see a link that will make the whole thing disappear until you decide to show it again. This goes a long way towards eliminating the risk of errant item purchases! Note: This option is only available to players who have more than 90 days of play.

    And finally, a quick tip for when you contact Support! We on the receiving end (mostly me) understand that players sometimes get upset when things don't seem to be going their way, and don't take things too personally when people express their frustration. That being said, I am still human and tend not to give top priority to players who threaten me, accuse me of being "on crack" or offer to show me their genitals.


    I'd like to say quickly that I completely agree with Melanie (Aardvark) about remembering that we and your fellow players are, in fact, human beings like yourself. Games are awesome, which is why we play them, but I think it's really important to occasionally take a moment to remember that you're playing with real people, and that they should be treated as such. You may not like how someone acts in the game, you might not appreciate that they've attacked you 1200 times in the last hour, and you probably don't appreciate them listing you down to negative xp every time you log off. But remember, someone playing differently than you do doesn't make them an idiot, ****hole, ****, ****, racist, or a pedophile. It makes them your in-game enemy, which does not make them your real-life enemy, and doesn't make them a real-life bad guy.
    So please, please, please, please, please remember this: Your enemies are people. You don't have to like them, but at least treat them like that loud cousin you don't necessarily like but endure because your aunt makes really good peanut-butter cookies, with relative respect and an occasional disapproving headshake.

    This is officially the longest TGIF ever. Congratulations if you made it through, I applaud you. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to warm up for the Great Canadian Beer Fest tomorrow. Wonder Bread out.

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  2. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    87 bans on myspace????

    Is that a typo?
  3. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    Wow Lord I hope that is not a typo for you guys on myspace. :)
  4. TheSkiller

    TheSkiller New Member

    *zips back up and puts camera phone away*

    LCNMOBWARSPlayer New Member

    Agree totally with the statements made by Aardvark

    This is just a game and should be treated as just one. The people here are real and that's something that so many here forget about. I have made so many good friends here and seen so many good ones go. It hurts to see a good friend go because of the bullying that can go on in this game and the ignorance of players. To only think of themselves and not consider what they can do to others in this game and how they can hurt them. It is truly sad when you see someone bullied, even sadder when they have to go out of their way to do it in a game as well. I wish you all at KANO a good weekend and thanks for always listning to sometimes long emails and considerations.

    LCNMOBWARSPlayer New Member

    Cheating is never fair to others especially those who play legit. 87 bans does not surprise me one bit. I wouldn't of been surprised if that number was much much higher.
  7. cesare ita gang

    cesare ita gang New Member

    words of wisdom great administrator, a good week end to you and good beer festival, you must drink one for me
  8. Pedro Olho Azul

    Pedro Olho Azul New Member

    iff most cheaters werent big spenders as well,Kano wold get rid of them as no second thougths...
  9. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    are you insinuating big spenders are cheats
  10. IpeeFreely

    IpeeFreely Member


    I'm a big spender that doesn't cheat...

    but yes that remark is mostly true, I have only seen "free" players on Myspace who use hotkeys/bot/scripts banned.
    the money spenders who do cheat know there going to get away with it.

    hmmm but this is a TGIF post
  11. wsmdel

    wsmdel Member

    Obituary Writer ????????? who is that

    i am sure wonder bread does not do crack, the money they are making i am sure they can afford a far better class A . :p
  12. Pedro Olho Azul

    Pedro Olho Azul New Member

    no Mark i didnt say that,wath i meant is that are some guys that dont get banned beacuase they are big spenders,and spend lots of money thats why KANO doesnt do nothing to them...
  13. Pedro Olho Azul

    Pedro Olho Azul New Member

    excatly wath i was meaning :)
  14. Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread Active Member

    @LB Nope, not a typo

    @LCNMOBetc. I'm glad you agree. I think think the internet makes people forget that they're talking to other people sometimes, and a reminder that we're all people is always good.

    @Cesare Thanks! I definitely did, the festival was great!

    @Pedro and IP We have definitely banned accounts of players who have supported our games if they were violating our Terms of Use. Where the confusion comes from is the feeling that every player who acts suspiciously in the game is actually cheating. This is one of those "if you could see what we see" kind of things, but unfortunately you can't, and it just appears that certain players who are cheating get away with it, when, in fact, those players simply look suspicious.

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