TGIF! Development News for March 9, 2018

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  1. mi7ch

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    Happy Friday, all!

    Thanks for joining us here again at the end of another week. The sun is shining here outside the Kano office but we’re here working on cool stuff so let’s go to what's new in development news this week.

    St. Patrick’s Feature Raid Event

    The Undead Special Agent is terrorizing the skies above in Zombie Slayer and the brave undead hunters are turning out in force.

    Pirate Clan just wrapped up today at noon and the players there really took it to Medusa! We saw a 96% Raid Boss kill rate, which is the highest of any Raid in the history of the event.

    Thanks to some feedback from you all, there were some quality of life changes that helped this along such as removing wiping, but no doubt the Pirate Clan players stepped up to the plate to make it happen.

    Rewards are now up for collection on the Raids tab of the Boss page in Pirate Clan. They will be up until March 16 at midnight, so don't miss out!

    Mob Wars, you're up next week.

    New Crates

    The Crate selection has been refreshed in each game, along with the exclusive items available in the Loot Chest/Cases you get from the Daily Goals. Pick up a Crate for a shot at one of three new Legendary items!

    New Pirate Clan Location

    You wake up on a mysterious beach without your gear and only a note saying "The Strongest Will Survive". You've faced a lot in your pirate career, but can you survive...Murder Island?

    The much promised new PC Location is now available to all Pirates level 15,035 and above. The Co-op Boss, Minigame and crafting will all be out mid-next week so keep your spyglasses peeled.

    Kano Staff Bounty/Hitlist Event

    Ever wanted to spend some time beating up Kano staff on the Bounty/Hit list? Don’t answer that, but we’ve been working on something a little special that we’ll be deploying to the games soon that will allow you all to test your mettle against the fearsome might of our accounts.

    That will be out sooner than you might think, so start getting ready for that in a little while here. More details to come!

    Minimum Damage Progress on Mobile Co-op Bosses

    We’re pushing out a small UI fix for the mobile games which will allow you to see your progress towards Minimum damage on Co-op Bosses without having to jump back to the Boss list or open up the Rewards screen from the Help section. Should make hitting these Bosses a little easier, here is a screenshot of what it will look like:


    Should be a smooth change, but as always if you notice anything off please tell us!

    Frozen User Count


    Lame Joke of the Week

    Why does Waldo wear a striped shirt?

    Because he doesn’t want to be spotted!
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  2. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    Have to say my first impression of the location is a relatively positive currently. Holding off my, well i guess you can call it a review at this point lol.

    With the first weapon at 93/92, ship 234/234 and matey 70/70. The weapons stats are a bit lower then anticipated, ship is debatable and matey essentially negligible difference from what expected (3 point difference). Once i grind out the rest of the drops will be able to further tell how things are looking and correlate them back to what the expected amount should have been. The further item drops might make up for it might not, cant say for certain as of now. Main thing that will matter though is the boss drop(or drops?) and crafting. Once all is completed and released will compile my final thoughts in a separate thread that is dedicated to the critique and review of the location and will know if overall is impressive or more of a dissapointment.

    As of now though first impression is positive :)
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  3. Sal the Foot

    Sal the Foot New Member

  4. What is upcoming for Mob Wars LCN ?
  5. How is the Rule in Murder Island? is it as expected? Is it good? Better than expected?
  6. Miss Kitty Snaps

    Miss Kitty Snaps Active Member

    Thanks Dev's for the Damage Progress on the mobile app - looking forward to that one!!
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  7. bowberson

    bowberson Active Member

    What about a new place for Mob Wars LCN ? I thought we were getting one in March!
  8. FancyPants

    FancyPants Active Member

    Many thanks for that damage % on mobile app for the coop bosses!

    Maybe it's just me, but I can't see the contents of the new loot crates on kanoplay but I can see them when I switch to playing on facebook (pc web browser).
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  9. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Makeshift Camp
    Income: 18.000 billion

    Gamemaster Hideout

    Income: 19.100 billion
  10. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Mob Wars: LCN has a new Raid Boss next week as part of the Feature event, and a new Location in early April.
  11. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    Meh. I liked the wipe feature myself. Although I'd have liked a way to kick said wiper for the owners and not an xp loss after. maybe just a time out and reset of health. But it gave it a dynamic that was pretty cool in my opinion. A little bit where you had to be careful. Now it's got more of a automated feel. But I know folks hated the wipe feature. so whatev's. I still do not like the health drop. It just totally messes up the rhythm and makes that last little heal for the 1k dicier and makes it harder to tell when someone else is hitting it. The energy drop I learned to work around and was kind of nifty once I got used to it.


    FINALLY the hitlist we'd been asking for perhaps? Can't wait to see it.
  12. Icebreaker

    Icebreaker Active Member

    Kano, in mobile Please do not refer one click heal button as one click you had claimed, as it is currently called 2-click steps.... c mon kano we are talking proper term :p PLEASE FIX IT to make it one click.... when we click on heart we expect it to heal immediately , now it is called one - click step.... understand? thank you
  13. Icebreaker

    Icebreaker Active Member

    crate need a strong defense armor, been waiting for several months.... the weapon and vehicle seem to have both attack and defense already prior to this new crate
  14. Dunk Nielsen

    Dunk Nielsen Member

    Why don't we get some new world s in vc we are long behind
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  15. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    VC is coming later this month, but I will see if I can get the release date moved up.
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  16. Icebreaker

    Icebreaker Active Member

    fed up with jump to top when change to other page and then fist click on anything i do , it is always jump to top.... this happen on every time i change page and always on first click whatver... Why does this setting not prevent this jumpy? upload_2018-3-12_17-14-10.png
  17. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Weird, mine 's working fine using Firefox, which browser are you using?
  18. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    saw your post in my email without image so was about to post the image you did lol, as for how to fix i would do the general rules of clearing cache, refresh browser and update browser/refresh again. If those steps do not fix the problem its probably dependent on he browser you are using. I use chrome and firefox to log in most of the time and the issue is not present currently.

    EDIT: if you are a facebook user try to connect your account to kanoplay and see if the problem persists even when connecting directly to their main site hosting the games. Could be a facebook issue somehow so worth a shot.
  19. Susanne Rautelius

    Susanne Rautelius Active Member

    Did ask about why not all get that 50-60% offer on favor points a bit back.. Got answer i should get it to if had pass some time sins last i got it. Now is it so that i know some have get that offer at least 2 times sins last raid started. So what i understand from that is that we are not equal as players in your eyes. Some get offers from you way more times then otters. Shall it really be like that?
  20. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    Yes it shall. No one said life is fair.

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