[LCN] Syndicate Quests Walkthrough and Feedback

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. FancyPants

    FancyPants Active Member

    The loot in the Med Cases were pretty lame. If they are half unusable for me at level 5400, they must be super disappointing for the T3's:
    • Zap Gear 133 175
    • Ichor-resistant Suit 130 169
    I liked the FPs, the cash boost was OK, the energy boost was MEH. Not like I can save it for when I need it. The easy loot was better than the medium loot. The hard loot was decent.
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  2. Manysheeps

    Manysheeps New Member

    I opened my boxes. Still laughing. Or crying. One of those...
  3. The Hard 10k Jobs Quest is redonculous. Halve it - easy 1250; med 2500; hard 5000 - that is doable.
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  4. Icebreaker

    Icebreaker Active Member

    UNHAPPY with quest reward , unlike we did lasy month with Viking clan which was better rewards than lacn, kano not nice
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  5. Sandy Barrows

    Sandy Barrows Active Member

    The rewards varied between team members - but overall on both servers we were totally underwhelmed - what a shame as it began to generate real team spirit with some of the newer players - for the effort i was hoping lessons had been learned from the trial run on pirates - summary - over hyped once again - sorry to be negative but it was a dud
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  6. Epaphus

    Epaphus New Member

    We may have different definitions of "decent." My crew finished all six challenges, and I got 40 FPs, some cash, some energy, and a few items on the low end of the strength spectrum, mostly equivalent to Common-level raid items. Definitely not worth the time, effort, or FPs I put into the quests. Frankly, I'd have come out a LOT better if I'd spent those FPs on crates instead.

    Ah, well, it was a nice experiment. But in the future when I'm deciding where to invest my time and FPs, I won't be putting them into quests.

    This game is getting too expensive, anyway. At some point, Kano will need to assess their need for money against their need to retain a player base.
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  7. Epaphus

    Epaphus New Member

    A very good point, I think. In my crew, the only quest job we really collaborated on was the "win 10,000 fights" job, because we had to come up with a system for letting strong players who can win a lot of fights contribute more than newer/lower-level players who aren't strong enough to win as many. Otherwise, the jobs were individual contributor chores.
  8. Stiletto Babe

    Stiletto Babe New Member

    I was looking forward to Syndicate Quests, had no idea what they were but hoped that they would be fun with some sweet rewards and a pile of favour points, boy..... was I wrong! Firstly you expected way too much from us on EVERY quest, I mean seriously 10k jobs?! That wasn't just hard that was more mission impossible! Who thought of that one? Yep we didn't finish it. Secondly the quests were not fun at all and we received duplicate quests for fighting bosses! Thirdly why did the syndicate members receive different rewards seeing as it was supposed to be a joint event? Lastly after the event I was disappointed with the rewards we received, they were nothing special and certainly not worth all the effort and time we put in. There is my feedback for you. I think Syndicate Quests should involve tasks we don't do day to day here and they could be a great idea if you just set them up differently with achievable targets and much better rewards, after all favour points aren't real cash! You also need a table showing syndicate members participation similar to the Syn Wars (showing activity) as these quests were like being sat in the dark blindly tapping away at the keyboard not knowing who was sat next to you.
  9. Kat Tyrrell

    Kat Tyrrell New Member

    My Quest rewards were half good & half bad. I did not use any FP to complete the tasks. I am very pleased getting 35 FP (total). I received two good pieces of loot and two crappy pieces, and lots of energy. Considering my syndicate received the 10,000 job on the hard task, and we were not able to finish it -- unreachable goal unless you spend FP on energy refills. Overall, the syndicate enjoyed the Quest Event.
  10. Vinny the shadow

    Vinny the shadow New Member

    kano, dont bother doing quests again because we are not! not worth the time, effort or fp spent. thanks for nothing.

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  11. FancyPants

    FancyPants Active Member

    Agree completely with the above. My Syndicate members report receiving anywhere from 35 to 75 FPs --- which as a team effort --- is disappointing. It also wasn't based on the amount of contribution so I'm guessing just random?
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  12. Cheri Runyon

    Cheri Runyon New Member

    Very disappointed in the quest and sure will not waste my time or my money to buy anything to use for it. It was unfair and close to impossible which you can tell by the syndicates that did finish that's IF any did.
  13. Vinny the shadow

    Vinny the shadow New Member

    Quests in most any game are sth that does have to be done with a group in order to finish. but they are always sth new to do and the rewards are welllllllll worth it. these were neither! THE DAILY TASKS OFFERED BETTER REWARDS(aside from the Fp). take the time to actually CREATE sth new and fun for us to do! ive plenty of better things to spend my money on! you want some of it? work for it!
  14. Miss Kitty Snaps

    Miss Kitty Snaps Active Member

    well that sucks!! I'm in the same family on server 2 as Epaphus and he is a higher level than me and I got 50 gf pts - 6 cash boost 5 energy boost.

    I know a few people on server 1 who used a "huge" amounts of gf pts to get the crazy high jobs/fights for the "hard" quests to get them done and none of them got over 75 gf's back - what kind of calculations did you guys use to come up with the rewards?
  15. Miss Kitty Snaps

    Miss Kitty Snaps Active Member

    I really don't want to do the quests again knowing the amount of refills people used to finish the quests but some in my family on server 1 want to but I think there needs to be a member tracking ability such as we do for syndicate wars.

    also think the amounts for the harder quests needs to be lowered or the rewards more than double what they were!
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  16. Gazzaaaa

    Gazzaaaa Active Member

    The reality is that people, including you and definitely your Syn, will participate again next time - even if zero changes are made. I just hope Kano will balance the tasks, some of the Hard quests are too easy and then the Jobs one is insanely too difficult.
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  17. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Thanks for the feedback all, will make sure to pass it along to the other members of the team about rewards and Quest difficulty. Will also see about getting the individual contribution tracking in for the next iteration.
  18. Stiletto Babe

    Stiletto Babe New Member

    Since posting my views last night I have thought of something else to add.
    I just feel the whole atmosphere/layout of the quests was so wrong too. There was no group interaction, we were all working solo unlike the Syn Wars or Raid Bosses, where you can see the actual kills/fights flying and it gives you that morale boost/motivation to fight more as you can see other members are working hard alongside you. We need to see that type of activity in these quests too not just a long endless bar that lists the percentage of where we are and shows a huge figure of where we have to be to reach each colossal target. I feel this is an important thing that is missing from your Syndicate Quests.
  19. Joe Butter

    Joe Butter New Member

    These Quest were great to start out but then they were made unreachable by most of the lower level syndicates. Kano is out for money only & as some said earlier that was the ruin of some other games (example Mafia Wars) that I spent good money on cause it was fun and always something new. Now this game is not near as fun but takes lot less time at the screen but not much reaction with others. The rewards were crap for me (yes I got 35 total FPs) but I spent about 60 FPs. This will not happen again as it is just like the raids, random rewards that make no difference how much you put into it you still get more junk than anything to help. Larger bosses & loot case do more to help players & cost lot less FPs. That is what Kano does not want.
  20. Gazzaaaa

    Gazzaaaa Active Member

    Only the most active syndicates that contain the higher levels SHOULD be able to complete the Hard tasks IMO.

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